New Year’s Bento

New Year’s Bento
Hey there Cuties! :jumpingrabbit:
I have a surprise for you~ the post title kind of gives it away though..
As soon as the holidays started, an inspirational wave came over me and I started sketching bento on the ipad. The app I used is called “Paper 53” and it’s basically a drawing app where you use your fingers to draw. I must admit that it’s rather difficult because the finger makes it impossible to see what’s right underneath it but if you use it as a sketch book and aren’t too fussy, it can bee quite fun I think!

You can get more tools and colors at the app store but fo now I’m sticking to what is available. There are only two kinds of green for example and they’re both rather dark so it’s was difficult to make it look happy but I gave my best to make it look at least a little bit realistic. Details can be challenging, especially if they’re small!
I’ve never done a sketch of my bento before but after trying it for the first time (yes, after looking in the fridge to see what’s available and sketching the bento, I finally even made it!) I must say that I’m really amazed about how helpful it is, to sort your ideas first and then start the bento instead of bustling around without a plan!

haha.. you can try reading my handfingerwriting! I’m not a penman.. :etone:

I can’t say if I’m going to do a sketch every time I make a bento now but if I feel creative it’s definitely a nice option to let out the little inner artist~ I already made sketches of two more bento that I can’t wait to realize.

*nyaaaaa* can you see what is different?! .. I forgot the renkon~ :sigh:

Read on to see more pictures & know about what’s inside~

In Japan, soba (buckwheat noodles) symbolize longevity and are traditionally eaten on New Years eve. I’m nine days too late but I thought it was time again so I combined the soba with stir-fried gobō (burdock root.. I LOVE this vegetable!) and carrots in mirin and soy sauce and it turned out delicious. To give it something creamy, I added a slice of boiled egg and spinkled some goma (sesame seeds) over the noodles. The dessert consists of blood orange and バニラプリン (vanilla pudding) with raspberries.
In the other conatiner there are fish sticks with mayo, Romanesco broccoli and a little rocket and carrots.

The Romanesco broccoli looks amazing, doesn’t it?!

I hope you ate something before reading this post but if not, bon appetit!


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  1. Wow das sieht super lecker und super schön aus :) Ich finde auch, dass das Essen farblich super zur schwarzen Bentobox passt- Sehr schön umgesetzt :)

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Your bentos are always so amazing! If you were my girlfriend I’d love you! hahaha
    Your drawing is pretty good considering you couldn’t see everything that well. When I was addicted to draw something I had the hardest time using my fingers as a brush, frustrating!!

    Food looks yummy and you have totally inspired my lunch! I don’t make soba noodles that often but lately I’ve been trying to master jap chae (sweet potato vermicelli noodles).

  3. Your sketches of the bentoboxes are so cute! I love bento boxes, they’re colorfull and you can mix a lot sorts of vegetables and stuff in it. The layout of your blog is very cool too, I love the fact that you’re inspired by Japan! And also thanks for your cute comment on my blog (: xoxo

  4. :iida: So adorable! hehe I use a different app to doodle and I’ve been doodling dress designs XD; I don’t think I have the strength to draw food…I see myself never finishing it because I’ll end up wandering off to find food :ainoonigiri:

    Those are the coolest broccolis ever…. :tanoshii:

  5. Hello! :)
    Oh gosh, those are broccoli?? They’re like mini christmas trees to me. Too cute. :)
    And ah, I checked out that app website and goodness, what a gorgeous design. If I had an iPad, I would definitely consider getting it (and the stylus too XD).

    ♥ xixia

  6. YUMMMM! Now I feel like Japanese food again -___-::

    It’s always fun sketching and planning something out and then creating it. So satisfying!

  7. …wow!!
    Das sieht extrem lecker aus!!! Wie schmeckt denn dieses romanesco broccoli…? Genau wie der übliche Broccoli? Ich liebe Broccoli..aber vor dieser Version hab ich irgendwie Angst D:

    Die Sketches gefallen mir übrigens sehr gut ♥ wenn es nicht zu viel Arbeit ist solltest du das öfter in deine Posts einbringen

  8. Wow! You’re actually really good at sketching on the ipad! That’s really awesome. I’m loving your doodles so far. I can’t wait to see more!!!

  9. Wow, your bentos look both delicious and pretty! I was wondering what that green stuff was. I guess I didn’t realize there was a type of broccoli that looked like that. Very cool! Your sketches look good too :D

  10. Everything’s laid out beautifully! I’ve never heard of spiky looking broccoli before and couldn’t stop starring at it.

  11. These sketches are amazing – I couldn`t manage something like this with a pen and paper, and yet you did it with your fingers! You have talent. And the bentos look pretty delicious, too :)

  12. OMYGOSH! both the sketches AND the real bento food look SOOOOOO GOOD! both are just gorgeous and yummy looking!

    omgosh i’ve never seen those little green romanesco brocolli they really do look amazing!

  13. I love your sketches! It looks like one of those Japanese post cards with sayings in it ^^
    As usual, your bento looks so yummy :)

  14. wow you bentos looks so delicious! *_* The bento boxes are cute as well >u< aw your future children will be the happiest children in the world with those yummy bentos! ;_;
    and yeah sketching with fingers on a touchscreen is impossible for me xD It´s really difficult but you sketch looks really good :3
    Lots of love
    InspiringThing <3

  15. ahh I used to sketch on the ipad too! haven’t heard of that app, there must be so many good new ones since I stopped drawing. love your sketches btw, the bento looks so cute and yummy! :)

    Metallic Paws– New giveaway up on my blog!

  16. Oh my word, I just chanced upon your blog and I must say that it is all sorts of AMAZING! Loving the kawaii happy fun posts. I can’t believe you used your finger to sketch those bento pics, they look so professional! And your bento is making my mouth water…EVERYTHING. LOOKS. SO. GOOD!!!!!

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