My Summer To Do List

My Summer To Do List
I’m back already with an ambitious to do list! I usually don’t make lists because I don’t really get the point of it. When I make lists of things I need to do or would like to write about on my blog I usually put them somewhere where I will never find them again. Of course most of the things are so current that I won’t forget them but there are a few things I tend to forget. One of these things for example is to make my driver licence.. :ohnoo: Of course I could justify my doing nothingness with the fact that I have to finish my exams but since the first part went pretty well I can totally start focussing on other things as well. So here it is, a list of things I would like to do before next winter.

1. Write more Blog entries
I was at nineteen entries per month and now I’m down to six. What happened?! :oh: I can’t tell for sure. I probably felt guilty when blogging because I was doing nearly nothing for school so I gave myself a blogging ban. I didn’t study instead but watched Anime and other stuff.. If I do something I do it for real (except for school) so blogging was rather time-consuming because I put much effort and perfectionism in it. I still have to prepare many things for school more precisely, I have to read a lot of classic literature but I could definitely improve my almost inexistent time management. :sigh: My goal is to write at least two entries per week, that is a total of 14 entries per month. Should be achievable!

2. Hang out more often with friends
It’s been a long time since my last concert or party! Except for last Saturday.. But the pictures are all grany and dark so I won’t upload them here. :wink: It was so simple when everyone was at the same school! There are many people I haven’t kept in touch with but I should still see my best friends more often.. Friends always remind me of who I am. :boxkitten:

3. Spring Cleaning
According to where I grew up, I should have the cleaning bug but with my own appartment I take it much more laid-back. It never looks grubby but there are a few things I tend to postpone. Not having a dishwasher can cause long periods of washing dishes. It’s much smarter to wash the dishes directly after a meal but instead I just keep piling the plates and glasses and eventually need to clean everything at once. The same applies to the laundry.. :totorosmile: Anyway, I didn’t want to write about my usual thrifty behaviour but about spring cleaning. That would include cleaning windwos, dusting, mopping the floor, wax the furniture and throw away unneccessary things. Do you spring clean? I love the feeling I get after having cleaned!! muahaharhar :bang: must be the German genes.. :tongue:

4. Go to Japan!
I’ve been waiting for this moment for three years! Originally I had planned to stay there again for six months but since Silvankun has to finish his study we’re probably only going to stay for a few weeks. Washoku, Onsen, Purikura, Love Hotels, Japanese nature but first of all we would love to visit all three families we stayed at. Too bad it’s atumn again when we’re going there! I’ve never seen Japanese cherry blossoms! :twinkles:

5. Make my driver licence
Right now I’m living with some sort of personal driver.. namely Silvankun. Since he’s 23 years old I’m allowed to drive with the theory test and with him sitting on the passanger seat but I haven’t done the theory test yet.. It’s not that I’ve never driven a car but it’s quite something else to drive on a lonely street somewhere in a foreign country with a rental car than to drive in the road traffic with your own car. :eee:
Do you have a driver licence?
I wouldn’t want use the car in the city and I don’t think I could ever drive long distance routes on the freeway by night… Nevertheless I find it practical and necessary to have one, especially for the holidays! ..and the future. Keep both your eyes open with nekochan on the street! :kitten:

6. Start training
Jogging is nice and now that it’s getting warmer again it’s much easier to go outside in the morning but I feel like I can reach my goals faster and more efficient by training with gym equipment. Since the school I attend is kind of private I wasn’t allowed at the public students gym that is really convenient.. That’s so stupid and unfair! But with an inscription to the university of Zurich I get the permission. The next semester starts in autumn and the inscriptions are open! I will probably choose Japanese studies. Although I’m not really planning on studying here. I would love to study in the US!

7. Grow my own vegetables
I love plants! It doesn’t really matter what plants but since I haven’t got a balcony and the garden around the house isn’t mine I would like to use the patch I started some time ago in Italy to grow many delicious vegetables and herbs. I have plants on almost every windowsill and the living room and bath room have also plants but growing them in soil is something so different! And obviously it’s not easy to grow veggies in a pot on your windowsill.. :hehe:

Do you already have plans for this summer? I know it’s still early but time goes by so fast sometimes and before you even know it the year is over. This isn’t a typical summery to do list but I’ll make a more cheerful one when it gets warmer. :miam:
If I have the time, I’ll make an easter Bento so.. stay tuned! :raburabu:


PS: All the pictures are from tumblr!

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  1. Das sind ganz viele schöne Sachen. :-))

    Zum letzten Punkt kann ich was sagen: selbst gezüchtetes Gemüse schmecken wunderbar.

  2. thank you for sharing your plans :raburabu:

    Well, wanna know my one… :nope: ?

    First of all, I am going to finish my Tourism school and then I’m probably done with school (for the moment :nope:) Yay, only one and a half year *lol*
    I’d like to enter professional life in 2013 and reduce my school life. Earn some money and be happy with my choice of career :smile: Uff, I have so many (maybe too many ;) plans xD I’d like to go to Japan, make holidays, play more with my Nintendo Wii, go out more often, I’d love to do some sports, improve my Japanese language (and perhaps learn some new like Italian, Chinese, Korean?), and blog blog blog… :aiyo:

    But my plans for this summer will be:
    – find an exciting job
    – pass my second school semester
    not really interesting :ghihi:

    Neko-chan :happy:
    Hope you will reach everything you desire!! :wink:

  3. I still have to take my driver licence and I’m 24, so I’m planning to do it this spring-summer. But I don’t like the idea so much.
    I have to search carefully for the drawing course I wanna do next year.
    And I have to plan the holyday in Mexico my boyfried and I want to do in the late summer, it’s getting late!

  4. Omg, this is unbelievable. We have the same To Do List but I can’t do all of them, like the license and the trip to Japan. It’s only a question of money, if I had it, I would do them all! I hope that in a couple of year, I could do them.I wish you luck, it’s hard to follow a List.

    Btw, in the video you saw, it’s impossible to see me. Too many people. The march was held to protest the tuition fees. We’ve been fighting since febuary. Hope it will be resolve soon.

  5. Your list is so similar to mine! With the exception of growing my own vegetables, we don’t have enough room in our backyard for that (plus two dogs, forget it).

    I’m going to Asia this summer with my boyfriend! One of our stops is Tokyo and I’m so excited!

  6. @ Pimo: nicht wahr?! kann ich mir vorstellen dass selbst gepflanztes Gemüse wunderbar schmeckt! bis jetzt hab ich nur nen Krãutertopf auf dem Sims stehen :miam:

    @ Miho-chan: You’re welcome :smile: oh wow みほちゃん you have so many plans!! reducing school life sounds good! :wink: learning languages is fun!!! do it :)

    @ Piperita Patty: I know what you mean.. there are some aspects of driving I can’t wait tolearn and try but some things I’m totally not looking forward to.. MEXICO! wow!!! I would love to once go there :)

    @ Chani: Thank you! I know that it’s difficult to follow a list but it’s good to see the points listed up like this… I can’t wait to start my training for example! I hope so too!! That’s an awful thing with the tuition fees :crying: …sometimes I ask myself what’s happening to this world…

    @ Richelle: hahaha I know that! I always think that when looking at lists of others :tongue: Tokyo is awesome!!! I can’t wait to see it again :) maybe we can meet :hehe:

  7. I got my driver’s license when I was barely 16! :hionigiri: I definitely want a little home garden and hope to blog more often, too. Whoo! :baloonpanda:

  8. you and I got some similar thoughts!!! i want to hang out more and go to Japan too!!!I may go to JP after three years haha~~I will plan it ^^

  9. Da hast Du Dir ja für den Sommer richtig was vorgenommen. Ich freue mich schon darauf, von Dir öfters etwas zu lesen ;-) Für den Führerschein drücke ich Dir die Daumen, Du wirst sehen, Auto fahren können, hat etwas von Freiheit ;-)

  10. Ah. This summer…I will be working and studying for the Law School entrance exam. Not much time for fun but I’m really in love with your list. It seems like a reasonable, fun list of tasks!

  11. Hopefully I’ll catch you in Japan?! I’m actually going away during the summer :( Love your plans – it’s inspiring :)

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