Ninja Bento & Mayoi Neko Cosplay

Ninja Bento & Mayoi Neko Cosplay
Hello everyone! How is life treating you? :twinkles:
Spring has pretty much arrived and you can see crocuses and snowdrops popping out everywhere! Last weekend the Japan Impact convention took place in Lausanne. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend it this year. I totally forgot that it takes place that early in February! The Polymanga howevere, an other Swiss convention, takes place on the weekend of easter and is also in Lausanne so I can’t wait to go there! A few days ago I ordered a new cosplay costume that I absolutely want to show you. :raburabu:
I’m going to play Fumino Serizawa (the girl on the left) from Mayoi Neko Overrun 迷い猫オーバーラン!

But first, let me show you my newest Bento! I haven’t made any Bento recently because I was on holiday but since school started again and Silvakun resumed his Japanese studies I’m back in Bentoland again! :miam: It’s pretty stupid, I know, but I’m always embarrassed when eating a Bento at school because it causes so much attention and I don’t like to be stared at while eating. But since Silvankun isn’t embarrassed to eat Bento in his Japanese classes, (actually au contraire, he can’t wait to *awww* everyone with it..) I’m going to make the cutest Bento for him! :blinkheart: This time it was a Ninja Bento:totorosmile:

I didn’t want to make it too girly and I think I succeeded. I saw the Ninja idea while googling Bento pics quite some time ago but I always wanted to try it once! There are Ninjas made of egg but also made of rice. I was too lazy to form rice so I simply used a hard-boiled egg and wrapped Nori around it. In the right tire there are mini skewers with chicken, bell pepper and zucchini. To give it a little bit of contrast and also because it tastes so good I added some feta cheese cubes, rocket and white sesame. :kitsune:

To see more Bento pics and to get a sneak peek at the new cosplay costume I ordered, read on!

Do you want to know, how I decided on my next cosplay? :ohnoo:
Usually I visit the site Anime Characters Database and enter search criteria like hair color, lenght and eye color. Since I don’t want to wear a wig, I try to find characters whit blondish hair. If a hardcore cosplayer is reading this now, pleeeease don’t be shocked! hahaha! I know that for most cosplayer it’s about cosplaying a character they love and know for a long time but it’s difficult for me to play a Naruto or a Ruffy! Unfortunately the Anime Character Database filters also characters from Ecchi/Hentai games so it’s really though to find a girl with blond hair and school uniform that is not featured in one of the thousands of pervert games. :tongue: Anyway, this time I was lucky! Since they have an “ecchi filter” now that makes it possible to show only “normal” characters and not porno girls I found my new cosplay character pretty soon! The Anime is too cute and I’m so happy to have found it! There are only 13 episodes and I already watched them all. :crying:

The character I want to cosplay is called Serizawa Fumino, goes to school and works part time in a patisserie. She can get very angry and always says “Die twice already!” when someone bothers her. What I like about their costumes is obvious, isn’t it? I love school and Maiko uniforms and this cosplay features both! And I like that she wears black tights instead of white ones. Sure it would be cool to once wear something like an armour but I feel comfortable in school uniforms and they’re much easier to store and to combine with something else for everyday use!
Nough said! See for yourself! :happy:

It’s cuuute isn’t it?! :happy: source

I’ll be back soon! Have a sunny weekend everyone!


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  1. your bento looks so adorable *Q* i wish i also could make such cute and delicious bentos.. khekhe and i can’t wait to see you wearing that costume!!!! :’3

    ShuShu ♥

  2. wo bestellst du deine cosplay costume? ô.ô

    btw. tolles bentooo.. mir gehts genauso wie dir mit dem bento -.- …. die lachen schon, wenn ich meine stäbchen auspacke in der uni -.-!

  3. I love the dress, the skirt part is such a pretty colour :)! What is ninja bento, some sort of rice dish? It looks absolutely delicious :) xx

  4. Ah! Bento looks outstanding! Some guys are more lucky than others! Someone in Lausanne is waiting for you!

  5. Oh wow, that Bento is amazing, you are SO good! Lucky bf! Also your cosplay costume is really really adorable.

  6. Oh, Neko-chan, I really missed your lovely Bento :nyan: I love the idea with the egg and the little simply looking bunny in the corner looks so innocent and sweet! :happy:

    Ah, I already wanted to ask you, which Cosplay you are going to buy. I don’t know the Anime but Fumino Serizawa looks very pretty and the uniform will surely look fabulous on you! Let’s take a shoot together at the JAN, yes :starlove: ? Maybe I will wear my Maid Outfit, I love it so much *3*

  7. Dein Ninja-Ei sieht toll aus und die Mini-Spieße – eine leckere Idee. Ich kann Dir versichern, dass die Gaffer weniger werden. Als ich mein erstes Bento mitgenommen habe, kamen auch Fragen und neugierige Blicke. Mittlerweile haben sich alle daran gewöhnt. Allerdings esse ich meist mit der Gabel und nicht mit Stäbchen. Ich habe auch schon mal für die anderen ein Bento gepackt, da habe sie gemerkt, es ist lecker aber gar nicht so exotisch. ^.^

  8. :hirabbit: darling! your bento looks absolutely looooovely like always. cute cosplay costume as well. i hope you will model it for us once you receive it! and “die twice already” haha i really like this phrase. i gota start using it when i am pissed off!

    <3 rae

  9. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! I’m…so in looooooooove!! Silvankun is so lucky! And I don’t think that you should be embarassed eating bento. You should be proud of thel ovely work. The cosplay outfit looks too cute! I can’t wait to see you in it.

  10. AWWW i absolutely loooove your bentos! they are so cute and neat! Heehee silvankun is sooo lucky! <3

    Awww you shouldn't be embarrassed! When I make interesting bentos I don't mind people looking. To be honest though no one really does, even though I sit there with my baby pink box and eat with chopsticks in the middle of a hospital canteen where everyone else is eating chips :P I am perfectly content that my lunch is nicer, healthier and prettier (and cheaper) than their chips and some kind of nasty stew.

    That's quite a nice cosplay costume! I haven't seen or heard of that anime before.

  11. @ ShuShu ♥: Thank you :twinkles: I can’t wait to wear that costume neither!!

    @ The life after: I’m happy you like them :smile: the creativity comes while doing it :P

    @ Mici: Dieses hab ich bei hellocosplay gekauft! hehe.. ich hoffe das geht noch vorbei mit den Bento :happy:

    @ Sarah: Thank you! A Bento is a Japanese lunch box! :happy:

    @ Daaadaaaaaaaaa: okkkey :smile:

    @ Winnie: Thank youu! I’m glad you think so! :blinkheart:

    @ Megg: Thank you :nyan:

    @ Miho-chan: I like the bunny too!! :aiai: Sure we’re going to take pics together!! can’t wait! :starlove:

    @ Danii: haha Danke! das beruhigt mich :ghihi: mit der gabel essen wär auch ne idee! sieht sich schon mal viel weniger exotisch aus!!

    @ rae: Thank you rae!! :happy: I surely will show you the outfit!

    @ Ava: awwww thank you sweetheart! :miam: I can’t wait to wear that uniform!! :catexclam:

    @ Jian: hehehe Thank you!! :smile: I will think about what you wrote the next time I’m eating a Bento at school! :wink:

  12. Your cosplay outfit is adorable! That will be so much fun to wear to the convention:] Also, that bento box is beyond cute – in a macho ninja way of course ;] I want to make up my lunches like that all the time.

  13. Bento is pretty healty.. How many time by week do you do this? Okay, I’m in by now!

  14. Your bento box is perfection! Makes me just looking at it :D

    Havent forgotten your blog!! Liked your FB page so I still get updates sorry for being slow with the catch up >_< I can't believe google have finally done the deed!! Do you have bloglovin'? I can still follow you there!

  15. Super adorable bento! Looks so delicious too! Haha, I feel self-conscious when I eat bento too because it’s so elaborate ^-^;;

    The costume is so cute! I can’t wait to see you in it, be sure to post some pics!

  16. again the obento is sooo cute! (^^*)
    and so is the costume~
    makes me want to try cosplay too

  17. The lack of GFC makes me sad! :( So I’ll have to make sure I keep updated via Twitter etc!

    Anyhoo tasty Bento! I agree it’s sometimes hard to find cute outfits to cosplay that aren’t from animes that are a bit pervy! I once cosplayed as a Lucky Star girl and that was hilarious! And very comfy too, I think trying to dress as Yu Gi Ohs Dark Magician Girl or someone would be just a little uncomfy for me haha!


  18. The bento totally deserves an Awwwww
    Love the lil ninja and those hearts. I’ve zero patience when it comes to things like these so can never make a bento as nice as this

  19. @ ShyScout: Thank you!! I’m glad you think so! The cosplay costume is cute indeed but it arrived and it’s way too big.. :crying:

    @ Piperita Patty: Thank you!! :arigatou:

    @ Sphie: Sophiechan!!! :blinkheart: What are you up to?! I don’t do Bento as often as I would like!! Try it! It’s fun :p

    @ Nic Nic: Thank you!! :happy: oh, and yes! I have bloglovin! and thank you for liking nekoblog on facebook! :miam:

    @ Akiko: Yes, I made it :nyan: hehe Thank you!

    @ mei: Thank you :tongue:

    @ Richelle: I would like to feel selfconcious too when eating a Bento!! You’re probably right! :oh: it’s something to be proud of!!

    @ rosa: Thank you!! :swirlheart: cosplaying is fun!! you should try it!

    @ Maisy: I knooow!! it’s so stupid!! I didn’t know you did cosplay!! I would love to see a picture of you wearing a costume! :wink: pervy nekochan :ghihi:

    @ Joey: Thank you!! :hehe: I have no patience neither!! but when it comes to making Bento I make an exception :P

    @ Vermillion: thank you! :happy: the cosplay costume arrived but it’s huge!!! impossible to adjust.. :ohno:

  20. Hello! *waves* I came across your blog when I was internet trolling for bento inspirations. I adore your bento!! So adorable! <3

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