Shrimpy Obento

Shrimpy Obento
It’s been a while since my last Obento post so here we go! It’s again a “normal” Obento and not a cute one. In case you didn’t noticed I use different backgrounds for the different kinds of Obento. The plaited background is for the normal ones. Lately I really like having Ebi (shrimps) in my Obento and as you can see I’m still in love with the Daikon salad although this time I added a little bit of Wakame (seaweed) and cherry tomatoes! Shrimps (assumed you like them) are very practical because you can store them in the fridge, they’re not too big and therefore perfect for Obento and they’re cooked very quickly!

I also like having Tofu! Especially when it’s coated with Katakuriko (potato starch) and some Shichimi. The tuna-mayo salada is always a runner and for dessert I chose some redcurrants.

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. ; w ; If Neko-chan was my girlfriend she would make me bentos and I would be one happy person.

    Everything looks really yummy! As always.

  2. @ Ava: Thank you Ava! (´・ω・`)
    @ Yumi: No, that’s all what I eat for lunch! I know it has no carbohydrates but that’s ok for me.. The box is quite big and whit the tofu it really satiates me :smile: I’m happy you like it :happy:

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