Shopping Spree on Polyvore

Shopping Spree on Polyvore
Hey guys! :hirabbit:
How are you doing? I’m pretty stressed because of my internal admission exams but I decided not to lay too much weight to these exams because they’re only for the school’s statistics! The real exams are only in February and I and more than half the class are going with or without the school’s admission. The funny thing is, that if you pass the exams in February even if the school didn’t suggest you to go, you will be numbered among the school’s statistics (but only if you passed!!!)… that’s so ridiculous!
Anyway, I’m sure it’s quite difficult to understand what I’m writing about. The Swiss eduaction system is considerable different from what you have in the USA or elsewhere. Enough said! The season is getting colder and my need for cosy and warm clothes is growing.
BunBun‘s amazing wishlists on her blog made me dream about new fall and winter clothes and so I went for a little virtual shopping spree (why is “killing spree” crossing my mind? probably because of a PC game :catexclam: ). It’s been some time since my last POLYVORE activity but yesterday I felt like going through their new hibernal pieces. Some of the listed below items like the AlexanderMcQueen dresses or the D&G clutch are crazy expensive but I think it’s just nice to look at them for inspiration!
Actually I haven’t ordered anything yet but there are definitely some pieces I will acquire :wink:

I called this first set “girly, girly!” because for me it’s full with cute, warm things that let every (girly) girl’s heart leap for joy. If you click on the image you will be directed to my Polyvore site and if you click below on one of the small images of all the featured pieces you will be directed to where to buy them! My favourites are the red socks with the deer and the tights with the scorpions. :klimper:
nordic by ninniku

I think it’s pretty obvious why I called this set “nordic”.. I love nordic patterns! The trees and the deer remind me of mountains and forests and there is nothing more beautiful than a wintery forest covered in snow. The ones above are with other classical nordic patterns, unfortunately I couldn’t find the ones with deer and pines. Anyway, nordic patterns just give me this strong feeling of being prodected.. strange eh? In Japan they l. o. v. e. nordic prints and you can find them in every magazine and store.
animal hats

And here we go again with animal hats! I just can’t get enough of them :iida:
My favouirte ones are the fair owl hat, the fox scarf and the penguin gloves!

To see my Russia inspired set, red on!
russian ballet

Russian ballet isn’t the best name for this set but it just crossed my mind.. I would love to once visit Russia! This country is so fascinating and huge and wields a strong attraction on me. The black dresses in this set are just awesome… and of course all the jewels too.


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  1. I love them all! It’s great to know someone shares my animal hat love! x)

    I’d have everything from the Nordic Prints and Girly Girly too! Especially the cardigan with the bows on the front and the pacsun backpack – cuuute!

  2. Thank you for sharing! It’s been a while when I last had time to inspire some fashion-pieces. When I look at these gloves, scarfs, and cardigans I feel very warm :happy:
    I don’t know why, but I adore the colour combination grey & pink. :iida:

  3. Eee! I love candy carnival Candy Hairclip, the cape inspired scarf, and the owl hoodies! That last one will probably be for my friend (I believe you’ve read her blog sometimes – Frequently Flabbergasted?)

    Anyway. I love the virtual shopping spree idea. <3 Can't wait to see what you end up getting.

  4. Really pretty collages! It’s one way to avoid splurging just yet… it’s a great way to compile your wish list – just in time for xmas!!

  5. めっちゃ可愛い :twinkles:
    I’ve never tried Nordic patterns, but I want to get them in this winter!
    Thank you for the sharing :nyanyan:

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