Milan – city of lords

Milan – city of lords
Hey there Cuties! :bling:
It seems as if the blogging fever has hit me~
But you know how I am with these things, this could very well mean that afterwards it’s going to be quiet for a while. Started wirting this entry somewhen last week but didn’t finish it. It’s exactly one week since my last entry.. I still have to show you some impressions of the rest of Milan. After the verbous last entry this going to be an illustrated one. :hehe:

Want more? Read on~

The artist who did these master pieces was really skilled but working on the streets.. I wish he could have his own atelier!
His roses and shrimps are carved out of carrots, beetroots and radishes!

umm… yeah that’s it with Milan. Hope you enjoyed!
I’m quite clueless about what to do with my blog. It seems as if I can’t do it right for anyone so maybe I should just make it right for me? I don’t feel like don’t posting pictures of me or the things I do just because it’s not “kawaii” and asian enough but I think I had this discourse before.
So it’s a post about a beautiful Italian city and there’s nothing kawaii about it but honestly, I quite had it with kawaii.
Sorry for the morning grumpiness!


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  1. Milan is gorgeous ♥
    Awesome photos as usual~

    Wow I’d love to see the veggie artist in action… I’ve seen artists working in the streets and it makes me feel like they are underappreciated. ;A;

    Anyway I think it’s nice to have a variety of posts. Even if some people might have some certain expectations on your blog, I’m sure they also appreciate your travel posts. It’s just hard not to. :)


  2. Beautiful pictures :D I was in Padova last year and did only a day trip to milan ^^

    I think, because it’s your blog, just post what you love ;)

  3. Those carved roses are beautiful and so are you ;)!

    I LOVE seeing pictures of you girly, but I also love your artistic outlook on life, and therefore the pictures you take. You write and post what you want. I just enjoy hearing from you :)

  4. Great pictures and post as usual. The shifts in your posts don’t bother me at all. And those pictures lie a rich history which makes me quit nursing for awhile and just travel.

    Milan is sure one of the places I would want to go to.

  5. Omgosh, Milan is gorgeously beautiful! I’d really love to visit there one day. And my oh my, those vegetable artwork are soooo pretty and detailed. What a wonderful carving artist!

    Aww I think it’s okay to post pictures of yourself or things that you do. After all it’s your blog and it should revolve around you and your life! ^__^

  6. Gorgeous pictures! I want to visit one day! I wonder why the first castle had so many holes in it O-o

    That street artist is amazing! I would’ve bought several of them and I’d be too afraid to eat them!

    • I think the ‘holes’ are there to shoot out of them ;) oh, and the veggie artwork was beautiful but not for eating!! hehe

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