Raintroopers ~ a dripping wet Lolita meeting

Raintroopers ~ a dripping wet Lolita meeting
Hello Everyone! :ballerina:
After three days of gloomy and cold weather the sun is finally shining again! The Lolita meeting on sunday took place in the wonderful surrounding of the castle of Lenzburg. I’ve been there when I was a little child and loved the dragon they had! When I went to take a look at it on sunday though, I was surprised by how tiny he actually is! But he’s still cute.. :miam:
I’m looking forward to the next Loli meeting! I would rather wear something else though! :ghihi: The dress was so cute but it was kind of small and my hair was a mess! I’m really not used to the Lolita style.. :crying:

look at that scary man looking outside the window! :oh:

We were about 15 people but with all that chaos going on I managed to take pictures of only a few of them. Initially we thought that there would be a real photographer but he didn’t come so I felt kind of responsable for taking good pictures of that special meeting! :ohnoo:

:twinkles: Kandee Gore & Laurita :twinkles: visit their lovely blogs by clicking on their names!

As you can see, the lighting was really bad so the picture came out rather grainy and dark but I like how the bright colors of the Lolita outfits stand out! The pink of Laurita’s dress and Kandee’s red hair look amaizing~ :bling:

I love her Alice dress! She did it herself and I asked her if she could sew me a dress because I really would love to have one cute Loli dress! :blinkheart:

It was so much fun taking pictures under the pouring rain with all the laughing Lolitas and I admire them for their toughness! The only problem was that my cam had raindrops on the lens and I always had to wipe them off because it would make the picture blurry.. :nope:

To see more Lolita pictures, read on!

It looks so realistic, don’t you think? :bang:

That’s it for now ladies! If you wonder where my pictures is than you’ll have to wait for a little bit longer! I didn’t feel very comfortable and the few pics there are, are rather embarrassing so no picture of me! Laurita :swirlheart: said she has a few cute pics though so maybe I’ll upload one in a later entry.
Saturday I went for some shopping and found so many cute things!! Can’t wait to share it with you guys in my next entry! :aiai:


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  1. Ahhhhh!!! Neko-chan I am disappointed not to see photos of you! Oh well, I guess I can wait :P

    Good on you for stepping in and taking photos! I love the outfits. I think lolita style is lovely, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it either because I am quite self conscious and don’t like people staring…and outside of Japan, lolitas probably get a far few stares XD

    Also love the sewn Alice dress! :D

  2. Ahhh, no picture of you? :ohno:
    I totally laugh when I saw the dude behind the window. HAHAHAH, he is so out of nowhere, it makes it even more creepy. Everybody is so well dress. I totally love the black umbrella, I want one just like that. I really love the location. The background is so nice. :hehe:

  3. thank you for those lovely pictures and everything! It was very funny!

    Meret looked so lovely in her alice lolita dress XD I love the picture where her hairs flys away awww sooo cute!!!

    and the “Mary Poppins” Picture of Juan is awsome! It looks so WOW

    I really love the way you looked like that day it was soo cute!! But if you don’t feel comfortable it’s not worth it! You should try different Lolita Styles so you can find the one which comforts you the most! Can’t wait to see you at the next meeting!

  4. Hahaa, I didn’t notice the men before, it is really scary o.Ö Glad he’s real :tongue:

    The location is beautiful, just the right atmosphere for a Loli-Meeting. The picture with the peace-making girl (I guess it is Aya?) is very cute :nyanyan: I love her dress, the green and the pink colour matches perfectly together!

    I have already seen a few pictures of you *.* You had a black Lolita dress with cute little cherries (?) or flowers on it, right? :aiyo: I honestly have to say, it is quite strange to see you in a Lolita dress, cause I know you prefer rather other styles. Neko-chan, I know what you should try on the next time: have you ever thought about to cosplay Alice? You would be just the right person! The blue colour would suit you, especially to your eyes :starlove: or Red Riding Hood? :aiyo:

    Here are some special costumes: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/supercostume/c/0000000202/

    ohhh~ *imagine Neko-chan in this dress* *_____*

    PS. Sorry for spaming :nyan:

  5. Wow, you all look great and seem like you had so much fun! I didn’t notice the man in the window until you pointed him out, he looks scary! xx

  6. That random man is really creepy! Some people are strange. Oh I love these pictures, looking forward to seeing moreeee!

  7. LOL Neko-Chan I was going to point out the creepy man photobombing you! I’m sure they were glad you were there to take pictures! Thanks for sharing these and I hope to see you!

  8. Oh my gosh, I wouldn’t have noticed that man at the window if you hadn’t pointed it out! It is a little creepy…

    Glad to hear that you all had a great time! Those costumes are awesome and everyone looks great! Wish there pictures of you though, I bet you looked really adorable :)

  9. Such an adorable post! I love all the outfits! I’m never brave enough to go full on lolita but adding knee high socks or a poofy skirt with macarons on it or whatever is enough to feed my fantasy of being one :)


  10. Wow, all look amazing..!! They are very similar to japanese costumes! I couldn’t get to see those people when I was in Japan last couple of weeks, but I’m sure there are lots of them if I go Akihabara. You would be so popular if you go there :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  11. :hionigiri:
    If I lived near you I
    would come and be the
    photographer of the
    day haha!
    The outfits overall
    looked very pro!
    The Alicia in Wonder
    land is cutecute ^^
    The guy at the end
    is very cute!

    I hope to see your
    pictures soon!


  12. Everyone looks wonderful!! I am sad though that there are no pictures of you. I am sure you looked cute. That is also a shame that it was so rainy outside. The pictures turned out great though in my opinion. The first photo with the strange man is hilarious – he wanted to join in on the fun :] I saw a Lolita store while I was in Harajuku I think but didn’t have time to go inside unfortunately.

  13. @ Jian: I knoooow I’m sorry! No one sent me pictures.. :crying: Maybe I’ll go as Alice Lolita for the JAN convention in May.. we’ll see! :boxkitten:

    @ Chani: nooo hehehe :nope: the man is really distrubing.. 0.o The black umbrella is so awesome!! If I came across one like this I would buy it immediately..

    @ Kandee Gore: Nothing to thank Lovely :blinkheart: You were so much fun! I’ll definitely try something else the next time!!

    @ Miho-chan: You’re so right みほちゃん! I would love to wear an Alice dress! Maybe I’ll wear one for the Jan.. :aiyo:

    @ Piperita Patty: really?!? hehehe I hope I can wear Lolita fashion really soon again!

    @ sarah: Oh yes, it was really fun! :hehe:

    @ winnie: hahaha yes indeed! some people are strange.. :tongue:

    @ Eden-Avalon: photobombing??! There is even an expression for that behaviour!!? :oh: thanks for telling Ava!!! I didn’t know! :aiai:

    @ Richelle: you’re so cute to say that!! hahaha I noticed him like right away when I wanted to tale the picture but he didn’t move so I had to take the picture like this… :ainoonigiri:

    @ Maisy: hehehe I know what you mean! I looove knee socks :aiyo:

    @ Akiko: Thank you Sunshine! :klimper: I hope you enjoyed your time in Japan!! I will miss your beautiful sakura pictures..

    @ Mei: Aren’t they? I loved pretty much every style on that day but those 6 were fantastic!

    @ ShyScout: Thank you for saying so!! Maybe they’re not that bad after all.. the pictures in my new post are though, are reeeeeaaaally bad in comparison… :ohnoo: I really don’t like my new cam.. :crying:

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