Kiiroitori and the Bunnies

Kiiroitori and the Bunnies
Hey there Bunnies! :hirabbit:
Happy Easter or spring or whatever!
I’m finally on holiday and enjoying it a lot but not for too long since I need to start writing papers on monday. :jupp: Today when I woke up and looked outside the window, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was snowing again and it still is! It’s freezing cold again and time to snuggle up in a blanket and drink warm tea. This morning however I felt I needed to do something creative and made a Bento.

I can’t remember the last time I did a kyaraben (character bento) but it must have been a long time ago because I literally went crazy with cutting out the tiny face for the onigiri and eggs. Nyaaa… kyaraben definitely dont belong to my favourite productions. Anyway, there’s broccoli, teriyaki chicken, shiitake mushrooms, renkon (lotus root) and radishes in one and onigiri bunnies and usagiringo (apples) in the other one.
Do you celebrate, paint eggs or do anything else special on easter? I loved easter as a child because we got to search baskets filled with chocolate and eggs and even small presents. This year however it wouldn’t be difficult to find the colorful eggs since everything is covered in snow. I don’t know about you but I definitely had enough snow for now and would like so much to see the lovely spring flowers and sunbeams.

The “thing” with the yellow face is supposed to be Kiiroitori, Rilakkuma’s little fellow birdie in a bunny suit but my patience didn’t last long enough to make the ears of the suit.. :sigh: and the chicken egg, well I would call it a bento classic. Since for me a Bento is first and foremost food, I packed in some glossy pieces of teriyaki and healthy veggies so that there’s still the “deliciousness factor” to it and not just the cute food factor.

That’s it for now Cuties!
I wish you all a nice day with lots of chocolate eggs, tulips and cute fluffy bunnies~ :jumpingrabbit:

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  1. :hirabbit: Neko!
    Boo about the cold weather >:l
    Good luck with writing papers,
    I need to finish mine really
    Your bentomakingskills are so
    good! I’m not really celebrating
    Easter except eating choco
    eggs :P Happy Easter!


  2. Wie machst du das immer!!?? Soooo toll x3 Ich hätt dafür ne Ewigkeit xD Und würde am Schluss nicht mal halb so schön aussehen xD

  3. It would be hard knowing what to do when it rains – LOVE your bento though, the bunnies are so cute. Happy Easter!x

  4. Oh. my. gosh. Saw these little cuties on your instagram and showed some of my family at our Easter get together. SO yummy looking!

  5. I know how it feels when it’s snowing at the time when it’s supposed to be spring! Finland is very cold too! But anyway to the point: This Easter bento is super cute! <3 Happy Easter! <3

  6. Waaaahnsinn!! das sieht wirklich mal richtig richtig lecker aus! Yum yum :) wie du das hinbekommen hast :)) kann man bei dir bestellen, haha?
    -in diesem Sinne, wenn auch etwas verspätete, dir auch frohe Ostern! :)

  7. Gorgeous bento as always! How fitting that Kiiroitori should be made out of egg XD

    I can’t believe it snowed where you lived! I shouldn’t be too surprised because we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow >_<

    I can't wait for the grass to start growing again. Every thing looks dead and disgusting here ;_;

  8. Awwww….your bentos are always so yummy-looking :omnom: I don’t think I would dare to eat something so adorable…
    Where I am it’s hot as hell, wish we could trade the weather. :heartame:

  9. Easter has made me consider buying a bunny.. haha
    Is it winter where you are? Because it’s Spring here in Canada but it just snowed yesterday in my city. Not a lot and it’s melting already BUT STILL. C’MON MOTHER NATURE. BRING ME MY SPRING WEATHER!!

    Question! Do you eat/use lotus root often? I’ve never cooked with it before and frankly it looks really creepy to me (but I have trypophobia) BUT my friend assures me it tastes awesome. Anything to recommend?

    • Hey Philo!! :hionigiri:
      Actually it should be Spring but it’s still really cold..
      I use lotus root often because it makes my bento look more “traditional” and Japanese.. you can eat it in many different ways, fried as tenpura or simmered in dashi etc. I love the texture (a little crunchy)but it doesn’t taste like much ;)

  10. Aah, these bento are absolutely adorable! They look delicious too. I have no patience at all with food, so creating something like this I’m much too lazy for :’D

  11. Ohmygosh. This is the cutest bento ever =w=
    So kawaii~
    And it looks yummy too ~

    Anyway… I hope the weather will finally start to warm up there~ I’ve read bloggers complaining about spring. It’s the opposite here though. It’s too hot and I won’t be surprised if I get a heatstroke or something T.T

    Belated happy easter~!

  12. Such a cute and festival bento! I used to love easter as a kid too but then growing up as an adult you kind of forget about it. I miss hunting for easter eggs and chocolates with a basket.

  13. Omg your bentos are ridiculously cute. I don’t even want to eat them because they’re all so pretty and fun!

    For Easter, I went to a convention and had Korean BBQ with my friends for dinner. Not very Easter-like, but it was still really fun! :)

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