Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains
I’m back Everyone :nekopaw:
…and with a lot of rustic countryside photos. We left Zurich while it was raining but when we arrived in Italy some hours later, the sun was shining and it was warm. In the mountains it’s quite cold and foggy and there was a lot of water in the lakes and rivers because it has been raining a lot. I love car drives, especially when you get to see such breath-taking sceneries..

Sometimes it’s nice to just escape from the rush of city living and breath fresh mountain air. I like every minute of being outdoors and enjoy the work with plants and earth (although I’m quite the city girl when it comes to spiders.. :ohno: ) of course taking pictures of the many fascinating things is fun too. What about you? Do you like playing with soil or are you afraid of insects and such?

It’s full of cows on 2100 meters above sea level! The cows are free to roam the mountain pass and eat succulent grass during summer. Sometimes it happens that a herd of cows blocks the whole street and then you have to wait until they’ve crossed the street… sounds pretty Swiss eh?

We made jam!! Honestly, I don’t know what the fruits we made our jam with are called but I suppose it’s a kind of plum… I’ve never really made jam before, especially not in these quantities but I think it turned out well. :klimper:

Want to see more countryside pics? read on lovelies~

Alpine flowers are soooo pretty, don’t you think? They’re tiny but the colors so vibrant. Apropos vibrant colors… I can’t wait to show you guys my newest Bento! I liked the last one but somehow it looked too plain for being the first Bento after some time so shortly after that one, I wanted to try my luck again and made an other one. soooo…. stay tuned~ :on:

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  1. Your photos are really pretty!!! *W* Mountain flowers are my favourites!
    I don’t like worms, but I don’t have particular problems with insects. I don’t like to kill them though.
    I really like fresh air and the countryside too!

  2. Wow what a beautiful countryside..! So peaceful and lovely. And your photos are gorgeous, jam looks great too!

  3. @ Piperita Patty: thank you :rabukuma: worms are cute haha :hehe: I don’t like to kill insects neither… except for mosquitos!

    @ hiki: awww thank you! :happy:

    @ zoomingjapan: wie lange warst du denn schon nicht mehr in deiner Heimat?! ich freu mich es euch bald zu zeigen! :ii:

  4. hmm.. judging by the form and colour of the fruits they are mirabelles. and they are oooooh so delicious. especially when eating them sitting in the tree after you laboriously climbed it. ^.~

  5. oh wie süß von dir :) danke <3 die Bilder sind wirklich sehr schön vor allem so viel wunderschöne Natur, also ich spiel nicht gern mit dreck, aber so der abstand von dem ganzen getümmel, mag ich sehr gern!

  6. @ Kawaii: Thank you! I’m pretty sure you’re right, judging by the pictures I found on google… :wink: and they taste so good indeed :hehe:

    @ Luisa: Danke Liebe :klimper: hehe, den Abstand brauchen auch viele ab und zu..

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