Life’s a Rollercoaster

Life’s a Rollercoaster
Hey guys! :blinkheart:
It’s been some time since my last entry but I’ve just been so awfully busy the last few days that I barely was able to keep up with commenting and let alone with blogging. My admission exams went like expected but I don’t need to worry. :totorosmile: Life is so strange! There are phases when everything seems to be ok and quiet and suddenly everything changes. Well maybe not everything but many things. And autumn went by so fast. The stores are already selling christmas decoration as if it was winter and the trees that a week ago had all diefferent colored leaves look stark and wintery.
Oh my, I’m really not that good in writing about personal stuff but I’m trying. I feel a little sad at the moment but I know that it will go away again it’s just so awkward to have this feeling of being in limbo. And no, it’s not the weather that is getting on my mood, I love foggy mornings and grey skies as much as I like blue ones…
Anyway, remember my virtual shopping spree on polyvore? Well many of the featured items were crazy expensive and not buyable for me but one piece just wouldn’t leave my mind.

Yes! It’s the fox scarf from Aubin & Wills! I have to admit that it reminds me a little bit of fox fur scarves but I don’t really mind. Of course I wouldn’t wear real fur and the thought of having a dead animal around your neck is quite macabre but this cute fox doesn’t look dead to me and he’s a little too flat to look like a real fox. :tongue:
As you can see, I implemented the nordic patterns. The black dress is a classic and wearable anytime, everywhere and the red boots were just too ‘my style’ to be left behind. Last but not least I decided to purchase my first Kabuki brushes! I already have pretty valuable and nice brushes but the hype over MAC’s duo fibre brush made me want to try a flat brush. As to me, I think that MAC’s duo fibre brush is not dense enough. I like to apply foundation as quick as possible so for me a denser brush just works faster. An other thing about MAC’s duo fibre brush that didn’t convince me, is the lenght of the fibres. They’re too long for my taste! If you apply the foundation with too much pressure the fibres will bow and reduce the stippling effect. I don’t know if the Sigma Kabuki brushes are duo fibre brushes but one of them is flat and that’s what I was looking for. Also, the lenght of the fibres is much shorter than the one of MAC’s duo fibre brush. But I’m not going to review a brush I didn’t even try yet.
I still have many blushes I want to show you but since it’s winter now and I’m all pale, I can’t use many of the blushes anymore. Most of them are just too pink! Right now I need something more “natural” and earthy. At the moment I’m only using Bobbi Brown’s Tawny Powder Blush because it looks more serious than other blushes I have but I’m afraid it looks “muddy” on me because I’m too fair. So yeah, that’s quite a dilemma. All the blushes I bought during summer are too pink for winter and the only one I’m using right now is not perfect.
Enough said, here a small list of what happened recently or what is going to happen in the near future :raburabu:

:sprout: turned 23!
:sprout: visited for the first time the famous Café Schober in Zurich (lived here for 23 years but never been there)
:sprout: cut my hair (nothing special but it was more than a year since my last cut)
:sprout: going to meet みほちゃん again this sunday!
:sprout: finally visiting a metal concert again after so long, tomorrow!

Just a tiny update of my life at the moment! Promise to be back soon with more interesting stuff :whistle:


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  1. Hallo Neko-chan

    I’ve been waiting for your next blog entry and asked myself “what does she do normally she is the fastest blogger ever” hahaha
    but now I know. :)

    You are so right when you say life is a rollercoaster!

    Did you already have had birthday or will you have birthday ?? Happy Birthday!!! ;)

    AND YES the fox scarf is ADORABLE!!
    heheh :)

    And you will meet miho? Have fun you two!!

    Lovely Greetings from Germany
    :) Kandee Gore

    • I collected them from different Japanese kaomoji sites :D feel free to use any of them if you like them!

  2. Everybody is surrounded by ups and downs, as you say: a rollercoaster! ねこちゃん you’re not alone :nyan: My life is stressy too… :sigh: Even if life is hard, I am positively sure that we will manage any situation, yeah? :wink:

    hope you celebrated your birthday with
    a biiig yummy cake ヾ(≧∇≦)

    wuuhoo see you on Sunday :whistle:

    • Thank you for your kind words みほちゃん~ I’m so looking forward to see you at the fair!

  3. omgomgomgiwantthosejumpersNOW! I’m so into nordic prints right now! though they only seem to be available in mens jumpers over here? What is with that?

    I have the flat top sigma brush and i really recommend it. It’s not as flimsy as some stippling brushes so the product goes on really evenly :) xxx

    • whuuuut? I can’t believe you don’t have those in GB!! Did you look in the stores? They’r H&M! But you can find similar ones everywhere… yaaaay I’m happy to hear that about the sigma brush!! Can’t wait to try them out!!

  4. You know that if there’s anything you need to talk about you can email me right sweetheart?

    I’ve been meaning to purchase the sigma kabukis, particularly the flat top brush. I agree with you about the 187, I love what it does for my foundation but it’s a lot of work to prevent it from not bending. And of all the real duo fiber brushes out there it’s the densest so it’s not like you can really improve on that!

    I’ve tried ELF’s flat top brush (I read it was a dupe for the Sigmas – I haven’t reviewed it yet but I have to disagree!) I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them!

    • awww thank you Ava!! That’s so nice to know :miam: You’re totally right about the density of the 187 in comparison to all the others!! And at first I was really looking for a duo fibre brush but when I saw Sigma’s Kabuki brushes I just really felt like buying them.. I’m so pumped to see how they work :D Can’t wait to read what you have think about ELF’s flat brush!!!

  5. aww the sweaters/jumpers are really cute! It’s gotten a lot colder in Japan too so I want more knits!!

    HAppy belated birthday, still so young ;)

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