OSMness Blog Award

OSMness Blog Award
Hey there Cuties! :on:
I know I wrote that I wouldn’t be able to blog until my exams are over but yesterday something incredibly cute happened! It made me smile for a whole day because it was so totally unexpected and sweet.

I got awarded with the OSMness blog award by :twinkles: Gretch :twinkles: ! It feels so good that someone actually took the time to draw such a cute a manga portrait of me! She didn’t only design a blog award for nekoblog but also for many other bloggers as well! Take a look at all the lovely designs~ :bling:

Thank you Gretch for this amazing piece of art! You’re so talanted and I would love to see many more of your tablet drawings. It was a secret wish of mine to have a manga portrait of me drawn by someone and you made this dream come true. I’m not even sure if I deserve it since nekoblog has been lacking posts in the recent weeks but I feel so honoured. :tanoshii:
It’s moments like these that make me want to go on with blogging and make me feel rewarded for all the time and heart I put in this hobby!

I will give my best to live up to this awesomness you regarded me with! :flyusagi: And congratulations to all the other lucky bloggers! I’m off again to study land in study mood but I’ll be back as soon as the holidays begin. Promised!


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  1. What an absolutely adorable portrait! Gretch is a really talented artist, she completely captured you :)

  2. You have such a cute blog here! You totally deserve that award!!

    To answer your question…in 1.5 weeks (now it is only 5 days), I will be done with exams and going home! So excited for it.

  3. These are probably the cutest blog awards I’ve ever seen. Gretch did a wondeful job, and I’m sure more people are planning to comment on her blogs more often to hopefully get a blog award in return ’cause they’re so damn cute! haha

  4. :ballerina:
    :aiyo: :aiyo: EEEEEEEEeeeee—-sequels—- :aiyo: :aiyo: It was really unexpected! I wasn’t shocked that you were on the list, but why am I on there? :ohnoo: lol It’s very cool how she drew us! She must have put so much effort and time T___T –feel so grateful– My blog isn’t even comparable to your blog D:

    Good luck with the studying :D :nekopaw:

  5. Congrats! :) And here’s another little good news: you were randomly selected for my paperlove giveaway. Please do e-mail me with your information and I’ll send you off a parcel. xoxo

  6. Congrats on winning the award! You’re blog is cute and that drawing design looks just like you, I feel like it captures your character quite well! <3

    re: I usually don't buy blushes and was already afraid/didn't understand why girls needed so many blushes but now I know and I've been sucked into buying bluses too T_T I hope you treat yourself to a blush soon~

  7. Aww,dear. You totally deserve this and more. I really love your posts ( I even browsed your older posts. That means your blog is really really awesome X3) I really hope you won’t stop blogging. Lots of bloggers love you ~!

    I’m really so flattered to know it means this much to you. I never expected a reaction this great. I’m so so glad you like it. X3

    As to answer your question. I was actually planning to make a manga with my ex (That was how we got together. But we got sidetracked. XD). I’m planning to make something on my own now,once I’m not too busy. But probably just a doujin or a one-shot. :3

    Advance Merry Christmas. I hope you’re enjoying the holidays~

  8. congrats on the award!! completely well-deserved.

    still love all your bento posts. (never stop!)

    merry christmas & happy new year to you and your boy friend.

  9. You deserved the award and that manga portrait of you is very cute! Belated Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year!

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