Planning, Ranting, Drawing & Hauling

Planning, Ranting, Drawing & Hauling
Hello Everyone! :jumpingrabbit:
What have you been up to this week?
I diligently skipped school and have been drawing the whole time. If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve impulsively bought a graphic tablet about a month ago or so. I usually don’t draw and I can’t call myself an artistic person but I wanted the graphic tablet to personalise pictures I upload and to make my own smiley collection. :starlove: It turned out that smilies are more difficult to draw than I thought so I started to draw other things. But first, let me show you how I decorated my 2012 planner! :swirlheart: Since the art exam about two weeks ago, I’ve been feeling creative and have been doodling whenever I could.

I can’t wait for the Polymanga convention in April! But there are also a lot of nasty exams.. :crying:

I’ve never been an eager agenda user because I never wrote down homework assignments since I rarely did them. I’ve always had one because everyone had one and because I love decorating them but I didn’t really use them. This semester however, I feel under the gun so I’m actually making use of a planner for the first time in my life! It’s a strange feeling to confide all your appointments and assignments in one tiny, single red book but this is what is called being organised today and I guess it’s more convenient than having dates and numbers scribbeld all over loose papers.
And now, back to my graphic tablet.

This is the WACOM Bamboo Pen Touch and although I have no experience in graphic tablets, I have to say that I really like this one. :blinkheart: The reviews I’ve read were all fairly good but of course it’s not a professional tool. There are a few things you have to get use to in general while drawing with a graphic tablet but the second day it already felt very natural and easy to use.
If you’re following on facebook, you’ve probably already seen two sneak peaks of my drawings but here is the whole one!

Inari 稲荷大神, the goddess of rice

This is actually the second drawing, I will feature my first drawing in the next entry. :nyan: Those of you who know me personally, know that this is totally not my drawing style and I was rather surprised myself.. I guess it’s the graphic tablet that makes you draw manga style! :totorosmile:
The first thing I drew was the head with the fox ears and since I’m really bad at drawing people and especially bodies, I decided to draw a Kimono. I’m really fond of Japanese mythology and folklore so I made her the goddess Inari. Inari Ōkami 稲荷大神 is the Japanese goddess of rice, fertility and agriculture and is one of the principal Kami in Shintoism. The fox is her messenger and some times even she herself is described as fox.
I’ve always been fascinated by any kind of folklore and mythology so it seems natural to draw characters I know from fairytales and sagas. :twinkles:
I’m very happy to have the graphic tablet and I hope I can increase my drawing skills with it. Of course I will also use it to give my entries a more personal touch. :tongue:

Fairy cupcakes! :miam: Unfortunately they came out a little too hard..

Two more things and then I will finish this tremedously long entry!! Remember my March Wishlist? Well obviously I didn’t get most of the things or to be honest, I didn’t get one single item until now but March is still long so we’ll see.. :wink:
I went for a little spring haul nevertheless! Nothing really special but here it is. :smile:

I’ve read about Topshop’s makeup one several blogs contemporarily and couldn’t resist to try it! And I’ve been looking for ages for a velvet bow like the one in the picture above. I also really like the loafers!
Read on to take a look at my graphic ranting about the site I ordered my cosplay costume from!

As you may know from my last entry, I ordered a Mayoi Neko cosplay costume from The costume arrived incredibly fast but the size was all wrong. I obviously wrote them an email explining my problem and they wanted me to take pictures of the costume with a measuring tape (what i did) but even if the blouse was way too large and the skirt reached my ankles they wouldn’t accept the fact, that the mistake had to bee on their side. I’m seriously annoyed!!! Anyway, I’m never going to order from that site again.. Here something to sweeten up a little bit this bitter ending..

Lemon cupcakes~ they were delicious! :smile:

Have a great weekend everyone!
I don’t know yet what I’m going to do but I’ll keep you up to date. :whistle:


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  1. It was nice to read your random post, since I was waiting for your Graphic Tablet review *w*
    I went to MediaMarkt today and I was looking at the same Bamboo Tablet hahaa :nope: I’ll probably buy one too :nyan: draw my own smilies *dream* :starlove:

    Mhmmmm your Cupcakes looks delicious :ichikeki:

  2. Deine Cupcakes sehen ja wie gemalt aus, hoffentlich haben sie Dich über Deine Enttäuschung getröstet *g* sauer macht ja bekanntlich lustig. LG

  3. AWWW!! I love the flowers and the dragonflies…and Moskau of course. ;D I’m glad you like the bamboo! Wacom’s tablets are quite good, my sister’s gone through an Intuos 3 and 4. I can’t believe Hello Cosplay’s response to your issue. That’s seriously wrong.

  4. I think you’re very good at it! Your planner looks really cute and love the details :) Oh, and 稲荷大神 is so gorgeous!! You described her face so well – xo akiko
    Style Imported

  5. That totally sucks, I hate it when they don’t give you the right item even more when you never receive it. Can’t you fix it? Or is it too complex to fix? Ah, the art of doodling, I enjoy doing the rabbit scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Nice drawing, I always thought that a graphic tablet would be difficult to use.

  6. @ Miho-chan: ありがとう~ :ghihi:

    @ Danii: ja, die zitronencupcakes waren lecker! Aber die anderen nicht so :hehe: (fand ch zumindest)

    @ Ava: yes, something with their service is seriosly wrong… :ainoonigiri: I’m glad you’re writing that the Wacm tablets are good! in Ava I trust! :miam: the Intuos are professional!! Is your sister a graphic daigner?

    @ Akiko: awww you don’t know how much it means to me, to read that from you!! :ballerina:
    your drawings are so beutiful!! I’m glad you like Inari Ookami’s face! I wish so much I could draw as nicely as you do!!!

    @ Chani: hmm… how should I put this… I’m so untalented in sewing!!!! it’s really tragic!!! I just can’t do it.. :crying: but the skirt and everything are really WAY too large.. it’s pretty diffcult even for my mother or so :snif: haha :D monty python is genious and hilarious!!!

  7. I totally want a Graphics tablet too but I don’t know if I’d get much use out of it. It seems so much fun to add little touches to photos/images!

    Those cupcakes look DELISH~

  8. Just came across your blog. These drawings are amazing super super cute. I love how quirky and unique your blog is! Adorable :)

  9. Is there anything you’re not good at?! :P Your illustrations looks awesome! Nice Topshop haul too. I really like Neon rose – will be using it a lot more when it gets warmer too :D

  10. Eeee love your cute doodles in your planner and your wacom drawing too! ^^ You’re so talented <3

    I love the pieces you've hauled too! I've been wanting some shoes like that for a long time, but because of my shoesize (halfway between sizes) i can't wear anything that isn't lace up, or doesn't have a ankle strap otherwise the shoe falls off.

    I can't believe they won't do anything about the costume!! It's obiously the wrong size if it is that long!!! Terrible! I hope you leave some flaming reviews!

  11. oooh a graphic tablet! i’d love to get one too~
    both your drawings and cupcaces look so good (^ω^)
    and sorry to hear about the costume ↓↓

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