Japan Reloaded

Japan Reloaded

Hi Everybody :hionigiri:

I’m immersing into the depths of my new and first (!!!) smartphone …It took ages to convince me but finally they got me where they wanted to  ( ̄(エ) ̄)y-゚゚゚First I was shocked because I wasn’t even able to write a normal sms with it but my fingers adapted quicker than my brain and now I have to say that I feel quite at ease with it.

I hope spending waaaay too much time playing silly games or editing photos are short-term side effects of my new gadget.. On the other side having around my mobilephone all the time has got me to answer almost every call & sms I get!! (Something i rarely did before (#^.^#)°°0.O)

My favourite application right now is used to edit photos. It is called PhotoWonder. It allows to modify a picture (of yourself for example) to a degree where the original subject isn’t recognizable anymore but manages somehow to still look more or less realistic!!!..or realistic as possible (^_−)−☆

I love Purikura!!! We took tons of pictures when we were in Japan!! And this app reminds me a lot of Purikura!!

Here an example for Purikura:

Since the time you have to decorate after have taken the pictures is little not all our pictures have been decorated as much as the first or the second one.. it’s a bit stressful but at the same time it’s more fun (`ω・)^★ because then you can’t think too long about what to do and you just try something out!!


And one example decorated with the phone application:



This is what i did today with the application on my phone:

The gorgeous Lady on the right side is my boyfriend ..(^_^;)

On this Picture I’m not recognizable anymore… but that’s “me”  hahaha ^.

hahaha as you can see, I couldn’t stop…
I will be back soon with my second Obento!! I didn’t had the patience to create one in the last few weeks..

Please comment if you enjoy reading more. :fancycat:

byebye ねこちゃん



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