Nekobento & other happenings

Nekobento & other happenings
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend! I had my ‘last’ exam on friday and had two pretty awesome days afterwards. I got a cute new bento box as a present for my birthday and already used it. It isn’t very elaborate because I was in a hurry but I needed something for lunch during my exam so I decided to make a simple and small one. For the Maki zushi I used Umeboshi and a little bit of Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) or cucumber and mayo. The spinach-face in the other half looks quite hilarious, don’t you think? The eyes are made of cheese and Nori and for the tongue and cheeks I used Umeboshi. I really really love the cat themed Bento box and can’t wait to make my next Obento with it.

When I came home from school on the 11. 11. :tongue: a lovely decorated envelope was waiting for me. It was from nobody else than Miho-chan! I could tell right away just by looking at the cute stickers on the envelope. I was so amazed when I saw that it was full with different colored Furikake from Japan and yummy candies. I can’t wait to try out all the Furikake and use them for a Bento!
いつもありがとう みほちゃん~ :ballerina:

Saturday I had a pretty bad hangover from the metal gig on friday night but we still managed to go to the cinema in Schaffhausen that is called KINEPOLIS. I’ve alredy been there once a few months ago to see the Fast Five with my awesome friend B. with whome I also went to Europapark in June. I already wrote it but it can’t hurt to write it again, that cinema is fantastic! Seriously, it’s probably the best cinema in all of Switzerland and although it has huge screens and seats it’s cheaper than the ones in Zurich. I think it’s totally worth it to drive 30 min. for something so different! We watched Killer Elite and it was pretty good (probably just because Jason Statham plays in it..). I ate far too much nachos and pocorn that evening. :eee:

The 11. 11. was also my grandmother’s birthday and we celebrated it on sunday. I made her an apple crumble pie which I think she loved. :baburukeki: It was the first time I tried it out but surprisingly it came out great! I used a lot of apples and quark for the filling and persimmon, winter cherries and apples for the decoration. On sunday I also met Miho-chan again at the slow food fair where her mother had a stand with Japanese delicacies (you can visit the Shinwazen online shop here). It was my first time visiting a fair and I found it quite interesting and informative. After a little wine degustation (ねこちゃん just had to play the adult and try out some wine :totorosmile: ) we strolled around and tried many different niblets of cheese and other dainties.

I love the slow food logo with the snail, it’s so cute! It was fun walking around with Miho-chan and trying different food but so short. We absolutely have to meet again Miho-chan!
The last few weeks were pretty intense for me and now I have to concentrate on my semi final exams in February but it’s better than all this useless stress we had at school. I hope I can find my previous blogging flow again but it may take some time to readjust :sigh: I will definitely provide you guys with more informative posts again soon!


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  1. Hehe, eine echt süße Katzenbox! Und der Inhalt sieht auch klasse aus. Das Sushi… Mjami ^^. Den Kuchen hast du auch so schön verziert. Kann ich mir vorstellen, dass sich deine Oma drüber gefreut hat °^.

  2. awww I love the tongue sticking out! I always love your Bento boxes! They’re so imaginative and tasty looking :) xxx

  3. ねこちゃん~ What a pitty that Sunday is already over! I wish I could dawdle around and spend more time with you guys :tongue:

    Let me know when your exams are exactly over in February, may I will do another Takoyaki Party (Round 2 :nope: ) My exams are in January so afterwards I’ll have some free time – but till then I seriously should learn… :sleep:

    Your Bento looks so oishiiii~ and the Box is kawaii~ This is a real ねこ-Bento :hehe: Can’t wait to see your creations with some colours :happy:

    Wow that crumble pie looks amazing – firstly I thought your granny made it xD Your grandmother is so lucky!

    Oh yes, did you finally got your cute animal eared hood from Spirit Hoods :nyanyan: ?

    See you next time :blinkheart:

  4. What an adorable bento!!! Aww! So cute~

    I can’t wait to read from you again. My laptop is going in for repairs so i’ll be using my ipod for internet browsing but it doesn’t really like comment forms :(

  5. The bento box is so sweet!! I love it! The strange thing is that I’m looking for one to give to my boyfriend as a present. Do you know where can I buy it online? Thanks dear and thanks for your comments!!

    The Life After

  6. awww thanks everyone! :arigatou:
    @ Miho-chan: I couldn’t decide which one to take yet! I guess it’s going to be a christmas presen then :hehe:
    @ missbobino: Oh that’s so cute! normally boys don’t like eating out of bento boxes that much :ghihi: I don’t know where my box comes from, since it was a present but I can ask him if you want!

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