Japan Impact, Part One

Japan Impact, Part One

Hey everyone! :queen:

I’m ill =(… my throat burns and I’m coughing. Fortunately I haven’t got any lessons on mondays! This morning I started picking out the good pictures I took during the two days of Japan Impact. I have to say that I didn’t use my cam for three years :newbuddy:. So I did some really stupid newbie mistakes like holding my hand in front of the flashlight or cutting away important bodyparts. It’s a good cam but I’ve never read any instructions because I’m sooo lazy :ohno:

As soon as we arrived on the first day, we ate a cup of Tempura Udon from the stand after the stairs outside. It was delicious!!! Now I know what I was doing wrong while preparing them at home.. I’ve always kept the Udon boiling for too long :hehe:. The people were nice and I enjoyed seeing cosplay for the first time!!! Japan Impact organised Calligraphy courses, Ikebana courses, Origami, Shiatsu, traditional Japanese dances, drumming, Go and much more.  There were diffrent contests such as a Cosplay contest, a Miss Kawaii contest, a Manga drawing contest & even a Japanese Fashion Show! (which I appreciated very much because I lost overview about the different styles a long time ago.. to be honest I never knew that much about them :wink:) I’m going to bed now…











This is only the first day of JAPAN IMPACT more photos will follow! (Miss Kawai Contest etc.) I just need a liitle bit more time :wink:


!!!If you want your photo deleted or you want to use a picture please just ask me :jumpingrabbit: Thank You!
All the pictures were taken with the
NIKON D70.!!!
Copyright by ねこちゃん

byebye ねこちゃん

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