Last weekend when we went to Konstanz for the Christmas market I noticed that they had opened a new KIKO branch in one of their department stores. KIKO MAKE UP MILANO is an Italian brand of cosmetics.

As far as I know, KIKO isn’t very well known outside of Italy because they only have stores in Europe and currently only ship to Italy, France, Spain and Germany but those who know it, love it. Their combination of high quality products combined with decent prices is just unbeatable!
Remarkable is also their huge (and I mean H.U.G.E.) selection on nail polishes and eyeshadows. The store in Konstanz had just opened recently and was unbelievably crowded but somehow I managed to throw myself into that crowd and swim towards 1000 beautifully shimmering eyeshadows and other products. I have to admit that I had never seen such a large choice on eyeshadows and nail polishes before. I never use eyeshadow but seeing those beautiful colors made me want to start using them. Although there were colors like fluorescent orange and purple I stuck to far more discrete shades. Since I’m never clubbing I wouldn’t know when to wear such vibrant colors. I chose shades to wear everyday and I’m so happy to finally own some eyeshadows. Although I have a nice brush, I still feel more comfortable applying the eyeshadow with my finger tips. I can imagine that for more elaborate and precise looks you probably have to change to a brush but I’m still far away from being a pro so I’m sticking to easy looks.

For this look I used Salmone Perlato, Terra d’Ombra Macroperlato & Pigment Loose Eyeshadow Tortora Chiaro

All three eyeshadows are highly pigmented and very shimmery. They’re buildable and easy to apply. Terra d’Ombra Macroperlato has a slightly different texture and as far as I can tell is also a little less pigmented than the other two. As you can see they also vary in their finish. While the shimmer of the other two is very fine and shiny Terra d’Ombra has bigger particles and therefore a different finish.

To see more swatches and the new nail polishes, read on!

You wouldn’t believe that the shades on my hand are the same as the ones on my lids. I’m always amazed by how different the color look depending on what color the skin underneath is.

Please don’t mind my bushy eyebrows! :tongue:

..and the big pores on the back of my hand neither.. :nope:

..and a picture with warm light.. oh my, I’m starting to get wrinkles! :ohnoo:

As you probably know, I’m not a nail polish addict at all but when I saw their beautiful choice I had to try a few and ended up buying two of them. Unfortunately I have the stupid habit to bite my nails but if I want to paint them I have to let them grow to a normal lenght and get them in shape. I chose two very similar shades and funnily their color looks a little bit like Terra d’Ombra Macroperlato. I only noticed while looking at the pictures..

Same shade, different light..

I’m very pleased with their products and choice and can’t wait to get some more. :raburabu: The prices are really reasonable and the quality comparatively high. If you want to try out some of their producst you can still try ebay but of course it’s not the same as standing in one of their fancy stores and having all the choice in front of you. But if someone really would like to try one of their products I could still send it to you! :smile:

I know I still have to review many blushes and brushes but trying out these new eyeshadows was so much fun! The next thing I’m going to review are of course the Sigma Kabuki brushes. Stay tuned for a lovely entry about the Christmas market :twinkles:


PS: To all of you living in the UK: The first two UK Kiko stores opened in two Westfield London Shopping Centres just recently! Of course I recommend you to check them out. :catexclam:

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  1. Oh, Konstanz have a KIKO now?? Great! :starlove:
    My first time purchase at KIKO was in Genova! I was kind of “wooooow so many eyeshadows *o* !!”
    When I was in Spain I found the shop everywhere. It isn’t so expensive and I am satisfied with the quality ^^

    Pretty nail polishes! Recently, my nails split or break so often, that I can’t give them a colourful look at the moment :crying:

  2. Those polishes are gorgeous! I’m on such a nail polish kick right now and those colours are the sort of thing I’m really going after :D Also your eye makeup is gorgeous! I love how everything’s so blended and lovely! *jealous* haha :) xxx

  3. i’m so glad to have stumbled upon your blog!! :D do you live in japan?! i’m jealous! also, i think you’re super

    • Thank you! :whistle: and unfortunatley I don’t live in Japan right now.. =) I’m in Switzerland.

  4. A me KIKO piace molto… ne ho già parlato in un paio di post. Premetto col dire che tutti i prodotti che hai acquistato mi piacciono, ma in particolare il pigmento libero e l’ombretto color salmone. Ti consiglio anche i rossetti di KIKO forse i rossetti sono tra i prodotti che preferisco di questo marchio.

    The Life After

  5. Che bel trucco! Adoro la Kiko per i tuoi stessi motivi. In più non testano sugli animali (almeno, così dicono, però è solo un’autocertificazione…)

  6. @ missbobino: Grazie per il tip dei rossettit! non ho tanti rossetti e ne ho appena ordinati due ma la prossima volta che sarò in Germania li proverò!

    @ Piperita Patty: Grazie! :smile: è vero che non testano sugli animali! o che almeno dicono così.. volevo scriverlo e poi me ne sono dimenticata :ohno:

    & Thank you Miho-chan, BunBun, mei, mici and モモネーコ!! :blinkheart:

  7. That’s a pretty smouldering colour! it’s perfect for this season! I remember you said you were great at concealing – would love to see a post on that ;)

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