Purikura in Switzerland!

Purikura in Switzerland!
Hello there Cuties!
I’ve been a very bad blogger in the last weeks but uni is just so time consuming.. Anyway, I’m so excited to announce that there’s finally a Purikura photo booth in Switzerland! I’ve heard about it from Laura-chan and as soon as I knew about it I wanted to go. The booth is actually pretty good and not even crazy expensive and the best thing is, that it’s located near Zurich hehehe… :totorosmile:

Silvankun & Neko

Excuse my really stupid posing but at least it was really fun taking the pictures. I instantly become a baka (idiot in Japanese) while doing Purikura! :raburabu: Silvankun wasn’t wearing his contacts so he wasn’t able to see what was happening on the screen and I had this huuuuge scarf that made it really difficult to move.. And what are you guys doing?! I have sooooo many pictures to share but not enough time to write decently structured texts so please bear with me. :jumpingrabbit: As soon as I’m on holiday I will share some more themed entries again.. :klimper:

Do you like Purikura?


PS: I forgot to tell…! :tongue: The photo booth is located in the shopping mall “Regensdorf Center” in Regensdorf… It’s in the 1. floor near the Coop and Migros

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  1. :twinkles: Purikura is the best! :twinkles:
    I used to love going to game centres in Tokyo and cramming into the tiny booths with my friends…..Now that I’ve moved I miss them soooo much!!!! :crying:

  2. Ist zwar kein Vergleich zu den richtigen Puri-Automaten, aber immerhin ^^ in Oerlikon gibts übrigens auch einen! ^^

  3. Aww, these are so cool! We have a couple booths in London, but they’re not very good compared to the actual Japanese ones, buuu -__-; Why aren’t they popular in Europe, I wonder…?

  4. Aww, these pictures are so cool! So jealous! There´s purikura photo booth in Helsinki (Finland) too but I´ve never found them. FAIL :_D They´re somewhere…someday I will found them..someday

  5. I’ve been to photo booths but not actual authentic purikura. =n= I don’t think there’s one here. =n=

    I’d love to try it one day too. *u*

  6. @ Mei: awww thank you! :etone: So there are Purikura photo booths in the Netherlands? that’s awesome! :)

    @ Sight: It’s in Tokyo where I got addichted to Purikura :happy: I took so many in just three days Akihabara hehehe :ghihi:

    @ Lou: Den in Oerlikon kannte ich schon bin aber nie gegangen.. denke nicht dass der sehr authentisch ist ;) dieser hier macht zwar keine riesigen Augen aber das ist auch ganz ok so für mich :w:

    @ Rhiannon: hmm maybe because nobody knows them? This one is actually not as good as the ones in Japan but still totally acceptable and you can totally get that purikura feeling :ii:

    @ Piperita Patty: It would be nice to have some purikura photo booths in Milano too! :on: some programs are quite nice but it’s still not the same as decorating them with a pen and many options in the end in my opinion ;)

    @ Noora: Thank you for the tagggggg!!! I can’t wait to do it :D (finally a funny one again) hahaha I know the problem with the hidden photo booth.. :nope: It took me quite some time to find this one as well :P but when you see it it’s like christmas :ghihi:

    @ Gretch: normal photo booths are pretty cool too I think :) but I like the old black & white ones!!

  7. :hionigiri: hahaha nah I am still far from professional, I just just doing makeup for hobby :) I wish I can a professional MUA though! As for your photobooth pictures, both of you look so cute together. I used to take a lot of pictures from Purikura but now that all my friends are working, we rarely have time to go take pictures :b love your pictures though, remind of me of the good old times hahaha

    The Closet 365

  8. So lovely! You are lucky to have purikura machines in there! we used to have one in Finland but it’s gone.. :(

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