My Valentine~

My Valentine~
Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Valentinas and Valentines out there and to everyone who’s celebrating! I know that it’s corny and all but yesterday I suddenly felt like baking some cupcakes and if not for myself (I’m really not that into sweets) why not for my Valentine?

Usually Valentin’s Day goes by without us even knowing about it but this year it’s different. It’s probably the first time I even remember that it’s V day! :nope:
Do you celebrate this date of the year?
It’s been quite some time since the last time I baked something but this time I strictly sticked to the recipe and lo and behold they came out as they should have! reddish, moisty and with a flat top!
But let’s move on to the main reason for this apparently pointless post..
Well, as you may or may not know, I don’t have the slightest idea about the programming of a website. Of course I learned what’s html in time but that’s all! So yes, the whole layout of this blog was made by Silvankun. Do you ladies with a customized layout program everything by yourself?! I think that’s so amazing! Seriously I’m always amazed by that fact.. :blinkheart: I know, I know, I shouldn’t but that’s difficult for someone who really has no concrete idea of this stuff!
So thank you Silvankun for realizing every idea I have for this blog! And happy namesday! (or at least second namesday :wink: )

I’m so happy to know you… :twinkles:


I’m sorry for this cheesy post guys!! :aiai:
I wish you all a happy day! With or without sweetheart…


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  1. oooh they look so good, so cute! (*^^*)
    thanks for sharing the recipe, gotta try it later~
    and happy valentine’s day ♥

  2. you baked these?! youre so talented! I can’t bake of my life depended on it lol happy valentines day!


  3. Zum Valentinstag kann man schon mal ein bisschen kitschig sein :jumpingrabbit: aber Deine Cupcakes sehen wirklich sehr appetitlich aus, zum Glück habe ich gerade gegessen. ;-)

  4. Aww those cuppycakes look so cute, I’m making brownies for my bf! Because of mine and Elliotts work schedules we aren’t able to get together until Friday! :ohno: But we’ll have our own special little valentines day then instead :swirlheart:

    Hope you guys had a great day! :) xxx

  5. oooh those cupcakes!!! DELICIOUS!!! please can you send me the recipe???
    i don’t celebrate valentine’s that much but i enjoy baking cakes or stuff like this ^-^ this year a made a little chocolate cake :’3

    ShuShu ♥

  6. @ rosa: happy valentine’s day to you too! and thank you :miam:

    @ Joannie: Thank you!! yes, I baked these :happy: I’m usually not very good at this but I love the decorating part!!

    @ Thi: danköööö :hehe:

    @ Danii: hehe da bin ich froh :nope: mache sowas sonst eigentlich nicht aber dieses jahr passts irgendwie :happy:

    @ Maisy: yummmmyyy brownies!!! to be honest, I love brownies much more than cupcakes!! Have a really beautiful day with your bf! :starlove:

    @ ShuShu ♥: I’m sure the cake you made the other day tastes a thousand times better than these cupcakes!! the recipe is from here: Red Velvet Cupcakes :swirlheart:

  7. I’m not a sweet tooth too, but I prepared a sweet for my sweetheart too (lol)! I made tiramisù :D Your cupcakes look really good!
    I feel in the same way with programming too, but my bf never helps me even if he’s a professional programmer XD But he offered to teach me html so maybe I should take lessons and do it by myself :P

  8. OMG your cupcakes look amazing but judging from your amazing bentos, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you :P

    Aww what a cute post! Your bf is very handsome!!

  9. Aww! You two are such a cute couple. It’s nice of him to have helped you with your blog~

    I got really lucky when I was younger. I fell into friendships with respectful, older men that taught me the ropes of tech stuff. I love doing everything for my blog, it’s a very “zen” place for me.

  10. Those cupcakes are amazing! They look professional and straight from a shop, wow. I so want to eat one right now. You two are adorable :D

  11. @ Miho-chan: ありがとう~ :arigatou: A compliment from the pro!! I’m so lucky! :happy:

    @ Piperita Patty: hahaha your comment made me laugh :jumpingrabbit: what a badass boyfriend! :tongue: yummy!!!! I love Tiramisù!!!

    @ mei: Thank you mei!! I’m happy you like them! :happy:

    @ Nic nic: hehe thank you!! Yes, Silvankun is handsome :klimper: I will tell him you wrote so :wink: he’s going to be happy!

    @ trishie: they diiiid! :ohno: hope you had a wonderful Valentine too!

    @ Sarah: wow! Your blog is amazing :starlove: *chapeau* there are so many talented people out there… Thanks for the compliment :miam:

    @ ShyScout: oh yes, I had a really nice day :hai: I’m always happy to hear when someone likes the layout of this blog :aiai: thank you!

    @ rae: I’m sad to hear that… But I think that’s normal.. There’s always something that doesn’t work right with those programs!! I also have blogs that won’t update or when they update they update also the last 10 posts… So strange!!! I guess that’s just the way it is.. Maybe if you resubscribe? I’m sending you a red velvet cupcake with my thoughts :raburabu:

    @ Ava: you’re amazing Ava!! :swirlheart: You know that I admire your programming skills so much! I wish programming was a zen place for myself..

    @ winnie: Thank you!! :ballerina:

  12. Did you bake the cupcakes?? Looks so yummy and pretty! I actually baked cupcakes too, but it didn’t look good ;( I had to try it again.. Oh and your bf is so gorgeous! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  13. Happy (late) Valentine’s Day Neko Chan!

    Those cupcakes are amazing! I can never get the frosting right, it’s always too liquidity.

    I wish I could program my own layout, I usually use a template and just change the font colour, or add some basic html here and there, nothing fancy -_-

    Silvankun has a great smile and I really like his “smouldering” look! XD

  14. @ Akiko: Thank you!! Yes I did :happy: I will tell him so :nope:

    @ The life after: Evviva il grattarsi la pancia!! :hehe:

    @ Richelle: I like the clean style of your blog! I only use cream cheese and sugar for the frosting.. if it’s too stiff I add a little bit of milk but I guess that’s rather strange :ghihi:

    @ Manja: Danke :smile: sie waren lecker aber ich hatte schon bessere!

    @ Sewon: Thank you!

    @ rose japan: Thank you for saying so! :happy:

  15. valentine’s day is my favourite holiday!! i love it because it’s a whole day dedicated to celebrating Love. & also because, the world suddenly gets drenched in pinks & reds & pink is my ABSOLUTE favourite colour!!! :’D

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