Neko goes Loli

Neko goes Loli
As you may noticed, there haven’t been many pictures of me in my Lolita outfit on sunday. That’s partially because I was taking pictures of others most of the time and partially because I can be quite camera-shy at events like this. I’m not good at posing and the more I pose the stranger I end up looking (except if I do one of these typical, exaggerated, photo-newbie expressions, aka duckface & co.). Well actually I wanted Silvankun to take some pictures of me after the event but it turned out he had to work on that evening and when he finally arrived back home it was already dark. But since I knew, that this week I had to study non-stop and that I wouldn’t have the time to dress up like this again I asked him if we could take the pictures anyway. There was no more natural light but only the orangy light that came from the street lamps. We were both tired like – well, hell (I can’t deny that) and it wasn’t that warm anymore but nevertheless we stayed outside for about one hour. I got up really early that morning because I still didn’t knew what to wear so I was really exhausted in the end. The pictures aren’t ideal for showing you the outfit but you’ll get an overall impression of what I looked like.

As you can see on the last images I was pretty tired :totorosmile: I will be back soon!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. hahaha, so you noticed :nope: I tried photoshopping but the strange light etc. makes id difficult.. I was just really tired :tongue: Thanks Ava!

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