♡ My First Giveaway! ♡

♡ My First Giveaway! ♡

Hey Ladies!

Today the weather is really cold and windy and my mood is a little cloudy because I had two exams. But I’m not going to bore you with the details so: Here is my first giveaway! :halloween: (I’m sorry for the bad lighting, I took the pictures with my phone and the light outside is cold because there is no sun)




If you’re interested in participating just be a follower and like nekoblog.ch on facebook (you can find the like button on my sidebar) :klimper:.  I will split the goods in 3 parts and choose the winners by writing down all the names on different pieces of paper and then pick out three of them :smile:

This contest is international

EDIT: Also it would be nice of you to write a comment (for example if you like one item in particular!) ありがとう  & GOOD LUCK ! :miam:

3 Little notebooks (from Japan)

6 Little chick candles, Owl notebook

2 Lipgloss (for purse or mobilephone etc.), Nail stickersHair clips (from Japan), Escada perfume exemplary, Change purse (from Japan), 5 Heart-shaped wooden stickers with ladybug

Cheshire cat tail (from Japan), Owl pins

Little chick candles, Muffin with zipper, Usacafe Bunnies (from Japan)

2 Usacafe bunnies (from Japan) a small one and a bigger one

The Giveaway will last until the 12th of May (one month)


byebye ねこちゃん  :lipstick:

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  1. I was thinking of doing a “Giveaway”-Contest too – maybe I will give it a try in summer (´^ω^`)
    Where did you buy the cute Nail stickers? They look adorable!ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ

    PS. I couldn’t find you on fb TT___TT

  2. I bought the nail stickers in a small shop in Oerlikon (Neumarkt). Yes, a giveaway contest is fun!! It’s interesting to see how many people read your blog *ironic*..:ohno: well lets see..:hehe:.. I can’t find you on FB neither.. 0.o we probably have both very strict settings. ^.^ and thank you for liking nekoblog on FB!!!

  3. I Love the bunny!! It looks sooo cute and fist of al it reminds me of because one of the first pictures I saw of u was one with a cute fluffy bunny :D
    And the other thing I can’t tell u here I will tell u when we see us again (hopefully soon)
    Love tamy

  4. i like the 3 littles notebooks from japan and the bunnies the most .
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com
    thank you !
    new follower w/gfc

  5. Hey! I just found your site and it looks so pretty! I’d like to join this little contest but this will be my first time joining one of them :3! Anyway I just every single thing, they are so cute! I specially loved the owl stuff, the candles and the cupcake with a zipper! =D
    Please tell me if there’s something else I have to do to join this <3! Thank you!

  6. Hey! Sorry if I’m spamming but it seems that my first comment wasn’t showed or you must accept it first? =S

  7. Great giweaway!!!

    Name: Cayce
    mail: cayce006 at yahoo dot com

    And if I can choose I would like to get the cat tail. Such a cute thing :)

  8. Oh I love that Cheshire Cat tail! So adorable >w<
    I’m so glad that I got directed here by Moments Like Diamonds, your blog is super cute ^^

    Email: i.remi[at]live.com


  9. Aww so cute! I love the floral pouch and Cheshire cat tail! Everything is adorable though :3

    Name: Lexxii
    Email: shadow52192 at yahoo dot com

  10. wow! the Cheshire cat tail seems to be really popular :balloonpanda: thank you all for visiting! :lipstick:

  11. Your blog is great, my blog is in Spanish
    info with the draw, I like the stuffed animals are amazing.
    I am vane or van
    so far I’m zero for the drawings that have participated not going to win, if I write some, but els deceo luck to the other

  12. Oh, I love that Cheshire cat tail!! But, everything is so cute, I love it all!

  13. Ah, such nice prizes! thanks for the giveaway. Loving the tail and the bunnies. I’m a gfc follower~

    Wow, your blog emoticons are really cute too!

    Liked you on facebook. :)

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