Nemu Kurotsuchi’s Rocking Horse Shoes

Nemu Kurotsuchi’s Rocking Horse Shoes

:hionigiri: I know I’m probably being impatient but it seems as my giveaway isn’t going too well :crying:. Anyway life goes on! I just received my first pair of Rocking Horse Shoes (they arrived after only one week!! ♥)  and the Nemu Kurotsuchi costume I ordered about two months ago :ghihi:. The upper part of the costume suits almost perfectly but the skirt is way too short for my taste. I think I’ll have some changes made..

Nemu Kurotsuchi

I love this character from Bleach. She hasn’t had many appearances until now but I like her calm and distanced behavior. And most important: She never smiles. I’m not going to play a character that doesn’t resemble my character at all! I’m nothing like Orihime or Rukia so it would be strange to wear their costume and to act like them, I think..:nope:
Now to the Rocking Horse Shoes, I was really afraid that I couldn’t walk in them but my doubts were blown away because I’m wearing them right now and it’s easy and comfortable :jumpingrabbit: (much easier than high heels…) I don’t remember where (on the internet) I first saw them but they captured my attention and I just couldn’t let go of the idea owning a pair. On La Carmina I read that this kind of shoes was first designed by Vivienne Westwood. But before I read that I just thought they looked like Okobo, the shoes a Geisha apprentice (Maiko) wears during her apprenticeship, with two little bells that sound with every step the Maiko takes as a reminder of her childishness ( traditional Japanese child’s shoes have bells too).


Source: Wikipedia

Here are my Rocking Horse Shoes:

Rocking Horse Shoes

Rocking Horse Shoes

Rocking Horse Shoes

Rocking Horse Shoes

Rocking Horse Shoes

The Brand is called Montreal and I bought them somewhere somehow on ebay. If your interested in knowing more details just ask!

Here my Nemu Kurotsuchi Cosplay Costume:

Nemu Kurotsuchi costume

byebye ねこちゃん  :lipstick:

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  1. mhm…. to be honest, I personally don’t like those shoes (– )( –)(– )( –)ううん

    On Cosplay Meetings I sometimes see girls wearing this kind of shoes. Nevertheless, I like your costume and your cute cherry socks (^ー^@)

    Do you attend Cosplay Meetings too?

  2. Those shoes are kinda weird! o.o I think it’s the first time I ever see some of them. Anyway they look cool! =)

  3. @Uka hihi yes they’re weird :wink: but in Switzerland they’re not well known so for here they’re something rather unique!! There are some L.olitas that wear this kind of shoes..

  4. Regarding to your question – if i have time I attend Cosplay Meetings ^^

    Last time was in August 2010 (I posted an entry on my Blog) At the end of April there will be again one in Lucerne. I will write an entry next week (I have to make some advertising ^^)

    There is also one Maid-Cosplay in my wardrobe – but without bunny ears xD
    I prefer wearing Loli dresses・・・♥♥♥

  5. I didn’t know there were so many cosplay meeting in switzerland!! I’m looking forward reading about some of them on your blog! Well mine wasn’t a real maid costume.. But it looked a little like one with the bunny ears :p I’m searching for a cute loli outfit but until now I haven’t found the perfect one (-_-;)

  6. I have the same shoes from ebay! They´re amazingly comfy, right? I was so surprised when I tried them the first time. I thought they would be uncomfortable for my poor feet.

    The costume is really cute! I love Hinamori Momo, so I understand that feeling of not seeing her a lot on the anime/manga. :D You look great in it.

  7. :hirabbit:

    those 2 cats are not mine,:kitten:
    Ill put up a pic of mine so you can see them.
    ive seen those shoes here & there, are they comfy?!
    they look really nice, were did you get them.?!

  8. @ Ikitamura Oh please do it :smile: I love cats!! :happy: Yes, The Rocking Horse Shoes are comfy!!! They sell them here: Bodyline
    or here: Refuse to be usual

    I bought the ones from ebay and I’m very happy with them! The original ones are wooden but mine are not! I think that’s why they’re comfy :wink:

  9. @ LeeMinKyo
    Sorry I only got aware of your comment right now :nope: Yes they really are comfy!! I thought the same thing when I bought them and told myself that I would probably have to learn how to walk in them but I was wrong! I got them from ebay too! Hinamori and Nemu should have more appearances :miam: they’re both so cute…

  10. Have you ever worn your rocking horse shoes in every day life? I have a few times and the looks are always hysterical. It doesn’t matter what other people think so long as you feel confident in yourself!

  11. @ Eden-Avalon I’ve worn them once after school. But today is saturday and I will wear them in the city.. I’m looking forward to the looks of Swiss people who have probably never seen such shoes! :balloonpanda: Do they know these shoes where you live?

  12. Just to reassure you I only had like two entries on my first giveaway and only like ten on the one after that. :/ ya it’s kind of why I don’t do giveaways anymore! Anyhow I’m super jealous of those shoes! I want rhs so bad but I really want them to be real wood.

  13. @ Sophia Alexandra Thank you! this is nice of you to say. I’ve seen blogs where they had like 200 comments and followers after the giveaway o.0 Thank you also for posting my giveaway on both of your blogs!! That’s too cute :balloonpanda:! Yes I would LOVE to have real wooden ones too.. but the real ones are too expensive for me right now.. and I think it’s good to start with these soft imitations..:ghihi:

  14. Hello Nekochan,
    some questions from switzerland:

    where did you buy it?
    and was the size table correct?
    were the shoes in the right size?
    did you buy it on ebay via ling lam?
    and what does mean “they are not real wood?” :D
    is it plastic?
    do you know, where to buy the REAL ones?
    how much was the duty?
    price+shipping are about 50 CHF, right?

    some many questions :tongue: and thank you for reponse! :aiai:

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