Of flowers and dresses

Of flowers and dresses
Hey there Cuties! :hionigiri:
It’s been a while again, hasn’t it? Thank you so much for the encouraging and honest comments on my last entry. Well not on the Bento part but on the uni related stuff I wrote. I was really touched and especially your comment, mishberries, :bling: made me smile and think a lot. I’m so lucky to have few but really caring readers writing such awesome comments!
I feel kind of guilty though, that I haven’t more to show you than some flower pics..

These were flowers growing in the countryside two weeks ago~

I’m actually really into flowers and plants, but then again, who isn’t?! Every year I discover a flower that I didn’t knew before and I get all excited..
Uni hasn’t really gotten a lot better but today sweet Laurita :hoshi: visited me to go through some exam stuff. Well actually she did all the work because I was too unorganized to be of any help..
ありがとう~ :ii:
nyaaaa what can I tell you… my life at the moment revolves pretty much about trying to learn Japanese and East asian history of art. Today I had a rather tense talk with my professor about an object description I wrote on a Dogū figurine from the Jōmon period. It may doesn’t show on my blog but I can actually be quite demanding. The good thing is that it’s only around one more month and then I’m already on summer holidays! Or at least semi-holidays since I still have to write papers then. Yeah, that’s pretty much everything I can tell you about my life right now. :w:

It was one of those days when it’s a minute away from snowing and there’s this electricity in the air, you can almost hear it. Right? .. just kidding, this is a quote from American Beauty. I always get to think about this passage of the movie when I start my sentences with “It was one of those days”. Actually it was one of those first really hot days when I thought that I need new dresses. I was on my way back home and like always had to take the tram that goes across all the city and I spontaneously got out and went for some shopping.

In the end I ended up buying only one simple white dress from h&m (not in the pic) because the others were too expensive for me. But I also finally got my beloved lace shorts!!! I’ve been craving shorts like these for ages and I feel lucky to finally have them. There’s also the navy coat in the upper right corner which I immediately fell for. It was love at first sight. And the picture under that shows the outfit I wore that day. … my eyebrows look crazy in that pic. Sorry for that! :oh:

Wearing out my neko flats~ :nekopaw:

This was a rather pointless flower and outfit post… I should post the pictures I take more regularly but I’m always afraid that they’re not special or “themed” enough but I guess that ist’s about what you make out of it.
I wish you all a fab weekend! And keep a stiff upper lip! .. ( but that probably applies more to me right now..)


The cat on the mat
a square is her bed tonight
for the door has shut


little haiku by neko~

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  1. Agreed on the flowers and plants thing! I got excited too this month when I finally discovered the names of flowers I found growing in the street :) It’s great that you have such easy access to the countryside, I’m jealous :D

    (I was also excited to know that you have some of the same flowers there that we do here – I especially love those blue garden grape hyacinths! They’re *everywhere* here :D)

  2. i love those beautiful flowers. i most like the one with the frozen ice. and the outfits are great. what’s wrong with your eyebrow? i find it cute anyway.

  3. I love the flower pics – the sakura photo is just beautiful! I love your outfit pics too, your little lace shorts are the cutest – so is your bunny phone :D x

  4. Aww your outfit looks sooo cute and sweet in the last photo! I like the neko flat, super adorable!

    I love flowers too! I get soooo happy and excited when I see/discover new flowers that I haven’t seen before and it just makes my day! It really refreshes my mind and makes me happy. =)


  5. heey :)
    Bi ächt froh hani dini Sitä per Zuäfau gfunge ^__^
    Liebä di Blog, isch geniau mau e schwiizer Bloggerin z gseh, wo di japanischi Kultur liebt, aber nid (nur) dr Anime/Manga/Cosplay Teil drvo… -__-‘

    Chasch mr ächt säge wo du die Lace-Shorts gfunge hesch, diä si GENIAU <3 !

    • Hallo! :hionigiri: Freut mich dass mal ä Schwizerin uf min Blog troffe isch und dass er dier gfallt! Im moment chum ich leider nöd so zum schribe aber sobald Ferie sind sötts wieder ga :)

      d’lace shorts sind vom H&M! hoffe du findsch sie no :rabukuma:

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