My Summer in an Instant

My Summer in an Instant
Hey pumpkins~ :nekopaw:
I hope you’re not tired of my insta entries yet because I’ve been making tons of pics during August with my mobile phone… Maybe because I wasn’t able to blog I’ve been focussing more on my phone than usual. :oh: So here we go~ some impressions of my summer.

1. vonRoll area in Bern.. where I had a part of my exams; 2. Silvankun with circle lenses; 3. Dino in a window; 4. First fresh morning in days; 5. Owl & Hedgehog, ikea plushies; 6. Foodporn for breakfast; 7. Mezze plate; 8. Breakfast @ starbucks; 9. Street art in Bern; 10. Mount Fuji in the bedroom; 11. Vegetable curry; 12. Cute new Japanese bowls; 13. Pretty bouquet; 14. Old school cinema; 15. Graffiti in Bern; 16. Shiso leaves~

I found the Shiso leaves today in a Chinese grocery store while looking for rice vinegar to make Tsukemono (Japanese pickles) with small eggplants. I’ve only had Shiso once while staying in Japan and honestly I can’t totally recall its flavour but I’ve been wanting to make Onigiri and decorate Bento with Shiso for ages!

1. Edamame with sea salt, Kampai!; 2. Salad with tofu and parmesan cheese; 3. Watermelon oishii!!; 4. Japanese grape fanta; 5. Hiding skeleton; 6. somewhere near my new place; 7. Teach me the universe; 8. Baby Bender; 9. My mother’s balcony; 10. Window in my room; 11. Fukuro Bento; 12. Pile of books I had to read for my exams; 13. Pinky converse; 14. Some of my dearest books; 15. Eggplants to make Tsukemono; 16. Beauty stash

I should definitely post more recipes on this blog! Today Im going to make Tsukemono for the first time and if they turn out nicely I’ll write down the recipe. Do you like Japanese pickles? I stumbled over a recipe for Tsukemono in a Japanese cookbook which was probably opened for the first time and instantly felt like giving it a try. Well since it’s getting colder Im craving for Japanese hotpots again! So there will hopefully be more food entries again. :kitsune:

1. Proofing glance in the car; 2. Cup of tea anyone?; 3. Tuna pizza, my favourite!; 4. Freaky shop window; 5. Vintage car; 6. Dr. Slump keychain; 7. My perfumes; 8. Nina, a wanted dog; 9. New orange flats; 10. Light blue & burgundy; 11. Studying; 12. Inarizushi; 13. Muesli with fruits; 14. Looks like countryside but it’s still Zurich!; 15. Brain food; 16. Pale pink orchid

In the two pictures above you can see glimpses of my new room (as well as of the old room though..). But Silvankun bought a drill and the mosquito net is already up:tanoshii: I’m only looking for the right desk now but I should decide soon since university starts in 3 days! :jupp:
I hope it was fun looking at the picture spam~
I’ll be back soon with some (hopefully) yummy pickled vegetables.


PS: my name on insta is: ninnikuneko

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  1. I tought Silvansan had really strange eyes in the photo XD
    What is mezze plate?
    Your Fujisan curtains are awesome! And the bowls too!
    The photo with the starry theet is strange but I like it. Baby Bender is so cute! And your beauty stash too *W*
    Wow, the shoes you were talking about are really cute! I love them!

    • Mezze is a selection of small dishes served in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Balkans as breakfast, lunch or even dinner. In Levantine cuisines and in the Caucasus region, mezze is served at the beginning of all large-scale meals. source
      Actually it’s pretty much the first time I had some but I loved it! The beauty stash is from ikea’s children department… :ii:

    • Thank you Naomisan (is it you?) :arigatou: too bad I didn’t learn making Tsukemono (except from Kimchi) when I was in Japan.. :crying: Silvankun & I are planning on visiting Japan in January and we would love to see you and your familyagain :flyusagi:

      in case your not Naomi, ignore the second part of my reply ;)

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blogpost :swirlheart: (I replied directly there)
    Coming here to tell you I replied first, I actually fell in love with you blog ! :raburabu: And tuna pizza is my favourite too~
    Since your country has many official languages, what do you usually speak ?

    • awww thank you for the super nice compliment! :rabukuma: I like yours too! You have an awesome dad ;) I live in Zurich so we speak German but my dad is Italian and my mother grew up in Italy so I can talk Italian :D

  3. わぁ、I love your instagram photos! I emailed you too, but I’m in japan now and haven’t been able to use my iphone so that no instagram for a while… Can’t wait to see your post when I get back to the usa :) xo akiko

    • Thank you for your super fast reply Akiko! I’m looking forward to your photos again :) Enjoy your time in Japan nevertheless.. I wish you strenght!

  4. bin ich jetzt blöd
    oder finde ich einfach nirgends deinen nick?
    sag mir doch mal wie du auf instagram heißt :-)

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