Rainy Sunday

Rainy Sunday
Just a random post about random stuff. It has been raining the whole day long but I don’t really mind because I have to study for a physics test. The morning started with a traditional Japanese breakfast.

It’s finally pumpkin time again! I love pumpkin, especially the Hokkaidō pumpkin (カボチャ). It has a green, bluish-gray or a deep orange skin and deep yellow flesh. It has a rich sweet flavor, and is often dry and flaky when cooked. The miso soup in the upper right corner isn’t homemade. I just pimped it up a little with green onion and fried tofu. The fish is a Japanese horse mackerel (Saba). It is often served with Daikon (radish) that goes well together with this fatty fish. In Japan the cooking ranges have a small gas grill inbetween the oven and the cooking surface. It ist most often used to grill fish like Saba and salmon. This one however is made in the oven. And last but not least some sheets of Nori. I love pure white rice but with Nori it’s even better. The Nori sheet is taken with the chopsticks to wrap around the rice and then eaten.

After some serious studying the craving for something sweet was satisfied with some Panna Cotta. We hadn’t any cream so it turned out a little bit like a “light” version but it was good nevertheless.

Aaaand- I tried to paint my nails. Last week I bought three different shades of nail polish so I wanted to try something with them. I haven’t got many polishes and probably there are more convenient shades to use for what I wanted to do but here we go: my Kodama nails. I’m obviously no nail artist and rarely paint my nails but lately I really tried to quit biting them because I would love to have beautiful nails.

To see my reorganized makeup box read on!
Some days ago we went to IKEA to buy a new dishrack and some other things. In the children’s section I came across this cute cardbord box. The drawers have different pictures so you can turn them and create different surfaces. Before I had four different makeup cases in different sizes and no organisation. I’m so happy with this new solution! There is a drawer for blushes, one for foundations and concealers, one for creams and one for mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and nailpolish. It works perfectly for me and it doesn’t take me so much time anymore to find what I want. A nice advantage of having more overview is that I’m using products that I rarely used before because I never saw them so now there is more variation in my daily makeup.
Have a nice sunday evening!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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    • hehe it’s not drinks, it’s Panna Cotta! Although you could probably drink them at that stage since they’re still very liquid. After cooling down it will become more like a pudding..

  1. I wished I could have a make-up box… since my sister is “borrowing” my make-up stuff without asking I store them in my (two) necessaires and hiding them in my cupboard ~___~

    You painted your nails! :nyanyan: Lovely :jumpingrabbit:

    • Luckily I never had this problem with my younger sister.. although I don’t know why.. maybe I was just too scary at that time :D

  2. Looks so delicious! I really must learn to cook pumpkin. I do enjoy a good acorn squash though this time of year!

    What a cool little storage box from IKEA! Some of the most useful items are in the kids’ section!

  3. Pumpkin sister! I too love pumpkin, it’s such a delicious taste and texture. Hehe. I can’t paint my nails right now because i’m trying to make them healthier.

    It’s so funny that you reorganized your makeup as I did the same thing. I bought a sterilite five drawer system and put each different category in a different drawer (the order in which I apply the makeup from top to bottom.) I just love getting organized.

    • hahaha you won’t believe it but it seems I just can’t get used to nail polish. I apply it and after thirty minutes I remove it. I tend to get impatient while applying it and can’t finish it propperly.. I guess I need some practicing..

      I organized my makeup clockwise, the order in which I apply it :wink:

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