Little fashionista

Little fashionista
Hey everyone! :hello:
If you are following this blog you maybe noticed that recently there have been more posts about fashion. I know that some of my readers love to read about my Japanese food creations and are maybe less interested in fashion- or beauty-related posts so I feel like writing a little bit this new trend on my blog. Nekoblog was thought to be about everything Japanese; especially the food and culture. Nevertheless I slowly started to write also about some events in my life here in Switzerland. I try to keep this blog as Japan-related as I can but I also like to write about other things in my life. It is clear that the main part of this blog is still about Japanese food and culture but don’t be surprised if there are also other topics that don’t necessarily belong to Japan. If you read my fashion entries you’ve probably noticed that many of them are still Japan-related in some way. I hope that this will make my fashion-related posts still interesting for people who like extraordinary and Japan-influenced fashion.
Now back to the main topic: Polyvore.
Polyvore is a lot like playing paper dolls with pictures of real clothes. source I can’t remember how I found this site but the last two days I spent way too much time creating looks. It’s so addicting!! Basically it’s a site with a huge collection of pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, makeup and other stylish things. You can choose between different templates and then make something like a collage with the items you want.

Have you already tried creating a look? First I was pretty overwhelmed by all that choice but you slowly get used to. You can save everything you like just by clicking on the image and save it under “my items”. You can even enter contests and win a trip to the New York Fashion Week! I think this is a great opportunity to train the eyes for what goes well together.. I wouldn’t wear most of the looks I created but it’s fun anyway!

to look at some other looks I created read on!

I will definitely post some of my looks sometimes!! If you have an account on polyvore, tell me so I can follow you!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. WOAH! You’ve created some beautiful collages here doll. You have serious style :) I haven’t gotten around to making a PV but I probably will soon. And then I will definitely follow you!

    • awww thank you Ava! I’m looking forward to your account!! my name there is ninniku (like my SC name :P)

  2. I really love this post, I hope that you will continue posting fashion related topics in the future, but of course, talking about food is always good :)

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