ラブラブ Obento or Ebi in Love

ラブラブ Obento or Ebi in Love
It’s the 6th of January and still no snow in sight! I’ve heard that there’s a lot of snow in the mountains but here in Zurich there’s no snow at all. :snif: I just can’t become friends with the thought that there will be no snow in the city this year! It is raining heavily every day and the weather is grey and gloomy so I’m a little under the weather and as if this wasn’t enough, this morning I jammed my thumb.. rosy prospects? Anyway, my sore thumb & mood aren’t keeping me from bloggin and showing you my first Obento of this year!

I think it’s a quite freaky Bento! The shrimps (Ebi in Japanese.. hence the title of this post) are madly in love with the cute sleeping bunny and the chicken in the other tire is just doing his own thing. :ghihi: I didn’t really had much of a choice in the fridge but I’m satisfied with how it turned out. The most important component of this Bento is the fuchsia colored radish I think. Of course the shrimps, the bunny and the chicken are the main characters but what gives the Bento its final touch is the beautiful strong color and pattern of the radish. Without the radish it would look pretty clumsy I think! :eee:

The idea for the smaller tire was to make a salad and although it’s not visible and I was out of ‘real’ salad there is finely shredded and simmered cabbage with Japanese Goma dressing under the egg. Who found the mistake?!? Actually there are two but I’m pretty sure that no one will find the second.. hrhr :tongue: Please guess! If you have any questions regarding the ingredients don’t hesitate to ask please! But basicall it’s rice, peas, fishcake and radish for the big tire and cabbage, egg, sausage, an other kind of fishcake, Edamame and radish again for the upper tire.
But I know that most of you are here for something else today so if you want to know who won the Obento giveaway and who won the Kawaii giveaway and see more close-ups of my Bento, read on!

The winner of the Bento giveaway is *drum rolls* ~~~~> Piperita Patty!

And the winner of the Kawaii giveaway is *drum rolls* ~~~~> Melody!

Piperita Patty~ spero di vedere presto un tuo primo Bento e che ti diverti a colorare il riso o a formare Onigiri coi shaper a forma di fiore e di orsetto! (I hope to see your first Bento really soon! And have fun coloring the rice and using the heart and bear shaped onigiri molders!)

Melody~ although I don’t really know you I’m happy you won the Kawaii giveaway! Your blog is so cute =) I hope you’ll like the package!

I will send out the packages this weekend or on monday! hmm where would you like to write me your address? my mail goes: nekochan.sufu@gmail.com (if you can’t read the addy, please tell me!)


PS: To all the other participants, please don’t be sad or disappointed! There will be an other giveaway soon! I promise! 約束!!! :baloonpanda:

PPS: If someone is really sad or disappointed you can tell me and I’ll send you a little package with Swiss Chocolate! :aiai: (no, it’s not a joke! I mean it =) )

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  1. Woops! I totally missed this blog^__^! But yayyy <3 I'm glad that I won the giveaway hehe. And I guess it just means we gotta get to know eachother better^__^ <3 Thank you again!

  2. Darn! :sigh: Ah well, I’ll just have to try to get a few Bento bits on ebay I really fancy having a go at it myself! I’m always admiring yours and end up really hungry ;) :kitsune:

    Congrats to the winners! xxx

  3. omg!! :nyan: :nyan: :nyan:
    ねこちゃん you’re Bento are getting better and better ^^
    I love the pink touch in your lovely lunch box :happy:

    What a pitty to eat it :crying:

  4. Huhu
    Ich hoffe ich darf auf deutsch schreiben^^ (ich hoffe du bist aus der deutschsprachigen Schweiz mit französisch und italienisch kann ich nicht dienen und mein englisch ist nicht wirklich gut;))
    Dein bento ist ja sowas von süß geworden!! Das schlafende häschen erinnert mich an das chobits-häschen (namen vergessen°_°).
    Hmm vielleicht bekomme ich ja das nächste giveaway mit^^ obwohl versand aus der schweiz bestimmt genauso teuer ist wie in die schweiz^^
    Überhaupt muss ich aber mal sagen du hast ehct tolle bentos!

  5. Huge congrats to the winners!!!

    I love this bento! It’s so adorable! I didn’t notice any mistakes. :3 The chicken is definitely my favorite but you’re right, the radish color adds a beautiful touch.

  6. @ Lavinia Lazar: Thank you for your sportsmanship!!! :arigatou:

    @ lacosta: Merci! :ghihi: Isch keis Radisli aber eher sones Daikon ding.. han ich in Dütschland kauft gha und isch nöd tür gsi :nope:
    @ Melody: hahahahaha that’s so nice to hear :ainoonigiri: I got your email and I will send the package today.

    @ Joanna: Thanks!

    @ Danii: Danke! Was für eine Ehre einen comment von dir zu erhalten! :hehe:

    @ Maisy: You don’t know how disappointed I was that you didn’t win the Obento giveaway… :crying: I would have loved to give you a Bento :miam: hmmm if you write me your address I can still send you something, you know hrhrhr :totorosmile:

    @ Miho-chan: hahaha Thank you! But actually I think that there are more beautiful ones in the past :tongue: —> Sakurakuma Obento

    @ nicekitty: Hallihallo! klar darfst du auf deutsch schreiben, hier darf man alles… anarchy baby! :wink: Danke für das tolle kompliment!

    @ Ava: Thanks! one mistake is that one cheek of the chicken isn’t in the right place.. and the second mistake is the piece of nori (actually an eye) behind the bunny on the white rice.. it’s only visible on the first two images..

    @ Chani: :baburukeki:

  7. Deine Bentos sind wirklich supersüß und lecker sehen die aus da bekomme ich glatt immer Hunger.
    Ich gartuliere auch den Gewinnern ;o)

  8. Kyaaaa your obentos are always super cute and nicely done!! Lol I like the story behind it. Especially the stalker ebis :p If you made one for me I would be so afraid to eat it ahahaha xD sorry to hear about your thumb, hope it gets better soon~

  9. ahh another beautiful bento!! love it :) congrats to the winner. I tagged you by the way, please check it out when you have the time :)

  10. i LOVELOVE all your bento posts!!!! please do more (: they’re always so cute with little stories and so much colour! me love :jumpingrabbit:

  11. :hirabbit: hmm it seems my comments to not always work here :( :youreweird: boo. well in any case, back to try to reply again, to see if it works! just wanting to stop by and say hi and let you know i am still as jealous as ever of your wonderful bento skills :) wish i had your :twinkles: talent :twinkles:, lady!

    <3 rae (p.s. i also changed my blog address, i figured i should let you know so you do not get confused :blinkheart:) you can now find me at: http://oliviadollydaydream.blogspot.com/

  12. Oooo, I love the bentos, especially the shrimp! They look so happy, teehee!

    Aww, I was hoping that I’d win (although the odds were totally against me!), maybe next time :x:

  13. Your bento is so cute as always! :iida: Everytime I see your cute lunch, it makes me happy lol. I wish I had the skills like you :raburabu:

    And congrats to the winners of your giveaways :3

  14. I am very sad that there is lack of snow where we usually go snow boarding this year! The weather has been so off.

    Aside for this, your bento is very sweet! The rabbit actually makes me think of a lamb though…maybe this is because I love sheep. :)

  15. Uuuuwaaaahhh Q____Q
    dein Blog Mach mich noch hungriger!!!
    du solltest so Videos machen, so wie du kochst :swirlheart:

    Booaaah Edamame :youreweird:

  16. those are some really cute bentos!!!! i probably would never be able to eat them without crying lol!!! congrats to the winners of your giveaways!

  17. Wow it must take a long time to make a bento box like that!!! So much details and so cute! Really love the pink rims of the radish, they complete the design haha.

  18. You have a lovely blog, here. :)

    I wish I can have bento for lunch – they’re better than the lunch boxes I had when I was a kid. haha.

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