Hey Beauties :twinkles:
We’ve been having some awfully oppressive heat days followed by heavy rain and hail fall and I’m happy that the official holidays start in less than two weeks! :jupp: I’ve been procrasting for too long though so I should definitely start reading my books and do some nasty math as well.. Last week there have been some minor highlights like a sale haul, the discovery of Instagram for Android phones (!!!), an other outfit shoot and yummy Japanese food! I’ve been craving for it so much that I cooked Japanese dinner almost every day:klimper:

We ate this with some white rice and it was pretty good. I liked the different textures and flavours: spicy Kimchi, caramelised Shiitake, crunchy green beans, fluffly Tofu & Wakame salad, invigorating Umeboshi, tasty herring (ok, this is not so authentical…) and last but not least, sweet melon and sour red currant. What I love about Japanese meals is that there are often many different but small dishes. The variety is fantastic and truly satisfying. I realised that I don’t have a lot of Japanese tableware though:crying: I don’t have many wishes (at least not realistic ones..) so this is definitely one I will try to make real! I love pottery and cute and beautiful Japanese tableware is really something I would like to start collecting.
Do you like collecting things? I like to collect things I can use, and tableware is definitely something useful, isn’t it? :nope:

I’m in love with this bowl! :on: I like all the styles of Japanese pottery but the modest are the best I think..

Do you like simple Japanese dishes? I loooove it! It’s healthy and balanced and if you cook enough, the leftovers can be used and complemented with fresh things the next day. But as you can see, we were really hungry and ate everyting.. :nope:


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  1. You’re great to cook japanese style dishes so often! Every time I do it I feel is a great effort. But I’m sure that if I do it more often it will became easier.
    I’m not so much into pottery even if I like nice one. I think it’s a part of my being lazy about food presentation ^^””

  2. Hello! The food looks really yummy! I love different shaped bowls and stuff and it also looks really effective with photos. Plus food is ALWAYS better when it’s put into pretty bowls huh? I am so addicted to Instagram, it’s awesome.

  3. Wow, this looks so delicious!
    It makes me really hungry and it’s actually lunch time! :happy:

    P.S.: Despite the fact that I’ve been living in Japan for a very long time now, I never cook anything. Mostly because I don’t have enough time, but seeing your yummy food makes me wanna cook … at least a little! ^^;

  4. @ Piperita Patty: you’re rigt, it takes more time than preparing only one dish but if you do a litle more of it you can use it the next days as well!

    @ Winnie: thank you :swirlheart: oh yes, Instagram is really great!

    @ zoomingjapan: you should definitely try cooking in Japan! the vegetables are so different and you can find anything you need… :iida:

    @ モモ猫: thank you, you’re so sweet! :miam: I would love to see how you cook :happy:

    @ trishie: thank you :on: I like your tableware as well!

  5. You are sooo good at cooking, especially japanese food! It looks so yummy, and amazing to see you cook these (true?) japanese dishes. I don’t think I ever asked you, but have you ever lived in japan? I don’t know why I never wonder, but I really feel like you lived there at least a year or so!! xo akiko
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  6. @ Akiko: Thank you Lovely :swirlheart: I’ve traveled and lived in Japan for six months :jupp: so I learned a little how to cook Japanese..

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