Rilakkuma, Ghibli, Little Twin Stars & co.

Rilakkuma, Ghibli, Little Twin Stars & co.

Hi Everyone! :nyan:
A small collection of some of the cutest Smileys I found on the Internet :blinkheart:

Rilakkuma リラックマ

Ghibli ジブリ

To see more cute smileys and read about the green tea facial mask click below on “read more

Mamegoma まめゴマ

My Melody マイメロディ

Little Twin Stars リトルツインスターズ

The Moomins ムーミン


And now the green tea facial mask:

As expected a combination of honey and green tea just had to be good! Since the mask was exactly the same as the Matcha honey mixture I used for the Matcha Latte I didn’t bother to take any pictures of it and because of my laziness neither of me. :ainoonigiri:
I’m kind of regretting it right now because as Miho-chan imagined it really looked funny.:wink:. Now here some tips: I suggest you to apply every mask while soaking in the bathtub or after a shower because the pores will be open and the mask will work more efficiently. The application of the mask was nice and it covered everything thickly and even with a glossy shine. I felt a little like a Kappa :ghihi:. Since the mask felt good and didn’t tense or burn at all I let it act on my skin for abut 25 min. While removing the mask with luke-warm water there were tiniest particles that acted as a gentle peeling. My skin felt amazing after it! It looks radiant and fresh and somehow invigorated! Afterwards I dissolved just a little bit of Matcha in luke warm-water and let the powder settle to the bottom of the cup (you don’t want any small and green particles on your face :nope:). This dissolved Matcha will act as a wonderful toner :twinkles:

I can really recommend this mask and also the toner :blinkheart:. You can easily use a normal green tea teabag for the toner or also other kinds of tea!
byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. I bet if you added a bit of mint to the toner it would make it that much better. I must try this mask and you must re-do it and take pictures!

    (The Rilakkuma smilies are adorable~)

  2. Thanks for sharing the smilies ::catexclam: I think they’re a great way to cute-ify a blog! :)

    The green tea facial mask sounds great and effective

  3. @ Ava: oh yes! I’m sure that would have matched perfectly :starlove: I can still try it though, I have a lot of green tea :tongue: oh! and I will take pictures the next time!

    @ Vermillion: Aren’t they?? :nyanyan:

  4. what a pitty! I wish I could see your pretty Matcha face :nope::swirlheart:

    hihi, did you look like Stanley Ipkiss, after his transformation into “the Mask” :tongue:

    oh oh, and I love
    this new face >>> :nyanyan: :nyanyan:
    totemo kawaE~

  5. @ Miho-chan: ghihihi yes, kind of.. the green was actually darker and glossier but it looked hilarious :tongue: and yes, I like that smiley too :swirlheart:

  6. :hello:

    First, I need to say that your blog is very very nice!! I really like your blog <3

    Now, thank you for the smileys. I really like them so much

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