Roller coasters on a rainy day

Roller coasters on a rainy day
Hello there Cuties! :on:
Thank you for your sweet comments on my last Bento~ :rabukuma:
It’s been a while again… My stay in Italy was a big fail. :snif: Anyway, Im trying to enjoy my last days of freedom nevertheless.

Nina & I on the Italian side of the Splügen pass

Yesterday we went to a theme park or more exactly the only theme park that is reachable from Switzerland in a reasonable time, Europa Park! We couldn’t have picked a better day to go there. It started raining cats and dogs pretty soon and one of the main roller coasters called “Blue Fire” failed… but I’m not that keen on the hardcore roller coasters anyway. :ghihi:
So yepp, I was totally soaked after approximately one hour but that didn’t keep me from enjoying funny rafting and other aquatic activities. :jupp:

Wodan Timbur Coaster, it’s the first time I’ve been on a wooden coaster and the feeling was great! Totally different from the steely ones..

The last time I went to Europa Park was over a year ago but this time I only went with Silvankun.
Honestly it must have been quite boring for him because I’m still a noob at riding roller coasters.. :x: Next time I’m bringing along my fearless friend B. who would push me to go on all the rides I’m afraid of!! Do you enjoy roller coasters or are you afraid of the speed, hight and weird movements? I mean the really badass ones with a looping of course and not the spinnning tea cups… :tongue:

Read on to see more pictures~

The good thing about the bad weather was that there weren’t many people and we didn’t had to wait in line for too long but next time I would definitely prefer nice weather. :smile:
That’s it for now and honestly I don’t know what do blog next about but I hope I can find some inspiration in the next days. Maybe when my room is finally finished I’ll feel more like blogging again! And obviously I’m going to show you some glimpses of it.


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  1. I never went there, it seems a nice place!!! Too bad for the weather, though.
    I’m strange as I’m ok with scary roller coasters with loops and all, but I don’t like things like tea cups and swinging stuff as they make me feel bad.

  2. wow the theme park looked like a lot of fun!! Shame about the rain, at least you could enjoy it :D The first picture’s location looks really beautiful! Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay there!

  3. @ ShuShu ♥: Glad you like it! :smile: hahaha yes, I like being scared to death too!!! :hehe: the feeling of being tied to crazy machine is funny but crazy at the same time :jupp:

    @ Piperita Patty: Nooo spinning tea cups are the worst! I went on one last year and I regretted it :nope:

    @ Nic nic: Thank you Nic! :on: I’m already back but I will go back there soon! :) It would be nice to once spend more time there..

  4. I am totally the same as you, I am a total wimp when it comes to roller coasters. I totally have to get in the right frame of mind to go on them. If someone tells me, you don’t have to go on it, you can wait here. I totally would wait!! Haha. Terrible.

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