J-mags~ duckfaces, snoots and some real posing

J-mags~ duckfaces, snoots and some real posing
This infernal week is finally coming to an end. The whole week was packed with exams because all the teachers want us to write the exams before the holidays begin. :snif: Even if it’s supposed to be a holiday of seven days I don’t think I get to do something else than studying.. Too bad since the weather is really beautiful and still warm at this moment. I would have loved to visit an other city or something similar but I guess I just have to grit my teeth and fight until next summer. :sleep:
Recently I’ve peeked into several different J magazines like Popsister, Nuts, Kera, Vivi, Seventeen, Egg etc. I sporadically knew these mags from other blogs but I’ve never gone through a whole J mag! Well there’s a first time for everything! It’s difficult for me to decide which magazine I liked the most since most of them have some outfits and photos I really like but also outfits and pictures I can’t stand at all..

Something that really gets on my nerves while browsing the magazines are the annoying posing and acting of the girls on most of the pictures. I mean I know, most of us have ‘some’ pictures where we make a stupid face with friends or the famous pursed lips (or duckface) expression and some of us are actually even incapable of posing decently..(like me for example) but the girls in these magazines are not you and me, they’re used to photography and should know other poses than the “I just really need to pee” pose or the “the dumber I look the more fans I will have” pose. I like cute pictures but some of the pictures I found in these mags were far beyond the usual cute.. Some of the girls make such dumb expressions that one would think they’re retarded. :ohnoo:
I’m sorry for my straightforwardness and if anyone feels offended by it, please let me know! I like Japanese fashion and culture but I think that in gegard to J-magazines and photography they should change a few things. I’m not saying that I want to have the same standard as in a VOGUE or ELLE and probably the dumb faces is what makes the people buy these magazines but…. oh well, just look for yourself.. I however felt utterly annoyed by all the stupid faces while looking at them..

I will start with a collage of the “I have no idea what’s going on” also known as the “Yes, I’m really dumb” pose

Characteristics: open mouth, finger or hand near mouth, pursed lips, legs and feet that are curved inwards and eyes that look somewhere up in the sky or to one side

The “Oh dear, I’m having one of my terrible headaches again” pose

Characteristics: hand on forehead, half-closed eyes, suffering facial expression

The “I just really ned to pee” pose

Characteristics: unnatural leg posture, suffering facial expression, sometimes hands beteen the legs

The “We’re five years old and like to grimace!” pose

Characteristics: cross-eyed, wrinkled up nose and mouth, strange posture

Don’t get me wrong, I like Japanese fashion and women but that’s just some awful posing there! To make this post also slightly positive I also made collages of some good examples.. Japanese women are so pretty and delicate why do these kinds of mags force them to pose and look like they’re really dumb? I just don’t get it…
Do you like the typical posing in J-mags? Do you never think it looks awkward?

Here some examples of more or less natural facial expressions and pictures I like… too bad you can find only a few of these in the J-mags I’ve seen..

To see more good photographies read on!

And now some real posing

Pout face? love it! but please like this…

I hope you enjoyed this little Jmag presentation!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

PS: If you want to see something really gross, download a J mag (for example Nuts) and scroll down until you’ve reached the last pages (unless you want to look at all the above listed poses). There you can find advertisings for breast enlargement (with pictures) and before-after pics of girls that lost weight. Their new weight ranges from 35kg to 41 kg… Need more details? Well I think it’s pretty obvious how an adult woman that weights 35kg looks like… pretty anorexic! Again, if someone feels offended, please let me know, I’m curious about other opinions!

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  1. Actually I like most of the exaggerated pose of J-Girls :hehe:
    Some like it and other don’t. However, it is more or less a matter of taste. :nyanyan:

    Hm…. the “Yes, I’m really dumb” pose reminds me of my picture, which I posted on my Blog yesterday (about Circle Lenses). Well, it presumably applies to me *hahaa* :nope:

    • oh yes, it sure is! Fortunately not everyone has the same taste on this earth! :oh: it would probably get kind of boring..

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell the most important thing:

    Besides the funny posing girls – Naturalness would be my first priority!

  3. I personally like the “hand to mouth” pose. Looks kinda cute. Of course this is not “natural” but it is kinda cute.

    What I like about all these poses more than in German or Central European magazines is that they try to make it “sweet, cute, slightly sexy”. In Germany, even in the “teeny” magazines, the girls try to look like “sexy adult woman.” This sucks.

    True naturalness is not to be found – in any magazine, which is a pity.

    What I hate most about j-mags ist that they obviously use photoshop that much! And every second ad is about how to slim down… I realy hate that.

    • The thing with the “hand to mouth” pose is, that it’s a gesture and expression you can often see on babys or children. click here to see a picture of what I mean.. For me it’s kind of weird to see adult women posing like that.

      To put your finger in or even on your mouth and lips is something an adult wouldn’t normally do..(bacteria, diseases). Aren’t exactly the parents the ones who told us not to put fingers in our mouth? For me these models try to embody innocence and naivity (= cute like children) but because they’re adults and they kind of overdo it with the posing it looks a little too artificial to me.

      I totally agree with you on the fact that none of the pictures found in these magazines are natural. But if posing, I prefer the classical posing.

      • -+* :hirabbit:
        This “hand to to mouth” pose is truely something they have took from the child – and I also think it supposed to be a “childish look like” but also it takes the focus to the lips which are oure most sensitiv organ (not even our fings can feel that much) and with this they intention is to make it more sexy (like “kiss me”) I guess.

        However both sorts of posings are (as it says) posing and not natural hehehe

        the western way is more “grown up, sexy, self-consistent” look like – ’cause this is what we find “attractive”
        and the asian way more the “cute, girly whatever” look like ….

        I think it’s “normal” that we like the things more we grow up with ;)

        • That’s exactly the point.. mixing things like childishness and innocence with sex. It’s popular, it sells and Japan is good at it. But I don’t like it. At least not in magazines!
          The models are “closer” to adults than to children but they pose like children and want to make it look sexy. An open mouth is clearly sexy but when a child or baby does it it’s cute and innocent!
          So for me it’s more logical to see models (young women) pose like “grown up, sexy and self-confident” and not like a child that wants to look sexy. f you want it sexy just do it sexy and not “wannabe innocent but at the same time sexy”..
          An adult woman that is truly innocent and not only poses like that (if that even exists) will look really cute and authentic but if she only plays it it looks kind of bitchy for me. The same goes for the opposite. A shy and uptight person that tries to look self-confident and sexy ends up looking weird. hmm I’m not sure if it’s understandable.. but I hope you got what I meant. I think the point that startles me the most is, that hey try to look like someone/something they’re not!

  4. Well I guess in the end fashion is obsessed with youth so all these babyish poses are just going to extremes on that. I agree with you and think it’s too much but maybe for the age group they’re trying to appeal to that sort of thing is more effective than sophisticated-ness.

    Ugh yes I hate the back of Jmags. we’re all so over-obsessed about our images! I know one girl who went for a modelling audition with quite a bit of experience and she’s GORGEOUS but didn’t get the job because her thighs touched when she stood *dies* World = insane right?

    • Everyone is obsessed with youth.. I asked myself the same question.. what’s the age group for these magazines? Do teenagers read them or adults? But why would they put advertisings for breat-enlargements in a teen magazine? That’s kind of really weird.. And yes, their opinion of a beautiful body is quite shocking :youreweird:

  5. Hahaha! This post made me laugh. It’s great because I too have been totally SWAMPED with school stuff! <3 Ganbatte!

    I agree with you when it comes to the posing and faces. It's cute the first 2-3 pages? After that you just can't help but get annoyed!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! Ganbatte too Ava! After downloading and browsing through the first magazine I thought: “ok, maybe the next one is not so bad..” but every magazine had the same posings, I just couldn’t get used to..

  6. This post made me laugh! Very interesting! You should do one with the advertising found in the J-mags. I always found silly the breast enlargement and the lost weight. You can even find them in Japanese Nail magazine!!

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