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After various attempts in the past of cooking noodles that taste the same as the Ramen we ate in Japan we finally did it! It’s easy to buy Japanese Cup Noodles but I’m not refering to the quick Ramen versions… I’m dreaming about the real Japanese Ramen. For yesterday’s Ramen I didn’t use any recipe written in books or the internet. I just followed these simple “rules” that the old Sensei told Tampopo regarding the soup:

1. Parboil the meat you use for your soup (if chicken or pork) then rinse it under cold water before using it

2. Don’t cut the vegetables

3. Never bring your soup to a full boil

4. Keep skimming off the scum (foam & fat)

The soup turned out cristal clear and almost fat free! :wink:. I know, for some of you it’s probably incomprehensible but for a good Ramen soup stock you need a part of pork or chicken in it (you don’t need a whole pig’s head as shown in Tampopo :nope:). We used “Füessli” (a pork’s feet…:hehe: please don’t throw up on your computer). It was the first time for me, cooking a soup like this and to see frozen pieces of a pork’s foot…although I have already seen ((& eaten..)) a pig’s whole leg “Zampone” and “Cotechino”. In the north of Italy it is custom to eat this on the 31. of December with lentils for fortune and money in the new year. Anyway I added carrots, celery root, leek and water to the parboild “Füessli” and just kept skimming  off a little foam and fat. The roast was easy too since the butcher had already stringed it. I just browned the surface in a pan with a little butter and then put the whole thing with some onions in the oven. After some time I deglazed it with a good red wine and that’s it. Pork is really uncomplicated :wink:.

Here the pictures and don’t hesitate to try it yourself!!! If you get the soup right the rest is peanuts :merononigiri:


Tampopo Ramen

These noodles are different ones.. we still had some roast left overs, so today we had Ramen for lunch. The pork looks different because we “grilled” the slices in the oven. Very おいしい too..

Tampopo Ramen

byebye ねこちゃん


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