My Beauty Case

My Beauty Case

Hey Girls (I’m sorry if there are any male readers out there but this is going to be a rather girlish post :wink:) Since it’s beautiful weather and the bathing season is real close, I wondered what care products you use. I don’t like wearing too much makeup neither during the winter nor in the summer so I’m fairly picky regarding what I put directly on my skin. I’m not a care products junky (*laughs delirious*) no,no.. but I like to have my trusty skin care companions since I don’t have an easy skin.

Here is what I use (almost) daily:

Madara cosmetics Origins cosmetics


Shampoo: MADARA it’s perfect for any type of hair. I love it because my hair feels fresh and light all day long!
Soap: Cocooning a facial soap for sensitive skin. I like this soap because you can be sure that your face is free of makeup afterwards.
Facial Cleanser: MADARA foamy, with a discreet scent and light texture that works perfectly for every skin. Visit their Website for more detailed information!
Facial Mask: Origins Is based on charcoaI that draws out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers, White China Clay that absorbs environmental toxins and Lecithin that dissolves impurities. If you visit their website, where every customer can write what he thinks about the products you’ll read almost only positive reviews.


Toner: Origins A good toners is fundamental for every face! Especially if you have some spots (like me) this toner will soothe your skin and make it look fresh and radiant!

Moisturizer: Origins What can I say, they have amazing products! This moisturizer transforms a tired and pale looking face into a radiant one! The cream coming  out of the tube is white but while spreading it on the face it will release a decent tone making your face look like right after the holidays!

Eye Cream: Dr. Hauschka I think that Eye creams are very important. The area around your eyes is very sensitive and also the area where first wrinkles will show up so it needs special attention and care! I can’t say anything bad about this Eye Cream. It’s a light cream that makes puffiness fade away and prevents first signs of wrinkles.

Body Oil: Clarins Huile Tonic this is my secret weapon. If your body retains liquid it looks puffy and flabby. This oil helps to tone your skin. You apply it after the shower on the still humid and warm skin (while your pores are still open) and rub it in gently. Afterwards you take a second real short cold shower to “fix” the oil! (pores will close). Huil Tonic has worked wonders for my legs!! I LOVE this product! :aiai:

In the past I tried many diffrent products but in time I learned something important: Beauty really comes from within! I know it sounds trivial but many important and true facts sound trivial :ghihi:. Inner contentment is the key to a healthy radiance (without using tons of makeup). How do you reach your inner contentment? Well everyone has his own recipe for it but nevertheless there are some basics I would follow to start the day light-footed and light-hearted:

Sleep enough you may think: “oh no! not again such a trivial advice..” but it’s so important! I’m not saying to stay in bed for eternities but if you learn to “listen” to the needs of your body you will know how much sleep is the best for you. The average is about 8 hours. The hours before 24h are the best!!! So don’t go to bed late… :hehe: Also it’s very unhealthy to sleep during daytime! You will gain weight rapidly.. :klimper:

Drink enough water! (at least enough.. actually you should drink more than just the minimum that is about 1,5-2 liters/day) Our body consists of 70-80% water! Every cell and organ in our body is really happy about every bit of water it obtains! The more the better! Drinking water is one of the few things you can’t die from even if doing it excessively!! Of course if you drink distilled water your cells will burst and then you will die for sure…:nope: If water is too boring for you just drink tea! (without sugar!)

Movement! Stagnation is death. Try to move as much as possible! Exercise, dance, walk, stretch, clean the house, do some gardening; it doesen’t matter! Movement is life!


Music! Music is also movement and therefore life! I don’t know much about how tones arise but for me it’s movement on the deepest, most complex level! The work of music is subtle and uncharted and I’m sure you all have heard about the benefits it has for babies whether born or unborn. It activates I don’t now what parts in your brain and surely influences your mood and therefor your facial expression! Tones move you from deep inside! It makes thoughts and other invisible things in our body move! There are even theories that, how should I put it.. say that everything is made by tones!!! I know it sounds crazy but I believe in it! For me it sounds obvious. (If you want to know more about it search for “The Elegant Universe” on Youtube)

Eat different foods (and as healthy as possible) Don’t eat the same every week. Eat fiber-rich products and cook with less fat but of high standing quality. In Japan but also India they don’t eat raw vegetables. For people living in the USA or in Europe it’s hard to believe but it’s not absolutely healthy to eat raw vegetables! It’s favorable to cook them in a pressure cooker or better to quickly blanch them. Make sure to alternate your diet! It’s even explainable on a biological level but I’m not going to explain it here for you :wink: If you have some common sense you will understand the concept easily just by thinking about it.. Also: Don’t eat after 6 p.m.

Do what you want! (but make sure to reckon with the consequences …and then reconsider your intention if needed) this is the most complex advice. I see many people doing strictly what they’re told to do but therefor looking worn out and dull. A job is a job and your superior is your superior and I’m not going to tell you to go on strike or to skip your duties. Just allow yourself from time to time to choose what you want to do. Choosing is something luxurious! It will make your brain feel free! And the feeling of freedom is (that is for me..) one of the most precious goods in life! It’s something completely different if you’re bound to do something or if you choose to do it! Also it will help you not to be patronized.. An example: You just bought a beautiful new pair of shoes and you really want to wear them the next day although they’re not suitable for whatever your plans are that day. Don’t be always reasonable! Wear them!! Just: consider the consequences! But if your urge to wear them is still as big as before, do it! do it! do it!

I know some of you may call this kind of behaviour childish but being childish is real nice from time to time! :jumpingrabbit:

A makeup review will follow soon so stay tuned for more girlish topics.:edamame:

byebye  ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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