Kitsune Obento (´・ω・`)

Kitsune Obento (´・ω・`)


Just a quick entry because I have to go back to class afterwards… I finally did it!!! My third Obento. I didn’t had to cook anything (except the Edamame) because we had a lot of boiled vegetables from the soup stock for the Ramen. I think that’s somehow the purpose of an Obento: to use up your leftovers by creating something new! This time I had some difficulties with the color composition. The pasta was orange and the carrots were orange. That’s too much orange for my taste! But in the end I managed it somehow (with the green thyme and chives) to make it look fresh :smile:.

Enjoy the pictures!



– Pasta with tomato sauce

– Carrots

– Celery Root

– Soybean Sprouts

– Edamame

– Cottage Cheese

– Sichuan Pepper, Thyme, Chives & Pepper


Preparing Obentos is something meditative so give it a try!  There are no limits to your imagination… and of course it’s fun eating it up afterwards :merononigiri:


byebye  ねこちゃん  :lipstick:

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  1. Thank you! You made me blush..(*^^) It’s not difficult..You just need some time and patience to cut out the little things.. I’m looking forward to new entries of you!!!

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