New is always better!

New is always better!
Hey there cutie pies! :hionigiri:

Heres to an eventful 2013! I wish all my Readers the very best for this New Year and hope you had a magic holiday season~

Spindle tree… so pretty :twinkles:

How have you been doing so long?
2012 has been quite the stirring year for me with a lot of work and not that much free time and I’m afraid 2013 will stay as demanding as last year but I can’t wait to give my best and make this year exciting and prosperous.

Some of the lovely presents I got :rabukuma:

I’m in Italy right now but instead of helping trimming the vines and enjoying the sun Im writing my paper about Shinhanga for the Japanese wood block prints class. Today though I woke up with the feeling I couldnt let one more day go by without some serious blogging and catching up!
So here I am~
I know that you’re probably tired of all the Christmas pictures by now and I’m really late this time but since I almost completely renounced taking pictures of all the festivities there are only a few to show. Sometimes it’s nice to be the person without a cam and just relax and let your eyes enjoy the beauty and joy without a lens between the world and the eye, don’t you think? :catexclam:

Probably the best egg salad sandwich I’ve ever eaten! :ha:

One thing I never miss during Christmas time is candle dipping! There are several places where you can learn to make your own candles, colorful or just plain with beeswax and usually I love doing the colorful ones but this year (due to uni) I only had time during one day and since dripping candles can take more than one day, I decided to make simple beeswax ones.

Have you ever tried candle dipping? It’s very meditative and beeswax smells so good! As a child I loved to dip one finger and let the wax cool down to have a shell of my finger… And obviously I still love to do it. :klimper:

And how did you spend New Year’s eve? To be honest, I didn’t go partying and stayed at our house in Italy. I enjoyed looking at the fireworks down in the valley and had some hot chocolate. :smile:

That’s it for now! I have soooooo many blog posts to catch up to and I can’t wait to do so :on:


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  1. Oh, I love how optimistic your words sound ♥
    I’ve never done candy dipping before…but I really want to do it someday!! ♥ I love dipping my finger in wax too haha

  2. 明けましておめでとう、ネコちゃん! Have a great 2013.. love your travel pictures. Inspired to out to Europe more.. have yet to see so much!

  3. Yay! You updated :D

    It’s always good to be busy and of course, real life comes first.

    That is the best egg salad sandwich I’ve ever seen! I bet it tasted wonderful. :9

    I’ve never tried candle dipping before but it looks very intriguing. I think the only time I’ve made a candle was when I was a really young child, and I think we used crayon wax instead.

    Hope you had a wonderful Holiday and New Years! Looking forward to more of your future posts! :)

  4. :hello: Wow those candles are great, and the pictures are beautiful. Really looks delicious sandwich. I hope that 2013 is filled with many good things for you.


  5. Happy happy New year!~

    I’ve never tried candle dipping (I don’t think it’s available here ;A;) and I’m very curious on how it works.

    I love your shots as always! I hope you’ll continue sharing your beautiful shots in your beautiful blog this year too :)

    I spent the new year alone. I still can’t believe my family left me to go on some reunion and I can’t leave the house because they got the keys *sobs*

  6. Happy New Year!! :twinkles: I hope you have a lovely 2013.

    I haven;t heard about candle dipping before, it seems really interesting +_+

  7. Dir auch ein frohes neues Jahr! :)

    Köln ist wirklich ne schöne Stadt! Ich fahr immer wieder gerne hin – es gibt immer was zu entdecken. Und jedes Kölsch hab ich auch noch nicht probiert. :D

    Ich hab mal in der Schule Kerzen gezogen. Und beim letzten Durchgang hab ich meine schöne Kerze in den Wachsbottich fallen lassen. :( Oh man. Ein Drama ist das gewesen. Ich bin bis heute nicht drüber hinweg!

  8. ねこちゃん、明けましておめでとう!Such gorgeous photos as always and the candle dipping looks so much fun! 良い1年になります様に。。♡ xo akiko
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  9. I’ve never tried candle dipping but it looks like it would be really fun! Thanks for the recommendation =) I still love playing with wax!

  10. Candle dipping looks like a ton of fun! I have never done that before, but I imagine colored candles could get very creative. I want to make this into a tradition at my house, but I doubt our candles would come out as cool as those huge ones that are hanging. I hope you had happy holidays! :ii:

  11. Never candle dipped, maybe because thats not really a tradition here in the states, much less Texas, but looks like fun. Totally know about the finger in wax. I used to get in trouble for doing that… but now I just buy my own candles and ruin my own wax. Seems like you had a great Christmas and fun New Years!

    Cheers, friend :)

  12. Wow this is so awesome! I love the photos! And I would love to make candles! I have a Yankee Candle lit right now! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed visiting it as much as I enjoyed visiting yours! <3

  13. Yummy, that sandwich looks delicious and the cherry blossom stationary is super pretty. Hope you have had a lovely 2013 so far!

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