One Piece, benefit and velvet scarves

One Piece, benefit and velvet scarves
Yay! I survived the physics and geography exams. On monday I went downtown for some shopping. But wait, first of all, I would ike to give you some news. As you may know I love watching Naruto. And since I love it so much, it was difficult to arouse enthusiasm for One Piece or any other Anime. Every time I peeked into the Manga (Silvankun has band 1 to band 52) I just couldn’t get used to the drawing style. I didn’t change my oppinion on that, I still think the faces in One Piece are distorted and above all unproportional butI’m definitely in love with the Anime.

It is so funny and lively and I can see many similarities between Naruto and Luffy. One of them aims to become Hokage, the leader of Konoha, and the other one wants to become Kaizoku-Ō, the king of the pirates. They are both guided by a strong will to protect their friends. Both love to eat, are somewhat naive and strong as hell.
Naruto and One Piece clearly belong to the category of Shōnen Manga (that means for boys) but this doesn’t make them less attractive for me. In fact I’ve watched only one Shōjo (girl) anime and that is Aishiteruze Baby (that is great by the way..). While Naruto has some aspects of a love story (Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke) One Piece is totally love story free. One Piece is nevertheless serious and adult even if not as serious as Naruto. I really enjoy seeing their crazy adventures and hearing their way of talking. Probably You’ve got more important things to do than to watch One Piece or Naruto but if you have the time I strongly recommend it!

They’re eating tako yaki by the way :wink:
Believe it or not, but this post’s main topic is actually another, namely monday’s shopping goods and Benefit swatches. Inspired by all the makeup blogs out there I felt a strong urge to buy an other blush. This desire was more difficult to fullfill than I thought and finally it had to be satisfied with other goods. I’m really kind of picky when it comes to blushes and I just couldn’t find a store that carried a wide choice of good but not high-end blushes. Maybe I just should have gone to the mac section… Their blushes aren’t too expensive for what you get. Anyway, I finally ended up in the ZARA store and as usual bought unusual (and for me probably unwearable) but beautiful pieces. Accompanied by a new mascara and cream.

Since the scarves and the “cape” have a percentage of silk they were crazy expensive.. I just couldn’t resist the sight of velvet and silk. Naturally I had to have both colors, a reddish and a blue-grey-greenish one. The problem is that I just can’t wear those things for school. Or at least that’s what I think. It just seems so exaggerated and majestic. Sure, other people at our school run around with big jewelery and stuff but for me it just won’t work.. I’ll have to figure out something. I hope that maybe in deep winter it will be okay to wear a velvet scarf or cape for school :totorosmile:

Isn’t the color just lovely?! Would you wear something like this for school or university? And if yes, what would you combine it with?
The other part of my purchases is cosmetics. I needed a new mascara and decided to buy Hypnôse from Lancôme. I didn’t read any reviews about it but I just thought it was good. What I like about it is, that I can build this mascara up with extra coates (even hours apart), without it appearing gloupy or sticky. My lashes get curled and considerably extended closer to the outer angle of the eye. I was lucky and got a special offer that came with an eye makeup cleanser and a dark circle concealer. The second thing is the Porefessional from Benefit. I bought this product by impulse without knowing anything about it. Now I read some reviews and some say that they’re cocerned about the ingredient silica but i can’t really understand why since I thought it was actually something good for your skin.. can someone enlighten me?

I don’t really know what it is exactly but I guess it should be some kind of primer?
What it does: It smooths out lines and pores and almost creates a ‘blur’ on the skin leaving a powdery finish.
Application: This is a product you want to use in minute amounts, the less you use, the better it works. Gently pat this product with your finger into your skin. The texture is silky but it gets powdery after a while and you kind of have to get used to that fact while applying it. I use it on areas where I have larger pores. Before applying foundation I wait for a few minutes so the product won’t be rubbed back out of the pores.
All in all: I’m not going to use this product every day but it definitely works for me. My pore look minimized and it provides a decent matting. The product it quite expensive though but the tube lasts long and the lady was nice enough to give me a sample of the totale moisture cream as well.

to see swatches and how the product looks on the skin read on!

This isn’t a great comparison because the pictures have different lighting and it was kind of difficult to focus with the Nikon D70 but on the next picture you will see what it really does:

I’m sorry for the yucky close-up of the pores on my hand but this is actually the best way to show you what this product does. I think with this picture it’s pretty obvious that it works. Sure, the pores don’t just disappear but they’re visibly minimized.

Here a close-up of the scarves:

I will be back soon!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. Capes have become a really popular item this fall season. It really doesn’t get warm enough around here to to wear them though!

    When it comes to silica, there are schools that say it’s bad for your skin (it can cause breakouts on sensitive skin!) and those that say it’s neutral or good. I’m neutral, it doesn’t cause me to break out but i’m aware that it may for other people.

    That’s a great swatch of the Porefessional! I’ll have to try this because I love anything that mattifies and shrinks pores!

    • Thanks Ava! I don’t think that the swatch is good but I will try to make it better next time :hehe: I didn’t know about the silica. I guess I’ll have to wait and look what happens on my skin..

  2. uwaaah another One Piece fan! I know what you mean about prefering shonen anime/manga to shojou stuff. I’m addicted to Bleach at the moment, though Im still a sucker for cute things like Lucky Star ;) Love your blog, it’s nice to see someone else combining makeup, fashion and Japanese culture!

    • Thank you BunBun! I’m happy not to be the only weirdo out there! :totorosmile: your blog is awesome too!! :oh:

  3. I’ve been lurking around your blog for a few days now, and I REALLY LOVE IT! You lead such an interesting life! XD

    This is a pretty old post, but the pore thing caught my attention. Then I remembered you mentioning in another post how you liked the coverage of foundation and thought I’d suggest BB cream. It really smoothes everything out and oxidizes in a couple of minutes to match your skin tone so that you look like you’re not wearing any makeup. It’s very light and feels like nothing on your skin.

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog! d^0^b

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