MewMew Tower ~ つみネコ

MewMew Tower ~ つみネコ
Get ready for a load of cuteness!!!
As I wrote in my last blog entry I spent the last few days playing silly games on the new iPad. Have you already heard of a game called MewMew Tower? :catexclam: Well basically it’s about stacking many, many cats on top of one-another to form a tower of cats high into the sky. The tricky thing is that the cats you get have all very different sizes and shapes so sometimes you have to place a really big and fat cat upon a really tiny one and this can lead to pretty farcical-looking cat towers.
If the tower looses its stability because you didn’t place the cat smartly it will start to wobble and all the cats will fall off.. Seems quite macabre doesn’t it? You can balance out the tower by moving your iPhone, iPad or whatever to the left or the right to prevent the tower from bending too much but the higher the tower the more sensitive it will react to movements. There is a hot-air balloon in the upper right corner from where you can pick one cat at the time but what cat you’ll get is luck of the draw. The cats come in three different sizes; small, medium and large. It may sound easy but you’ll need good balancing skills and a little bit of luck to set a high record. I’m not really good at it but Silvankun is! :wink:

There are several editions like MewMew Tower2, MewMew Tower Love, MewMew Tower Toy and MewMew Tower Harmony and you can downoald the light version of the original and the Love version for free. I’ve only tried the original light version but I’m about to download the Love light version right now. :totorosmile:

Of course such a kawaii game could only come from Japan and as everything cute from Japan it comes with many drop dead kawaii gadgets and even a comic. I made some screenshots of the comic and arranged them with photoshop to show it to you because I couldn’t find any pictures on the internet so here we go!

Aren’t they cute? It’s two comics with each 4 pictures and you read them vertically.. just in case you didn’t get it :nyan:

To look at more cute MewMew comics, please read on!

Tomorrow I’ll show you my newest Obento and draw the winners of nekoblog’s First Anniversary Giveaway! I can’t wait to see who is going to win and share it with you! Thank your for the many participants and I wish yuo all Good Luck for when I’ll draw the winners! :raburabu:



PS: It’s the year of the Dragon!

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  1. The game sound addicting. I actually don’t play that much videogames, but sometimes I like it!! When I was young and naive I completely turned crazy for tomb raider. I prefer games with a storyline… It was kind of fun I remember!

    The Life After

  2. awww that’s so sweet! If I had lots of cats… and was feeling mean, I would totally train them to stack themselves in a mewmew tower! :D xxx

  3. @ chaya bunny: hahaha :nope: it is!!

    @ The life fter: I also played TR!! But at one point I couldn’t go further.. then I started to game Diablo2, Star Craft and these are also my favourite games :D I couldn’t compare them to some small silly games on the iPad! :nope:

    @ Maisy: hahahaha Maisy!!! :oh: ….your comments always make me smile :miam:

    @ Nic nic: it’s coming soon!!! I promise :hehe:

  4. Hahahaa These comics are so cute! thanks for the comment! hope you has a wonderful new years =)


  5. ahaha the comics are so great (T∇T) so cute ♥
    thank you for sharing this, i gotta download that game!

  6. was ein cooles spiel *_*

    hab btw ganz fieberhaft nach deinem baumstrizel blogpost gesucht….. thanks sooo much for the infooos :D :D: D:D

  7. They are really cute!
    Thanks for your hard work and for sharing (Photoshop takes time – doesn’t it?)

    Love fat cat *ahahaha* :nyanyan: :nope: :swirlheart:

  8. It looks cute. If I had an Ipad, I’ll probably use it to play silly game or to read. Those sort of games are the most addicting.

  9. AAAAAH!! How adorable! Hahaha. <3 I love anything cat related (as you know). I only have an iPod so i'll have to see if I can't get it on here. Otherwise i'll be forced to make my boyfriend get it on his iPad.

  10. stacking cats sounds a little… dangerous? lol. (jaykay, i know it’s a game) yes, i can drive! been able to drive since i graduated high school so that’s six years now! :o holy cowwww, does time fly! all the very best with driver’s ed. hope to see you out on the roads soon ;) lol!

    • I hope so too!! muahahahrhrh here you can learn to drive when you’re 18!!

  11. I immediately looked it up after I read your post. I’m going to download this on my iPad, I can’t wait to play it, it looks incredibly cute!

    And the fat cat in the comics is sooo adorable, he’s just doing his own thing XD

  12. 明けましておめでとうー!Thank you so much for your support and wish you have a great year! Sounds like a fun game, and the comics are so adorable!! xo akiko

    Style Imported

  13. Hi Nekochan!
    Sorry I’ve been bad with replying to your questions! I really have no idea what kind of doctor I want to be, at the moment I’m just aiming to be a good one :p I have plenty of time (2-3 years) to decide really and then I have to apply to the proper training programs. In Australia we all learn the same thing (Medical and Surgical) and then about 2-3 years from graduating Med school as we’re working, we also apply to training programs and that’s when we start on our own paths.

    As for the cute puppy, that’s my friend’s dog. My house is not suitable for dogs :)

    These apps are too cute. I might look it up for Iphone!

  14. So cute!!
    I’m happy the year of the bunny ended because a friend told me it’s unlucky to be in the year of your sign! Maybe now things will go better (I already won your giveaway *____*)

  15. :hirabbit:
    omgosh this game is sooo cute!! thanks for sharing <3 !!

    ***join my International Kawaii Sanrio 100 Followers Giveaway!

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