It’s a blogger’s thing

It’s a blogger’s thing
Hello again Bloggers of the Blogosphere! :omnom: (WARNING: In the following text you’re going to read the words blog and bloggers so often that you’re probably going to feel dizzy afterwards..)
I’m directing this to everyone who is following nekoblog but especially to all of you who are using Google Friend Connect (which I’ll refer to as GFC in the following text) to keep track of blogs.
As you probably already know, Google has retired their blog following service for all non-Blogger blogs. :bang:
*nyaaa* it has vaguely to do with this entry but it’s so cute! :aiyo:

I’ve never used GFC to keep track of the blogs I’m reading but it seems fairly popular among other bloggers. So if you rely on your GFC/Blogger Dashboard to keep up with the latest posts from non-Blogger sites, you won’t see them listed anymore (like mine). Athough I liked the GFC widget to take a look at my readers and to discover new blogs, I removed the GFC button back in November when Google announced that they would quit their service in March. I never really encouraged you to follow nekoblog via other services like bloglovin’, twitter or google+ though! And since I’ve got a few readers asking me whether I had bloglovin’ and so on, I decided to make an extra entry about it to get this blogger thing sorted out. :ha:
Take a look at my side bar and you’ll find all the icons there!

I’ve had a bloglovin’ and facebook widget almost ever since I started with this blog and added a twitter and google+ follow button when Google announced the retirement of GFC for non-Blogger user. Bloglovin’ however seems to be a good alternative for many bloggers to keep track of blogs who don’t have GFC anymore! :bling:
Whatever you choose to do, thank you for following this blog! :blinkheart:
By the way, have you already noticed the little changes in the side bar? I was getting seriously tired (and annoyed) of my old silly profile pic so I changed it. It’s not as silly as the last one but it still annoys me somehow.. :youreweird: but maybe I just have to get used to the different colors. Anyway, thank you for reading! :swirlheart:

The pictures above and my new profile pic were made on the same day but look how different my hair looks!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Here it’s sunny! :twinkles:


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  1. Uwaah your new picture is so pretty! :baloonpanda: I’m following you on twitter and will be on bloglovin as soon as I’ve finished writing this post heheh ;)

  2. Ahhh, too bad, I thought that the modification weren’t that complex. Good thing you wrote about the GFC. I didn’t know about it!

  3. Yeah I haven’t done anything about GFC yet but it’s a pain that it’s not going to be working as well anymore. Luckily I use Google Reader to keep track of everything!

  4. I don’t really check my bloglovin ‘ but luckily I am following you on FB so I’ll know when you update!!

    You’re such a natural beauty – you ought to show more face pics!

  5. You look so pretty in your profile picture, I love it :)! I followed you on bloglovin now, I find it so much easier to use it compared to GFC! xx

  6. I added you to my blogger reading list manually (by URL) because although I have bloglovin’, and facebook….I don’t really check them xD

    Ahhh your hair is so much lighter and golden than in your profile pic? Although is that because in your sidebar profile pic you have flipped your hair back so we’re seeing the under-layers of your hair? ^^ When i was still in highschool/middleschool a lot of my friends were blonde but hard much darker hair underneath the top layer? Does that even make sense? XD

    • hehe yes, it is! and of course it makes sense! You’re absolutely right! :catexclam:

  7. jaa… das mit dem ohren pulen beim frisör hat mich so krass irritiert.. ich war vollv erstört danach xD XD

    btw. mich nervt das vll an mit GFC… ich hab jetzt zwar auch Facebook/twitter und bloglovin – allerdings find ich es doof, dass google das weggemacht hat… immerhin erscheint man noch in den dashboards der ehemaligen user :)

  8. You are gorgeous! I love the new profile picture. I will follow you on bloglovin as soon as I can retrieve my password to login, haha. I have too many passwords and have the hardest time remembering which is which.

  9. I think you look cute in all three pictures! I hope that this change doesn’t affect you so strongly. Watching all the other bloggers suddenly remember this change makes me glad I did it at the end of last year. Phew!

  10. I’ve followed you on bloglovin’ but I don’t check my bloglovin’ that much so I never know when you update ^-^;; Instead, I just check your blog manually whenever I have time XD.

    I love your eyes! So brilliant and bright!

  11. Hmm I never really explored how widely used bloglov’n is. I put a widget on my site when I first started blogging and a small handfull of people follow me through it so I never removed it! I with Google didn’t get rid of GFC, it was great for bringing blogs on different platforms together :(

    Btw I love your blog! I’m following you on twitter now ^^

  12. Ohh I’m loving your new sidebar photo, pretty lady! I didn’t realize Google Friend Connect had disappeared until I checked my widget this month. :ainoonigiri: Boo hoo~

  13. :hirabbit: is this for when you want to add NEW blogs to googlereader who aren’t on blogger? cos i have a bunch of swedish blogs and other blogs i follow through google connect and i haven’t had any problems yet … hmm.

  14. Thank you Everyone for your lovely comments! I appreciate you effort with the GFC thing!! :iida:

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