Lisbon’s coolest place to stay!

Lisbon’s coolest place to stay!
Whoop whoop I’m back Cuties! :on:
Portugal or more precisely Lisbon and the Algarve were magnficificent! I’m transfering the (should I even write it?’s kind of embarrassing) well over 2000 (yes you’ve read correctly..) pictures I took during the last nine days from my cam to my computer right now. It’s probably going to take some time to go through all of them and decide which are blog suitable and which not but for now, let me show you were we stayed in Lisbon. I just thought that the Hostel we stayed at was too awesome to be left unmentioned!
The funniest thing is that we found it by hazard while searching for the one we had chosen to go.. :w:

As far as I know, the owners bought and opened the place in 2010 so it’s pretty new and modern! What I like about the rooms is the the high ceiling and the beautiful stucco of course.. I felt more like in a grand hotel than in a hostel! The owners did a really good job with the furnishing and there were many cute details for each room. The staff was super friendly and attentive and everything went smoothly. If you ever get the chance to visit Lisbon, check out their place because it’s a fantastic oasis in a marvellous city.

The pictures above are all from their website, I only made pictures with my phone and they didn’t turn out that good but I hope you enjoyed them nevertheless! We stayed in Lisbon for only two days and spent the rest of the time at the sea which was icy but beautiful. Lisbon however managed to become one of my favourite cities! I would love to visit it again and do some shopping.. :tanoshii: But unluckily I’m totally broke at the moment so it will have to wait.
The priority for this trip however, was definitely to get some sun erm.. or rather some tan so that’s what we did. But more about that in a later entry. Can’t wait to share my pictures with you guys!


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  1. Wow glad you enjoyed your trip! :) The hostel looks really nice actually! So modern and comfortable! :D

  2. Wow, wow, wow!!
    I guess I need to go back to Europe, huh?
    2000 photos? Are you shocked because it’s ONLY 2000?
    My photo rate is about 500-1000 per DAY!! ^-^;;; ……
    Can’t recommend it, though, takes forever to sort them out! *g*

    P.S.: Thanks for linking to my blog! :klimper:
    I’m gonna update my link list soon, too! ^-^

  3. :hello: Neko-chan!

    Welcome back home ^^ It’s nice to hear, that your weren’t disappointed this time. The outdoor of the hostel is incredible! It looks relaxing at first sight :aiyo:
    And the colours :tanoshii: :swirlheart: The bright atmosphere makes it very friendly! :starlove:

    Lovely greetings from Germany~ :hehe:

  4. Welcome back,seems you had a lot of fun! :tanoshii:
    The hostel looks so pretty, if I ever do a trip to Lisbon, I would stay over! It looks so fancy! Either way, I can’t wait to see the picture you took! I am sure they are awesome!

  5. hi! i’ve try to enter the webpage but the link is broken, could you please put the name hotel or something? thank you!

  6. @ Jian: That’s what I thought! :rabukuma:

    @ zoomingjapan: oh wow! I’m happy to know that there are people taking even more pictures than me :klimper: If I was in Japan it would probably be the same here.. hehe you’re welcome!

    @ Miho-chan: The garden is lovely, isn’t it? I liked it at first sight! Have a nice stay in Germany~ :blinkheart:

    @ Chani: Oh yes, I had! Visit Lisbon!! it’s so beautiful and the people are super friendly and relaxed :ii:

    @ vir: Hi vir! I don’t mention names because I don’t like to make publicity on my blog but the link should work now.

  7. What an incredible place! Definitely an improvement from the travel Lodges and Premiere Inns we have here in the UK. Blergh!

  8. :hirabbit: That place looks so cool and clean! And I love rainbow colours on white <3

    Also, I gave you a blog award – check my latest post if you want to see it ^__^

  9. @ bentolily: yay!! I’m happy to hear that! I’m sure you would love it =)

    @ Maisy: ahahaha don’t get me wrong!! there are probably shabby hostels there too but this one was definitely a good choice :hoshi:

    @ Rhiannon: Thanks so much lovely! I think I already had it though! (you can see my answers here ~~~> I’ve been tagged rainbow colors on white are truly fab :klimper:

  10. wow, endlich hab ich deinen blog gefunden :-D er gefällt mir wirklich super, ich such gleich den bloglovin button (wenn du einen hast) oder gfc button :-D :jumpingrabbit:

    jaja, diese handyrechnungen, … bald muss ich mir ja auch noch ein neues handy kaufen weil mein jetziges total kaputt ist :ohno:

    babybrei schmeckt wirklich gut, manche sorten sind so lala aber die meisten fruchtsorten sind super.. wie apfelmus halt haha :aiyo:

    ich liebe die emoticons :on:


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