Le Salon du Chocolat

Le Salon du Chocolat
Hello there! :hionigiri:
Writing shorter but more frequent entries turns out to be more difficult than what I thought. Saturday I visited the Salon du Chocolat that is basically a trade fair for the international chocolate industry. :bang: I’ve read about it on Miyuko’s page but I didn’t really had the intention of going. First of all I’m everything but a chocolate friend and second I’m not that into fairs. Not the most ideal conditions for a fair where everything is about chocolate.. :eee: Anyway, when I woke up on Saturday I felt like giving it a try and went.

It was still too early when I arrived there but there where already many people waiting to go inside. The air was filled with the sweet scent of chocolate and other sweets but since I had just eaten a roast beef sandwich there was no chocolate scent that could weaken me. That is, until I encountered the huge, chocolate covered strawberries
As I wrote above, I’m not that into chocolate but when there are fruits involved, especially strawberries, chocolate can be quite extraordinarily delicious. :iida: I still can’t eat too much of it though, since it makes me feel sick really fast.

The Salon du Chocolat took place in Paris for the first time in 1994, and has since branched out to 20 cities around the world. The Salon offers chocolate tastings and the possibility to watch chocolatiers at work. I felt a little like Charlie in the chocolate factory with all the diligently working chocolatiers around me. :tongue: Many of them were female, at least on that day, and I was quite impressed by their skills.

I couldn’t really believe this is chocolate but when she explained her technique it made sense. :catexclam: Basically she doesn’t paint directly onto the chocolate’s surface but uses food color mixed with other ingredients to paint the inside of plastic molds in which she finally pours liquid chocolate.

I love Boissier’s violettes cristallisées! They’re sugar coated violets but they were sold out on the first day so I had to go with the rose petals. :bling: What I also like about Boissier is that they use flowers and fruits to give chocolate an additional exciting flavour and colour.

It was very interesting and amusing seeing the effect of chocolate on people. I’ve never seen such a peaceful and harmonious bunch of people. :oh: There were many Asians and people from the Romandy (the French-speaking part of Switzerland) and the atmosphere was all laid-back.
Although everyone was offering delicious looking chocolates and macarons on platters I wasn’t too eager to try all of them. It was too funny looking at the euphoric eyes of people when trying all the goodies! :starlove:

I’ve never tried Ladurée’s macarons but I have to say that they really are as good as everyone says. I had one with sour cherries! :blinkheart:

The dresses above are made of chocolate or have chocolate details on the fabric. On the opening evening there was a fashion show so some of the dresses were a little damaged but they looked fascinating nevertheless. :omnom:

To follow nekochan to Willy Wonka’s factory, read on!

That’s it for now ladies! I had expected the fair to be much bigger but all in all it was a great experience and I’m happy I’ve been there. :baburukeki:


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  1. Just as I thought, you look so cute with your new hair look :nope: :nyan: :swirlheart:
    ねこちゃんめちゃカワイイ♥ (>_<)♥

    Ohh, I heard and read about the Salon du Chocolat, I'd love to go there, but unfortunately I didn't have any time :snif: The creations look fantastic! Chocolate has many different sides – impressive! :starlove:

  2. Hey wow lovely blog entry I really love your photos!
    I was there too XD although I did not know what to expect from that fair. But I was glad I went there! I really enjoyed it :)

  3. Ahhhh I visited a Salon du chocolat exhibition in Shanghai a couple of years back. I wasn’t that wowed… I’d love to visit this one instead. Hahahahahaha!

    Your top/dress is really cuuuute! Glad you finally got to eat laduree macarons!

  4. @ Miho-chan: ありがとうみほちゃん~ that’s so kind of you to write! :arigatou: I’m happy because I don’t have to pay too much attnetion to my hair now! I thought about you at the chocolate fair because I know you love chocolate! :hehe:

    @ Kandee Gore: Thank you! :ichikeki: When where you there? Too bad we haven’t met! The fair was ok but honestly I had expected a little something more… :ha:

    @ Jian: Thank you! It’s actually only the second time I’m wearing that top :miam: The fair was okay but nothing that really knocked me off my feet!!

  5. Deine Bilder sind ja toll, da bekommt man richtig Lust auf Schoki. Irgendwann gönn ich mir auch den Besuch auf eine solche Messe. ;-)

  6. Awesome and crazy at the some time O_O
    I love dark chocolate and sometimes white, but I’m not into milk chocolate at all. I looove sugar coated flowers, in particular violets! I like also roses and mimosa!

  7. oh my gosh, now that’s what I can chocolate heaven! It looks amazing there – I can just imagine being just like Charlie in a chocolate factory there!! I’m wondering what chocolate you bought!!

  8. @ Danii: hehe ja wenn man Schoki mag dann ist es das paradies :happy:

    @ Piperita Patty: I also like dark chocolate the best! I don’t like white chocolate.. :ghihi: the sugar coated violets are the best though!

    @ Nic nic: I bought some sugar coated rose petals and chocolate from Boissier! they’re delicious!

  9. woa, das sieht toll aus! ich bin ja so überhaupt nicht der Schokofan – aber ab und zu sowas ist schonmal drin *_* außerdem ist das so hüüübsch :hionigiri:

  10. aso ja und hab nicht geshoppt.. nya aber ehrlich gesagt, shoppe ich generell nicht sonderlich viel bzw. ka… shoppen gehen reizt mich gar nicht (eher sachen online bestellen lol)

  11. @ Vermillion: hehe thank you :twinkles:

    @ mici: ich bin auch kein schokofan es war aber ganz lustig :ghihi: ich shoppe lange zeit nichts und dann plötzlich ganz viel :catexclam:

  12. Neko-Chaaaan! It’s so odd for me to find so many peopel that don’t like chocolate. My youngest half sister and my boyfriend both hate the stuff but i’m HOPELESSLY addicted. These pictures are the sweetest (ha!) torture!

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