Inspired by diffrent fashion blogs I decided to post some pictures of Japanese clothes I like!
Noticeable is the huge variety of styles!
In Japan you can find nearly anything! I’m bored with the choice here in Switzerland.

I love hoodies… in fact i have too many of them..

apart the terrifc cute model, this dress combined with the white shirt and the dotted hairband looks so cute!

There is not much to say here… it’s an innovative & very stylish design. In Switzerland you could find something like this at an expensive boutique.. or you wait until it gets trendy for everyone and every shop sells it  -.-



These dresses look Russian to me.. I think the girl on the right picture is representing Dr. Evil (Austin powers).. ^^

You can browse all the dresses here:

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  1. I would want to wear more J fashion in everyday life because I think its just soo cute but somehow I don’t really get the look right XD like in the advertisings XD

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