Nekochan’s Pirate Treasure

Nekochan’s Pirate Treasure
I think I’ve never showed you a picture of my room or other personal things but there’s always a first time. I hope you’ll enjoy it! :whistle:
What do you do when you’re on holidays but it’s cold and rainy outside? Well you could go to the mall and do some shopping or watch a movie at the cinema but I decided to fulfill one of the points I mentioned in my Summer To Do List and tidied up my dresser. Not the things that are inside the dresser but the things that are on top of it. I use the surface as an additional shelf space for my girly stuff, namely jewellery, nail polish and hairbands but also decorative things such as stones, shells, boxes and other stuff. :bling:

I always start doing such things on impulse so I dodn’t think about doing a before/after shoot but I tried something with the settings of the cam a few days ago and luckily took a random picture of my drawer. I’m so excited guys!! I’ve never shown such personal things on my blog.. :oh:
It’s funny to see them here!
The drawer was so full with weird things that didn’t belong there! I used it as an opportunity to throw away many beauty things I would never use again in my life.. It feels so good! :aiyo:

What kind of yewellery do you like? Do you also prefer silver over gold? For me a necklace, bracelet, ring or pendant should be something unique that nobody else has. I’ve always liked my jewellery because for me every piece has its history and meaning. Most of the things you see are presents I got from my mother over the years. There are many necklaces I didn’t like at all when I got them as a present but I usually started to love every single one of them after one or two years. :tongue:

As you can see, I definitely prefer silver over gold and my collection is rather unusual.. :miam: It’s not very girly at all and I think it incorporates my character pretty well. Did you think I had pink bows and glitter everywhere? *nyahahaha*
Well, I kind of found a new category to write about: personal stuff
The only thing is, that there is only a limited amount photo worthy stuff but I’m looking forward to my next personal stuff entry nevertheless.. :totorosmile:
Perfumes, nail polishes, cosmetics or shoes.. we’ll see! I hope I can make a Bento this week but if not, I’ll surprise you with something else!

Stay tuned Lovelies!


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  1. OOOOOooo I like personal posts!!!!!! :D

    Good job in tidying up your chest of drawer top! I did mine too recently and am very pleased how tidy it is looking now. I dont have quite as interesting stuff on it though…I actually hide my jewellery underneath my bed………to protect it from the light. Hahahaha…

    I prefer silver jewellery too! You really do have a really unique different collection fo jewellery. I don’t know what I expected to be honest…. But I personally am more inclined to bows and cute things (not too cute to be tacky though, mind!) XD

  2. I really enjoyed reading this personal thing post! It’s a great way to spend rainy days for sure :) You have such a great collection of brushes.. and jewelry. Looks so gorgeous! Great post ねこちゃん☆ p.s. I forgot to mention on my last comment.. but the dessert I posted on my blog is “jelly & sakura mochi ice cream”! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  3. That’s so cool! I really hope to see more Personnal Stuff in the future. I really love the way you organized your stuff! Good Job! Since I make my jewelry, I have A LOT of unique item. I like any kind of material but I guess I have a little thing for gold. Btw, I personnaly think that it would have been surprising to see a lot of girly stuff in your personnal stuff. I don’t know why but I just do :youreweird:

  4. Also, I know this is really off topic and I feel like I am butting in but does your blog have a cellphone template? I am asking because I have problem with my computer and your blog is probably the one I visited the most :ghihi: so it’s very frustrating and it’s a bit hard to check your blog through a cell phone. I know blogger has that option so I was just wondering. I hope I wasn’t out of place asking :ohno:

  5. @ Jian: Oh I didn’t know the thing with the light!! I’ll go read about it! :nyan: I like gold too and many people think it suits me but silver is just more me I guess?! I love pink bows and glitter but I just think it looks stupid on me.. :crying: I even have problems wearing thin almost invisible headbands!! I always buy but never wear them.. :ohno:

    @ Akiko: Thank you for telling me :miam: nyaaaaaa it looked so delicious! I really like Moci :happy:
    I’m glad you like this entry! :boxkitten: I wasn’t sure about it because it’s a little random but I always love reading personal things and I love bloggers who have the guts to show their room and such! mine is that special though so I guess I’ll renounce :wink:

    Chani: You saw through me.. hehe :klimper:
    How cool is that?!? I would love to make my own yewellery but I’m afraid I wouldn’t know what to put together to make it look classy and not too freaky.. :ghihi: I’ll ask Silvankun if it’s possible to make a mobile phone site! Thank you for the nice compliment :arigatou: ! I feel honoured that you read my blog!! :omnom:

  6. Ui tolle Sachen hast du da :D Und wirklich schön zusammengeräumt! Muss ich auch mal wieder machen XD Dein schwarzer Kasten gefällt mir sehr gut :)) Schwarz ist immer toll ^^

    Wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Tag! :)

    Liebe Grüße

  7. such an interesting post with absolutely great photography! I LOVE high-quality photos :P :blinkheart:
    when it comes to jewellery then like you, I also prefer silver.. pretty much only silver since gold is not my thing. and I find your jewellery really classy and beautiful :klimper:

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  8. @ Yoshi: Danke! :happy: die kommode mag ich auch sehr!! sie ist von IKEA :D

    @ Maiken: omg thank you!! You don’t know how much this means to me!! I’m kind of in a photography crisis right now.. :snif: I will continue to take pictures with my old Nikon because the Lumix is a little rubbish.. T.T

  9. Lustig, meine neuest gekaufte schwarze Kommode ist auch von Ikea :D Ich liebe sie ^^ <3 Ikea ist toll!!


  10. I should tidy up my room too ^^”’
    You have so many interesting things! The mug is really cute! The jewelry I prefer is the blue one :D
    I used to prefer silver over gold, but now I love both to the point that I mix them even if people think it’s not elegant XD
    I’m not so much into girly for my jewelry too. I think my favourite is ethnic or fantasy (like amulets, small bottles, elfic stuff…), and I’m growing an interest into vintage (true and fake), but I used to love punk. I still have spiked chokers and stuff like this.

  11. I love all your accessories! Those sigma brushes also look so fluffy. I must have! Thanks for sharing!


  12. <3 Loving the storage solutino for the brushes and your perfume samples. All of my samples are in a tin =w=;; I keep forgetting to use them. I also tend to favor unique pieces. I tend to go one of two ways. Very punkish, hard, rough pieces. Or what my boyfriend refers to as "old lady" jewelry – usually with a silver or white metal, pearls – small vintage touches, you know? Thanks for sharing your personal things Neko-chan!

  13. Lovely post! I actually went “Oooooh” when I saw your lovely jewellery collection. Mine’s still so small and un-impressive :ohno: I’ll have to invest in some beautiful statement pieces like you have :) xxx

  14. :hirabbit:it’s been a long time…
    I want all of it your stuffs!! I really love all of them!!
    brushes, necklaces.. GRR gimme!!!! lol

  15. :hello:

    nice “after”-picture you have and a lot of pencils. Wow, I don´t have so many pencils and I am having a beauty blog. :)

    Nice jewellry you have. Romantic and vintage style I would say. Really nice.

    Thanks for your comment and visit on my blog. I am looking forward to a next visit in the future.

    I wish you a nice weekend.


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