Pizza eating Pirates

Pizza eating Pirates
I just found a funny article about One Piece and Pizza. I didn’t know that Domino’s even existed in Japan! Domino’s Japan has even proposed to open a branch on earth’s nearest galactic neighbour, the moon. “Rival chain Pizza Hut set the bar high by delivering a pizza to astronauts orbiting the earth in the International Space Station, but Domino’s fought back to mark the 25th anniversary of its arrival
in Japan”
. source

But now back to One Piece.

Eons ago, the pirate king Gold Roger was executed without resistance in the most dignified way imaginable. In his wake he left mountains of treasure and the now legendary `one piece` – a prize that has the power to make its owner the new king of the pirates.
Monkey D. Luffy, who consumed the “Devil’s Fruit”, has it in his rather peculiar mind that he’ll follow in the footsteps of the pirate Shanks, his idol, and take the One Piece for his own. To help him on this errant quest he calls upon the help of a mismatch team that includes beautiful girls, professional fighters and crackpot thieves.

Japan, being the home of the ninja, you might find it surprising that the most popular anime / manga of the moment is based on pirates. The fact that these Pirates are also of the bad-mouthed, bad-hygined and swashbuckling variety might also come as a bit of a shock.
But despite these contradictions, One Piece succeeds because of its rich art, characterization, humor and story. Certainly it takes time get used to. On the surface its art and story are both razor thin, consisting of simple line drawings and story lines that send the `Straw Hat Pirates` to different locations on quests to find random trinkets. However, stick with it and like any good piece of treasure, it will open up to reveal its secrets.
The crispy art begins to make extensive use of shades, angles and as the series goes on moves onto becoming increasingly surrealistic. The story too starts to play with the typical format and layout of boys manga to leave some interesting undercurrents deep within its narrative.

So many of the title pages of the manga feature Luffy and his team chomping down on a hearty meal, you can see that the artist behind One piece, Eichiro Oda enjoys drawing people eating. source

I would love to have on of these sets! It’s unbelievable, some weeks ago I would have laughed out loud if you’d told me that I was going to really like One Piece… and now I’m so in love with this show!! Muahaha I feel like I’m almost betraying Naruto!! Of course I like both the same :wink:


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  1. I…don’t like either of these things.

    Dominos changed their recipe lately to make it really flavorful? I like bland foods! I admit it! My taste buds are really sensitive. I’m allergic to onion and there was once ONE tiny chunk of onion in a very large salad and not only did I taste it and get sick: I searched through the salad and held it up because my family didn’t believe it was there! Hahaha!

    And for some reason, the surrealistic artistry behind One Piece always creeped me out.

    • I don’t like Domino’s neither :tongue: Here in Switzerland we have an excellent alternative: Pizza Dieci
      It’s delicious! Their Pizza is so genuine and yummy and tastes really Italian !
      And as I wrote in the post… until a few weeks ago I really disliked One Piece. My boyfriend has the Manga but I couldn’t get used to the drawing style.. The Anime is really enjoyable though =)

      • I really don’t know why the commenting isn’t working :/ I’ll try to fix it.. Thank you for letting me know and trying anyway =)

  2. hach^^ das wäre was für meinen freund^^
    wir fiebern schon die ganze zeit mit dem anime mit und gucken jeden sonntag die brand neue folge.

    yupp die choper box is super. find die sogar besser als die totoro boxen die ich auch gerne hätte^^

    aber was ich im mom am meisten ersehne, sind meine sigma pinsel die ich gestern bestellt hab und die ich heute noch überweisen muss^^

    • hahaha ^.^’ zum Glück hab ich noch ganz viele Folgen vor mir :D Ich hab erst vor einigen Wochen angefangen den Anime zu schauen..
      Obwohl ich Totoro sehr süss finde hab ich mir bisher auch noch keine Totoro bento box bestellt.. weiss nicht, wahrscheinlich finde ich einfach sie passen mehr zu Kinder :totorosmile:
      Ich hab no ne ganze Menge makeup zu posten!! Meine cherry culture Bestellung ist angekommen aber ich bin einfach noch nicht dazu gekommen.. Pinsel hab ich aber keine bestellt =)

    • yes, that’s really too bad :snif:
      The little gifts on the bottles are so cute!!
      Thanks Miho-chan, no, I didn’t draw the cat by myself, I explained everything in the next post :klimper:

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