Japan Matsuri in Geneva

Japan Matsuri in Geneva
Good morning world! :rabukuma:
It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I’m already up. Getting up early isn’t and has never been a problem for me. I like watching the sunrise much more than the sunset but that’s not the main reason. :nope: Anyway, I’ve been studying Kanjis the whole day yesterday so this morning I felt like updating nekoblog and give you guys something to look at. :bling:

Although the car ride was kind of long (three hours..) it was totally worth it! I was amazed by all the beautiful Kimono and the many cute children. There were different performances like dancing, singing and even a traditional wedding to show the different Kimono styles. It was nice seeing new as well as well known faces and I didn’t know that there was such a big community of Japanese people in the French speaking part of Switzerland. I would love to write something about the food too but unfortunately I didn’t get to try a lot of it because the Ramen and Yakisoba was quickly sold out. But I tried some Gyoza which were so delicious! :miam:

Want to see more pictures? Read on~

Sorry for the huge picture spam.. :nyan: Have you spotted Asimo, the humanoid robot? It was the main attraction and there were so many people trying to take a glimpse at him. Silvankun likes robots and I think it was very interesting looking at one but despite his really cute appearance his movements had something slightly frightening.. :oh: As you probably noticed it’s really difficult for me to keep up with all the things I want to blog about because I have no time but I really want to make at least one entry a week! I hope you enjoyed the photos and I can’t wait to be back.
Have a sunny Sunday lovlies :on:

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  1. :twinkles:
    We love pictures spam so
    don’t worry c:
    I’ve enjoyed it!

    I would love to be part
    of this event! Even it’s
    just to see these beautiful
    kimono’s! Lol glare of that
    women (4th pic) is kind
    of scary haha…

    The sushi box looks really


  2. I wish I was like you neko-chan. I am definitely *not* a morning person and struggle to get up at 7am let alone 5am!

    Great photos! It looks very interesting actually. Shame about them selling out quickly! I wasn’t aware that there were many Japanese in geneva either?

  3. great photos! that lady getting married (or maybe it was just a demo?) doesn’t look too happy though. lol
    thanks for sharing :)


  4. :hionigiri: I’ve been more active lately cause I am in preparation of moving to another country so currently not working at any jobs…just blogging and internet browsing a lot lately :)

    Always love picture spam from your blog!!!! You always share the greatest pictures!! Always love kimono but they are so hard to put on. I tried to help my friend put on her summer kimono (i think yukata is what she called it), I am already having trouble doing the ribbon part :b I really love the details of kimono and would love to try one on if I have a chance

    The Closet 365

  5. These are fabulous shots! Your layout is incredible and so interactive. Pure Awesome. Love the culture those kimonos.


  6. Wow those are awesome kimonos! I like the priestess one because it’s my first time seeing a ‘real’ version. I hope I could attend a real japanese festival too, one day. The long ride is definitely worth it. :)

  7. aww these are lovely photos. what event were these from? this is how the japan festival in berlin SHOULD be. instead it is usually just a giant anime convention with no japanese people at all. i was so disappointed when i went last year. will definitely not be going again. looks like such yummy food and i am not surprised it sold out so fast, haha!

    xx rae

  8. Very lovely picutres! It looks like you have been in Japan for some days ^^ There should be more Matsuri around Switzerland :whistle:

    Happy Weekend & all the best to your birthday – as I remember it was today :nyanyan:

  9. vielen lieben Dank für das süße Kommentar meine Liebe! :) ich finde die Bilder sind wirklich gelaungen, vor allem all die hübschen Kimonos <3 es sehen wirklich alle so hübsch dadrin aus, hach :) auf jeden fall schöne Eindrücke!

  10. Oh this makes me miss Japan so much! ^^ The kimonos are very beautiful!! and you are lucky to be a morning person, I always wanted to be but I could just sleep forever. ^^;

  11. Haha xD My face looks red and weird when I don´t have make up but I tagged you! Now you have to do same thing! Muhaha! >: D

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