ねこちゃんの Blogging Sphere

ねこちゃんの Blogging Sphere
After almost one year of blogging I thought it was about time to share some personal blogging experience with you. I started blogging shortly after I had read the word “blog” for the first time. I’ve never heard and read of blogs or bloggers before and I don’t have one real life blogger friend but when I coincidentally stumbled over the blog of a girl Silvankun went to school with, I was so impressed that Silvankun thought it would be a good idea to start a blog myself.
I think what attracted me the most, is the opportunity to share thoughts, worries, memories, pictures and moments of joy with new people you don’t know you. Why share your life with strangers instead of friends? Because real life friends know you way to good to express their opinion objectively. I think most people show only one or a few facets at most of their life or personality on their blog, or at least that’s what I do. A real life friend knows you as the whole package with all your likes and dislikes but sometimes you want people to forget about certain sides of you and only share or let them see what you want.

Your real life friends know you the best! :swirlheart:

An other and much more relevant factor that made me want to start a blog is to share passions I can’t share with my friends because they’re not as interested in it as I am! Of course I’m talking about Japan. After six months there I felt like an alien when I arrived back in Switzerland. Many things seemed so different from the country where I had lived and traveled for the last six months.
I love my home country, my family and my friends but it was weird to come back so Japanese and meet all the old circumstances again. The only one who can fully understand me in relation to Japan is Silvankun who has been there with me.
So you see, I’m so glad that I can share this passion for a foreign country with you guys. This applies not only for Japan but also for fashion, cooking and makeup.
I can go to concerts, get wasted and have a great time with my friends but when we cook and I start cutting off the roots and the head of every single soya sprout because I read in a Japanese cooking Manga called Oishinbo (美味しんぼ, lit. “The Gourmet“) that the sprouts taste a thousand times better like this I can’t expect too much sympathy from my friends. And that’s why I have a blog, to share all my tiny, curious obsessions with people who share the same or similar interests.

I feel like I’m writing an essay at school.. :sleep:

Anyway, the pricipal purpose of this entry was to share funny and intimate blogging experiences so here we go!
Although I’m not good at this I decided to compose my own questionary…

To read about my blogging habits and see more cute pictures, read on!

:sprout: When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in December of 2010 because I had seen the lovely blog of Laurita :twinkles: and wanted to share things I couldn’t fully live out with my real life friends, with people who shared the same interests all around the world. Of course you can’t live out something on the internet with virtual friends the same way as you would in real life but it’s an option and not even as bad as some people may think.

:sprout: About what do you write?
I like to write about curious and special things that are new to me or about things that I like since I can remember. Maybe also because I want to share my enthusiasm for certain things and possibly set other people on fire with it! The writing however is only one part of the whole, the other part are the pictures. I appreciate inspiring and crisp pictures and they’re an important element in this blog. Of course I try to keep everything as Japanese as possible because this is the side of me I want to share with you but here and there I can’t avoid telling you some things about my life in Switzerland.

:sprout: How do you write?
As you all know, I write in English. I don’t want to write in German because I want my blog to be readable for as many people as possible. there are days where I have to think a lot to write a text and there are days where the words just keep flowing. Today the words just keep flowing and the word count already counts 753 words… :oh:

Isn’t this an adorable idea? :miam: Probably a bit small for me..

:sprout: Where do you blog?

This is one of the questions I would love to ask all of you!! I blog on the couch and in or on my bed and I feel so quilty about it! I’m sure you’ve probably already seen pictures of cute desks where some bloggers apparently blog and I would love to be able to blog, sitting on a proper chair and with a lovely, tidy desk but unfortunately I have a laptop so I keep crawling back to the couch or the bed and can stay there for hours in every imaginable position but usually it looks something like this:

ok, this looks still pretty normal but on the couch it looks a lot worse..

:sprout: When do you blog?
Since my classes mostly take place after 11 am, I can blog in the morning. I’m totally a morning person and I have no difficulties getting up early. Sometimes I can even wake up at 4 am and start to write or read blogs. It isn’t really nice for Silvankun and I think we should probably both get more sleep.. Are you disclipined enough to make sure that you at least get enough sleep? Because I’m obviously not. :sigh: If I have the time, I like to blog as often as possible and I also do things I can write about but last month and also the coming months are pretty tough and I haven’t as much time as I had before. I think that writing regularly makes blogging easier because you become more practised so I would love to write only on certain “blogging days” but this requires a more or less normal lifestyle that I don’t have at the moment.

I love breakfast! :ichikeki:

:sprout: How long does it take you to write a post?
This depends a lot on the topic. If it’s an Obento post it takes about 30-40 min. but a post where I first have to do some research like the ones about Japanese Yokai can take several hours. I can spend a complete sunday in pijama curled up in a blanket while reading and writing. Usually I feel rather bad after such a day..

Cosy and lazy sundays..

All the pictures are from we❤it!

I’m really curious about your blogging habits! Since when have you been blogging and why? What do your friends think about it and do they even know?! Some of my friends know it and they’re pretty impressed but my family (or at least parts of it) isn’t really enthusiastic about it. Do you have a beautiful and tidy desk where you blog or do you blog somewhere else? Share your thoughts! :whistle:

Here a tutorial if you want to start blogging yourself! :catexclam:

In case you didn’t get it, this is not to be taken too seriously but of course there’s a spark of truth in it.

So here she is, Audrey Hepburn :klimper:


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  1. lol the blogging chart cracked me up!

    I think I tend to blog when I feel inspired and I just note down some ideas of what I want to blog about.

    I know what you mean about living in Japan. You can get culture after living in Japan – I do feel nothing really phase me that much anymore after living in Japan. It’s the land of the craze hahaha…

    However being in Japan for over the 3 years, I do realise there are good points and also the bad points. I have fought with myself when I realised that Japan isn’t as great as people make out to be in some areas.. but ultimately I have chose to live in Japan so i have decided to accept the good and the bad. So glad you have found blogging a way to let out your thoughts on Japanese things!

    • Thank you for your detailed answer NicNic! :swirlheart:
      I know what you mean with the good and the bad points, even if we stayed there for only half a year we experienced some less pleasant sides of Japan. In some parts they’re still pretty withdrawn if not to say diffident towards strangers but in the bigger cities it was never a problem. But I respect this and it’s totally ok for me. There are some things in their (hmm I don’t even know how to say that in German..) maybe labour conditions? that aren’t very right. Women that have to make extra money in some strange ways because they’r without any old-age provision or even women that end having nothing after a divorce etc. There are problems in Japan and I’m aware of it but all in all it’s a country that left a really good impression on me :arigatou:

  2. Very nice post!! I really like the scheme to become a fashion blogger… That’s sadly quite true!
    Anyhow, I think that the reasons to blog can be several… I like to write and want to practice English. I also like fashion and makeup and usually I don’t have space in my life to talk about it. That’s mainly why I have a blog.

    The Life After

  3. I had a personal blog, the old good msn one. I changed my style and started to be more and more fashinated by japanese fashion, so I began to write about it on my blog, but my friends were pretty bored by the topic ^^’ So, with the advice of a blogger friend, one year and a half ago I started a fashion blog with all I liked about blogs I used to read: tutorials, outfits, fashion magazines scans, trends, rewiews, some recipes and so on. It became a mixture of my interests centered around fashion and a way to exercise my poor english.
    Some of my friends actually read it, most don’t, but they generally know I have a blog (actually I have two and the other one is about science, but most people simply don’t know, also because I don’t write it too often and it’s only in italian).
    My family knows too. They are proud of my success, but never read it -.- And they’re paranoid about internet stalkers.
    I have a laptop, so I usually end up writing on my bed in strange positions too XD

  4. That’s right! I can’t share all of my interests with friends so it’s great to share it with strangers!
    Thanks for writing in English, I wouldn’t have been able to read it otherwise.
    I blog on and off. I made many other blogs in the past and use them for a little but stopped again. I think I’ll stick to this one for a while though.

  5. I love blogging. And I wish I had a little white deask to sit at and write but usually I end up lying on my bed surrounded by pillows and a cat and a bag of chocolate buttons.

    honestly i reckon most people do that. they might HAVE a desk that they pretty up for photos etc but really? Who would rather be there than nesting somewhere? haha :) xxx

  6. i started blogging with a friend because we like to create things and wanted to promote our shop, but the blog has turned into a journal of everyday life. I like that better.
    i usually write while snuggled up on the couch under a blanket with my dachshund and some tea.
    thanks for commenting on our blog – i think you were right about the cardigan. :O)

    • You have a dachshund? I think they’re the most faithful and kind dogs!! Thank you for your kind reply after my blunt comment on your blog =)


    Hee. This was a super cute post, Neko-Chan. As you know, SB wasn’t my first blog but it’s become my main one primarily because it’s about something that no one else I have constant contact with has a passion for. Most people I know know me as a very unfashionable, studious, serious, sometimes dorky person. Makeup, shoes, fashion aren’t really in the same sphere as all of my other influences (computers, reading, writing, guitar.) So the blogging opens me up to be able to discuss these things without boring my friends.

    Aaah….TRFT used to be a personal diary of mine that was password protected so only my friends could read about how I was doing. This is because I was really sick for a long time and couldn’t leave the house – blogging was the only way I could stay in touch with other people! Over time it’s all evolved into something much bigger.

    I mostly blog from my laptop’s desk in my room, it’s near a window and a television. It’s actually a pretty smallish desk but it works well for me. I hardly ever blog from a couch or a bed because I get tempted to take a nap instead of write. I DO however, read blogs and comment on couches and stuff – especially at school between classes.

    I’d say about 30% of my friends know what my blog is about, 60% know I blog and the other 40% think i’m too unsocial to blog! Haha. I think only one or two of my friends ever actually checks SB, though. Even my boyfriend isn’t very interested in it; though he pretends to be. I’m kind of glad because i’d be embarrassed if he ever did the math and saw how much I spend on my bad habit!

    • awww Ava!! Thank you for your personal answer!! I’m really happy that so many people answered to this post in such long and detailed comments!!
      hehehe I still know you from your TRF times :jumpingrabbit:
      I had to laugh when I read that you would rather take a nap when on the bed than blog :ghihi:
      And I know what you mean by saying that it’s slightly embarassing having your boyfriend read your blog.. but since we live together he knows my spending habits very well :nope:

  8. You wrote a lot today, that this post took me more time than the other entries – Luckily I love reading your Blog :swirlheart: And this was very interesting, then everybody has individual reasons, why he/she started his/her own B.L.O.G (〃^∇^)

    Keep up your good work ねこちゃん♥

    Oyasumii~ :smile:

  9. :hello: darling. what a great post. i have myself been thinking some time now about writing a post about why i personally blog. especially after i had someone write a really negate comment on my blog about how it seems “like a forced dream world” that cannot truly exist! of course blogs are just 1 facet of who you are! and just because someone loves to blog – about whatever – doesn’t make them egotistical or vain or bad people! this always makes me mad when people think this … i am going off on a bit of a tangent, but it still fits with the topic of blogging and why people blog. i think actually blogging is a quite selfless act, you are letting other people into your world to allow them to look inside and take away something from it. and in turn that is what other blogs do for you. you are allowed in to someone else’s world to loose yourself in it for a bit.

    my blogging habits have only recently become more regular. i try to blog daily or every 3 days, and i usually am constantly thinking about topics. i do not know how long my posts take, but i often plan a few posts in advance, and start to work on a few simultaneously. short posts can take up to only 15 minutes though :jumpingrabbit:

    anyway, i think you seem like such a genuinely sweet and wonderful girl. i was actually thinking if you would want to penpal to me over here in berlin, germany! send me an email and we can talk further about it! (pianofurniture@gmail.com)!

    <3 rae


    • Thank you Darling! What you wrote are my thoughts exactly! I can’t believe someone actually wrote such a psycho comment.. but obviously the person has a problem. I think that blogging is a selfless act too! It takes some courage to just write something out into the void and make it criticisable for everyone. I really hope to read something of you on this topic! You seem to be a smart girl! I send you a friend request on fb :wink:

  10. too much cuteness in this post!!! LOVE IT :D i especially loved that picture of the writing desk/section. very pretty colours! say, did you design your site all on your own? everything here just screams cute, i’m jealous(!)

    • hehe Thank you! regarding nekoblog,.. I startet with a theme called “matala” but I changed everything. To be honest, I only chose what I want and where I want it and then my boyfriend helps me to incorporate it :ghihi: I’m still learing all these new things.. :nope: If you’re talking about the cats, they’re from cat oshige! I should credit them somewhere.. I’m glad you like it though!!!

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