Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice
or just an other post about fresh, malicious and multicoloured shoes… I’m sorry guys!! :oh:

In August 1999, Irregular Choice was launched from the quaint seaside town of Brighton on the south coast of England, by design entrepreneur Dan Sullivan. He was on a mission to change the way we see shoes and put his Irregular ‘stomp’ on the footwear world.

Irregular Choice kicked off its first season with its own take on the traditional Japanese split-toe look, which often reappears in current collections.

Over the last 10 years Irregular Choice has carved itself a niche and inadvertently founded itself a fan club. Having had collaborations with some of the worlds most sought after brands and designers, we are constantly pushing the boundaries with each collection. IC has even been named ‘The Viagra of the shoe industry’. source

Do you like them? I think they would be great for the L o l i t a -look! But I would also wear them with a pair of jeans and a white shirt. :klimper: I would love to buy a pair and the price isn’t really too bad for what you get!! In comparison to the shoes from Kron by KronKron (check out my post about them here they’re pretty cheap and at least as fun and whimsical as them. I’m so not sure which pair to get!! Please help me out guys!! you can check out their really cool and cute website here. The ones with the ice cream are like REALLY cute but I don’t know if I had the guts to wear them :snif: also, keep in mind that summer is over! So I need a pair that goes for autumn and or winter.
read on to see more funky shoes and other cute items!!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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      • The thing about shoes like these are that you can dress to match but they are also really good as a focal point of an outfit. That is, a simple outfit + those shoes is suddenly not so simple!

  1. hehe ich find die schrecklich
    meine freundin hat sich auch ein ganz grässliches paar aus london mitgebracht^^
    und weiß selbst manchmal nicht wie sie die kombinieren soll :D

  2. Why are you apologising :nope:
    Shoes are great! And especially if they are so creative :nyanyan:

    I probably wouldn’t wear this kind of shoes – it’s a bit hm… exaggerated… however, lovely to look at :hehe:

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