Rendezvous with a Vulture

Rendezvous with a Vulture
Hello Cuties! :hionigiri:
So…. as I mentioned in my last entry, I had a little outfit shoot in a pretty special location! :bling: I’m a bloody noob when it comes to posing and that’s why I don’t like having pictures taken of me in public places.. anyway, since I was kind of fond of my outfit that day, I wanted to take pictures to make an outfit post. This is probably my first real outfit post but if you like it, I would gladly do more of these! :etone:

On the red kit it says “First Aid”:totorosmile:

The skirt and top are h&m and the shoes Marco Tozzi. The skirt is actually really old but I wear it every summer! It was fun taking pictuers because the location was unusual but cool! :tanoshii:
Many photographers choose abandoned and run-down factories for their shoots and since I wanted to have a more private location I thought this could be a great place! There are different sites on the internet about where to find such locations as factories & co., worldwide or in specific regions and in Switzerland there are some pretty stunning ones too but unfortunately they’re taking down most of them. :jupp: The funny thing is that we were not the only ones who had thought about taking pictures on that day and in that location. But the terrain was pretty large so we didn’t see too much of them.

The place is called Spinnerei Jakobstal and was a spinning factory producing cotton yarn for almost 120 years. It was closed in 1982 and has never been placed under monument protection but was used for illegal parties and concerts instead. Vandalism, fire and heavy snowfall have led to a rapid breakdown of this factory that is meant to be torn down soon. Pretty interesting um? At least that’s what it says here.. :bang:

To see some shots of the location and one more poser pic, read on!

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of industrial history but most of all, what do you think of the outfit? I know, it’s rather beach-like but I felt comfortable with it. Tell me if you would like to sea some more outfit posts in the future… :klimper:


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  1. what a nice building-minus the graffiti the artwork is really well done-it’s a shame they have to tear it down. I think your outfit is cute but the building background threw me off a bit, the outfit is sailor-y and breezy, I would expect to see water or ships in the background. Still-it’s a nice idea to visit old buildings for a shoot :)

  2. I love your outfit combinaton! I feel summer through your pictures ^^ I like the one with the big bird and the graffiti, which I have already seen on your Facebook profile! You should show more of yourself =) cause ねこちゃん is かわいい ♥

  3. @ Risa: I like the artwork too… the girl with the flying heart and the vulture. I chose this location because I wanted some contrast between my outfit and the surrounding. :smile: but you’re right, a sailing boat and the sea would be a more correct location!

    @ Miho-chan: Thank you :bling: I’m happy you can feel summer through my pics :ii: it’s difficult to post outfit shots!! I had to quite overcome myslef…

  4. This place makes me thought of the movie “Chernobyl Diary”.
    The place look really nice, but the movie isn’t that good :((

    btw Love your outfit :iida:

  5. Really cool photos. It´s nice to see outfit photos ^^ love your skirt and romantic red shoes!

  6. What a lovely look ねこちゃん! The skirt is so pretty and I would wear every summer too :) The location looks so interesting, by the way..! xo akiko
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  7. @ モモネーコ☆: Thanky you :twinkles: I haven’t heard about that movie yet!

    @ Eden-Avalon: Thak you Ava :klimper: I already made the next outfit post :wink:

    @ Noora: awww I’m glad you like it!! :baloonpanda:

    @ Akiko: Thank you Lovely :miam:

  8. :hionigiri: you are such a cutie doralice! and i love the place you shot those photos! i would love to rummage around there myself! hope all is well with you love!

    xx rae

  9. :hionigiri: This is such a cool photo shoot location!!! Love all the artworks and with your posing in it!! And don’t worry, I think you look fab dear!!

  10. :hello: The location is amazing! I like your outfit and the shoes! A little industrial history never hurts :) hehe

  11. @ rae: thank you Rae :rabukuma: I’m glad you like the location hehe.. but you have far better paces in Berlin I think!

    @ Ang Lam: Thank you dear :jupp:

    @ nyuu: nyaa thank you :arigatou:

  12. I love your outfit!!! Blue and white is my favourite colour combo even if I don’t wear blue so much. And all the pieces you wear are really cute! I have to go to H&M during the summer sales :D

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