JapAniManga Night the 12th

JapAniManga Night the 12th
Hello people of the blogosphere! :omnom:
Before leaving for Moscow I attended the 12th JAN in Winterthur. Luckily the day I went, the weather was nice and there were many awesome cosplayers!
I also was glad to finally meet みほちゃん again and to eat one of the delicious Okonomiyaki she made! いつもありがとう :bling:
I didn’t really had the time to bother about my outfit so I just stuck to my usual school uniform and was happy with it. Seeing all the stunning self-made cosplay costumes at the conventions of this year made me ealize that it’s quite lame to just buy a costume so if I’m ever going to do a real cosplay again, I’m going to make the costume by myself. Big words, since I’m so untalented when it comes to sewing.. but fortunately I have friends who are really good at it! nyahaha :totorosmile:
Enjoy the pictures!

If you hadn’t had enough yet, take a look at the pictures of the JAN I took last year: 11th JapAniManga Night
These are going to be the last cosplay photos for some time so if you’re fed up with the colorful picture overflow you can exhale now.
Recently I’m thinking a lot about what to do with my blog.. It’s difficult to unite all my different interests in one blog but having more than one is.. really nerdy?!? What do you think guys? Should nekoblog become a foodblog only or should I keep all the different topics here.. Sometimes I also just feel like posting pictures without text but I don’t know if it’s weird?! I’m so clueless right now! :sigh: Please help me guys! :miam: Do you enjoy reading about my travelling, Bento, cosplay, fashion and makeup in one blog? Or is this just really stupid… I’m eventually going to make a poll later on.
For the pics of Moscow you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. I haven’t even put them on my computer yet. But I will do so now! :raburabu:


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  1. Wow, great cosplay costumes! I especially love the Lady Luck Yuna and Lightning ones!

    I think you should keep your blog with different topics! I love reading all your different posts :)

  2. ich würdealles in einen blog packen.. is doch nicht schlimm, wenn es viele themen sind^^

  3. btw. meinst du mit Trésor in Love das für das Emma Watson werbugn macht? Das hab ich noch gar nich getestet :D

  4. @ Richelle: nyaa I’m glad you think so too! I love the Lightning one =) Also thank you for your opinion!! I will probably keep everything together on one blog :D

    @ モモネーコ☆: Oh really?!? I will check out your blog for pictures!! :aiyo: I admire people who do cosplay.. I think you need to be courageous for that! :hai:

    @ Mici: Ich hab aber immer das Gefühl, dass sich gewisse Leser dran stören.. aber das sollte mich ja nicht zu sehr davon abhalten das zu posten was ich nun mal will :D Danke!
    oh und wegen dem Parfüm.. weiss nicht ob sie Werbung dafür macht :hehe:

  5. JAN was great :swirlheart: hope we can spend more time together :iida:
    PS. Isn’t there one photo missing…? Where is cute school girl Neko-chan :nope: :aiyo:

    BTW, according to your blog; I love your nekoblog with fashion, culture, Bento, Neko’s daily life – you’re topics aren’t messy at all, I think they are well matched and make your blog more lively! However, it is finally your decision to make another blog or not :happy:

  6. The standard of the costumes is really good there! I can’t believe they were all self made… :newbuddy:

    Also, I say keep your blog as it is, Weird coming from a new reader, but I like personal blogs more than ones that are really strict and only about one subject…plus, it’s a lot of work to keep more than one blog updated (I tried it once)!

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