My second Obento

My second Obento


As promised, here my next Obento!!


Cute Obento


We cooked a lot of vegetables today so I used the leftovers to prepare my lunchbox for tomorow.

This Obento consists of:


right side

– Cauliflower

– Snow Peas

– Egg & Mayo + Citrus Thyme

– Chicken


left side

– Penne & Snow Peas

– Daigaku Imo + White Sesame

– Wiener

It was really funny decorating all the food!! I love this part of preparing Obentos.. I never really have a concrete idea what to do but while preparing the ingredients cute pictures of Obentos I saw somewhere keep popping up in my head and then I try the best I can to doo the same but with the food I have at disposal.

Well this is just my second Obento and I’m a perfectionist so I still have a looong way ahead of me  \(*´▽`*)/

I took the pictures with my phone, here some close-ups:


Kawaii Obento
Perfect Obento


Can yo see the pink hairbow on the female Bunnyegg  (^_^;) ?  The Alien-Wiener have Rosmary-tongues and eyes made out of the baby peas from inside the Snow-Peas. The Bunnyeggs eyes are Citrus-Thyme leafs.


Healthy Obento

The Obento-Crew
byebye ねこちゃん :jumpingrabbit:

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