Happy Belated Solstice Lovelies! :twinkles:
How did you spent the longest respectively shortest day of the year? Instead of enjoying the sun that has finally managed to chase away the many clouds and rain I’m sitting in front of my computer.. Well tomorrow is a day too and hopefully a beautiful one so I can go swimming and get some more sun!!

But now lets move on to the real reason for this entry: Lisbon! :bling:
As you may have read in my previous article, I’m totally in love with this old and impressing city which lies on the Atlantic coast. I’ve actually learned that it’s one of the oldest cities in the world and predating other modern European capitals such as London, Paris and Rome by hundreds of years. No wonder that it caught my heart! :flyusagi:

When we arrived at the airport, it was evening and when we arrived at the Hotel, it had become night… Lonely Planet, :jupp: our travel guide, wasn’t very helpful with its sparse map of the city nor with the information about the price and location of the Hotel we had chosen for the first night. The road we had to go up was steep and with cobblestones which were so polished from time that you could reflect yourself in them. :bang: Gorgeous but rather slippy and very unfavourable for trolley bags.

When we finally reached the Hotel at the top of the hill, you could overlook the whole city and I enjoyed standing at the window and taking pictures of the nocturnal Lisboa. :ii:

haha yes, I like to take bulb pics. :tongue: I had marked many points on the map to visit on the first day there but unfortunately we only got to see very few of them… it didn’t really matter though, since Lisbon hosts beautiful things and people wherever you are. We ate sardines and octopus salad for lunch which were delicious and afterwards we strolled around the streets. Sardines are very typical for Portugal and you can find them in pretty much every restaurant. And of course wine. I don’t like alcohol too much but in portugal everyone drinks delicious wine. :w:

There’s also a lot of meat, especially chicken but sometimes I missed vegetables. At some point, after many sardines and wine, we found ourselves somewhere where we didn’t know how to go back, especially since it was really hot, so we took a crazy fast taxi ride on the narrow streets of Lisboa which was so fun! :tanoshii: The taxi driver really knew how to drive fast on this entwined streets.

Want to see more pictures? read on!

The next entry is going to be colorful, cool and a yummy childhood memory! Stay tuned :on:


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  1. A wonderful post! :) I love the photos!

    Hahahaha I completely know what it feels like to miss vegetables. Halfway through my holidays I end up looking for a supermarket to buy fruit and salads to eat!!

  2. @ Jian: Thank you Dear :klimper: haha same here with the fruits :P

    @ Ang Lam: Thank you! I’m sure you would like it! there are so many fashionable people there :jupp:

    @ Eden-Avalon: Thank you Ava :ichikeki:

    @ モモネーコ☆: It’s beautiful!! :aiyo:

  3. Ah man, I really missed many posts. I really love the picture, the city looks very lovely. Through the pictures, it looks like a very charming city. I wish I could visited one day.

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