Murasaki Bento

Murasaki Bento
As I wrote in my previous entry I would like to write more often again! Shorter but more frequent entries.. Not blogging for over a month has definitely left its aftereffects. Also, I’m having some difficulties with my cam at the moment! I just can’t seem to get the focus thing right. There are some very sharp areas and some totally blurry areas.. Anyway, I will ask my brother since he’s kind of a pro with these things. :iida:
Bute here you go, I called it Murasaki Bento since the pickles are purple but with this cold light it doesn’t look pruple at all.. :crying:

Murasaki 紫 means purple in Japanese and stands for wealth and position. I’ve heard that it’s the color of the Japanese emperor, the Tennō 天皇 but I couldn’t really find something when looking for it on the internet. There is the story of a famous German manufacturer of pens, pencils and other art supplies called Faber Castell who tried to open up to the Japanese market with a crayon set but failed miserably. The same set was sold in Europe with big success so they couldn’t explain this total flop in Japan. When they tried to find out why nobody wanted to buy their sets, the company was told that they had forgotten one of the most important colors for the Japanese: purple. They changed the set for the Japanese and added purple and since then the set is sold very well.

Since it was rather cold I made a hearty Bento including Onigiri with Furikake and Tsukemono, smoked meat, carrots and spinach in one of the tires and Tamagoyaki with cheese, Caprese and melon with raspberries in the other tire.

Obento mass production! The pic nic in the wild park was really cool! People, especially the kids, stared a lot but we didn’t care! :kitsune:
As soon as I’ll manage to take a picture of my new hair cut I’ll show it to you! And there’s still the top ten award I need to do and a lot of makeup I haven’t reviewed yet. My asos and topshop orders arrived and I’m very pleased hehe.. I love the topshop blushes!

Have a great day Everyone!


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  1. WOW!!! *bows down* your bentos are sooooo good looking and I am sure they are super tasty too!

    The kids were only staring because IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! Good on you for not being in the least bit bothered :)

    Thanks for the little interesting fact about purple! I never knew that! I just knew that it was considered a very luxurious colour in the west before, since it was an extremely expensive dye! H

  2. Mmmmmm Tomate Mozzarella und Onigiri, das nenn ich Fusion-Küche nach dem Motto Asien trifft Mittelmeer. ^.^

  3. I love your bentos!! They are so rich and colorful. The balances of colors and ingredients are perfect. <3 Whaaaaa! Darn you! I've not bought new makeup since this year started and my "ban" ends this month so I'll be hauling some topshop blushes.

  4. This obento looks amazing and so yummy!! It’s great you makes not only おにぎり but also たまごやき! Is it easy to get all the ingredient there? 食べたい♥ xo akiko
    Style Imported

  5. Oh my! These are so beautiful and look so yummy :] That is so interesting about the color purple. I leave for Japan in two days!! I am so excited.

  6. @ Jian: Thank you! I’m happy you say so! I thought it might be a little too dark.. :miam: The story with the pencils was told by Japanology lecturer :catexclam:

    @ Piperita Patty: me too!!

    @ Thi: Danke :nyan:

    @ Danii: hehehe das hab ich auch gedacht!! :happy:

    @ Eden-Avalon: Thank you Dear :ichikeki: wuaaah I can’t believe you really did it!! the topshop blushes are fab! I’m pretty sure you’ll like them!

    @ Akiko: noooo I’m really not very good at making Tamagoyaki.. :nope: but it tasted delicious! There are a few shops selling Japanese articles but of course I can’t find all the fresh vegetables.. :crying:

    @ The life after: Thank you! :bling:

    @ ShyScout: You’re so lucky! :aiyo: I can’t wait to read your next entries!!

    @ Manja: Danke!! :blinkheart: war recht lecker!

    @ Mici: das ist ein Henohenomoheji へのへのもへじ Gesicht! (mit Hiragana geschrieben) sie gehört meinem Freund :happy:

    @ Sewon: Thank you :miam:

  7. As always, you your bentos look amazing! I didn’t know purple was such an important colour in Japanese culture actually. Thank you for enlightening me!!

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